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Tourist map of Peru

There are many routes that will take you to an extraordinary trip; without comparison, each visitor is filled with experiences and anecdotes and through our tourist map of the city of Peru also known as the Republic of Peru, will be guided, we will be the best company in a surprising journey through the nation that has a millenary legacy. According to statistics Peru is a country with great wealth, blessed for having an unparalleled heritage, where nature becomes the protagonist of each event, where the destinations are incredible and undoubtedly leave great traces in the life of each visitor.

Tourist map of Peru

The Republic of Peru is a South American nation, which is formed by the forest of Machu Picchu and part of the Amazon, has fascinating places with a variety of archaeological sites, in this tourist map of the city of Peru know much of the attractions of the city and its surroundings, with our help you can visit the colonial center that is currently preserved and the great collections of pre-Columbian art. It is important to note that Peru has free access, so you should not worry about having a visa to enter this territory, the authorities grant a stay of 183 days to each traveler, as an essential requirement is to have the passport at hand and current, to have this need and the country welcomes you with a pleasant smile. Peru has an official currency that bears the name “El Nuevo Sol”, currently have bills of dominations: 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 soles, also accept the U.S. dollar in an endless number of shops, so you can walk without worrying about the different restaurants that enjoy diversity in terms of gastronomy, shopping centers, service stations or hotels where you can stay feeling at home.

A city that possesses all the enchantments together, the colors of the alive nature are like taken out of a beautiful work of art, without a doubt God did not spare in creativity at the moment of founding this republic. There are many tourist places to visit and remember, leaving behind the fact that Peru was chosen for its great gifts to be the scene of the famous series “The Bachelor” of the ABC network. You will be able to know through our map of hotels in Peru which is the best option to lodge you and which are the benefits and the places of each lodging.

Tourist Guide of Peru

Without a doubt Peru is the best place to choose when making the decision to vacation and pack, both in family and for single people who want to venture into a place full of history. Before you know the tourist route of Peru, it is necessary that you know that this nation obtained a great prize, the award Wanderlust, was between the three best countries, it is possible to emphasize that this prize was chosen by more than 2,000 expert travelers, connoisseurs of the world. This region is famous for ABC documentaries showing the historical center of Peru, its surroundings, its people and its natural beauties.

 What to visit in Peru

There are many places that exist to know in Peru, there are so many that it would take a lifetime to show in detail each region, each step that is taken in these lands change the life of the visitor, in a positive way. It is a country that dares to conquer the hearts of every traveler and that keeps the natives of the area in love. It possesses a variety as far as ecosystem is concerned, marvelous jungles, exuberant beaches or snow-capped peaks. A country suitable for all publics and for all tastes. These are some of the routes you should not miss in these lands:

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu or known as the Old Mountain, rest residence of Pachacutec, former ruler of the Inca state. These mountains are considered as a masterpiece of engineering and architecture, which leads it to belong to the Unesco list as a World Heritage Site. This historic sanctuary in 2007 in a ceremony held in Lisbon was declared as one of the seven wonders of the world, having the participation of more than one hundred million voters. It is located in the department of Cuzco, 110 kilometers northeast of the Urubamba province, becoming an Inca city surrounded by water channels, platforms and temples. It was built in the mid-fifteenth century, and is divided into two sectors, agricultural and urban. This stone building is considered an important religious and political center. The majesty of its architecture makes millions of hearts stand out, there are 140 structures that can be visualized through the route of the citadel. These are the most sought-after mountains to take panoramic photographs. Machu Picchu is a place full of magic that allows to have an extraordinary connection with the past and at the same time with nature. It only takes between 45 and 60 minutes to tour the citadel and climb the great mountain, it is worth finishing the journey to enjoy the surroundings, the green areas, history and its people.


Arequipa known as the city of sillar or white stone, has different destinations, including prominent volcanoes such as the Misti, has canyons with high level of depth and recognized worldwide as the Colca and Cotahuasi. Arequipa is located between the coast and the southern highlands of the beautiful Republic of Peru. It is an ideal place for people who like to collect handicrafts, for mountain lovers, people curious about the past and ancient civilizations, no doubt it is the ideal place for people who delight in extreme sports or adventure.  The climate of Arequipa is temperate and semi-arid, having rainy season between January and May, a fact to take the necessary precisions. The drops that fall from the sky beautify the place, giving freshness and harmony to the vegetation. Tourists can enjoy this time without any impediment and can take advantage to visit the Cathedral of the city, the Church and the complex of the company, the Goyeneche house or the Monastery of Santa Catalina. The diners will be able to taste the typical drinks, the bachelorito, the pebre, the chupe de camarones, the ocopa, among other foods. Many tourists prefer to tour the city on special dates, between the streets you can see number of visitors on days when they celebrate Carnival, in the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Chapi, on the anniversary of Cotahuasi, on the anniversary of the city or on the feast of Santa Ursula. It is undoubtedly an excellent place to consider when planning a getaway to Peru.

