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Chile Tourist Map

Just visualize visiting a spectacular country that holds immense landscapes. Imagine being witness to scenes from a world apart, shaped by nature at will. That’s Chile. In this tourist map we will show you that country. This is where you can enjoy wine valleys, each with a unique stamp.  Chile has attractive cities where modern constructions blend with others of historical character, offering different tourist options. Its tourist activity is projected more and more strongly thanks to its sustained growth.  As well as picturesque villages scattered in different areas of the country, where you can do skiing and mountaineering activities, also surfing and diving. The change in the ecosystem is remarkable in this wonderful land full of diversity that can be adapted to all tastes.

Chile Tourist Map

It is located in the southwest of South America. Its extension is in the form of a narrow strip that spreads to the southern tip of the continent. Chile has a common border with Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. Its territory covers some 756,945 square kilometers. It has a population of more than 16 million inhabitants, mostly concentrated in large cities, such as Santiago de Chile. Leaving for the more introverted tastes beautiful, quiet and uncongested towns. This strip is bathed by the Pacific Ocean. For beach lovers, it is easily accessible by road, and you can find varied and entertaining spas. These stand out in cities like Viña del Mar and the picturesque Valparaíso. For lovers