Lake Titicaca

This beautiful lake is located at 4,000 meters above sea level. In this place you can not only appreciate the beauty of the blue waters and the shore with its natural wealth, but the culture that gallops between the breeze and the desire of the natives to preserve it, in the same way that even in these times is still in force the famous legend that in that same lake were born Mama Ocllo and Manco Capac, the founders of the Inca Empire. This is one of the highest lakes in the world so it is navigable, is located in the Region of Puno and is shared with Bolivia. The pre-Columbian customs and traditions are still in force. The indigenous community and approximately 60,000 inhabitants of the surrounding area bathe in its waters. This place can be reached by train, bus or plane. The visitors can enjoy the tourist center, they can buy beautiful souvenirs since there are great variety of artisan shops, lodgings offered by the same families so that the visitor feels part of the region and its traditions.


It is located on the southern coast of Peru within the department of Ica, has 335,000 hectares, being 217,594 marine waters and 117,406 on land. Among its attractions are the archaeological remains of the Paracas culture and the diversity of ecosystems and marine fauna. The sea and the desert go hand in hand in this wonderful place, has high cliffs bordering the beaches, its islands invite tourists to rejuvenate and enjoy the wonders of nature. Paracas has everything together for those who like variety, has spas, deserts, peninsula, bay, national reserve, pre-Inca culture and a strong wind that invites itself sporadically to produce sandstorms. Every morning the boats dress up to sail with visitors to the Ballestas Islands to hypnotize themselves with the magical acts of the birds and sea lions, as well as to appreciate the Candelabro mystery. There are many ways to get to this place to enjoy its wonders, by car, hired bus, buggies or just taking a group walk to reach the Paracas National Reserve, many people are photographed with the dunes found in the desert, archaeological sites or beaches.

The Colca Valley

Located northeast of Arequipa, its name comes from Cabanas and Collaguas, two ethnic groups that inhabited the Colca River. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive for tourists since it has the perfect combination of natural scenery, full of ancestral customs and natural wealth. Many people seek to immerse themselves in its thermal waters or simply use the magnificent scenery for adventure sports such as mountain biking, kayaking or rafting, horseback riding or the delight of watching the birds fly.

The Nazca Lines

These lines are one of the greatest mysteries of the world, they are settled in the desert of Nazca, they are designs that date from the years 200 before Christ and 700 after Christ.  According to Peruvian history these lines have great enigmas. Visitors take advantage of the anecdote of flying over the place in a small plane at the same time that they see the great natural spectacle, they are ancient figures at the same time that they are catalogued as strange. They measure between 50 and 300 meters, they also form part of the Cultural Patrimony of the humanity since 1994. Among the great shapes are a hummingbird, a monkey, a frigate bird, a giant bird and a spider. For visitors this is one of the most unforgettable experiences.

Map of hotels in Peru

We have many options when it comes to lodging, in this map of hotels in Peru we show you some for you to choose, the first is the Atton San Isidro, is modern and offers spacious rooms lined with wooden panels and gray shades, has a swimming pool that is outdoors, an elegant solarium and whirlpool bath, has cable TV, mini bar and air conditioning in addition to an excellent panoramic view of Lima. In Larco Avenue 1140 is the Ibis Larco Miraflores, is a hotel that within its facilities has bar and restaurant so that visitors do not have to go out to taste delicious meals elsewhere because they have gourmet cuisine and traditional cuisine, their rooms are modern, have wifi and cable TV, just 500 meters away is the beach for sea lovers. Another of the places chosen by the adventurers is the Sonesta Hotel El Olivar, located in the financial district, is great for those people who apart from doing tourism are also dedicated to doing business, their rooms are sophisticated with a cozy atmosphere, has a gym area and a beauty salon, is located just steps from the Jockey Plaza shopping center and PUCP cultural center. These are some of the places we present to our travellers.

Video of Peru’s Exuberant Places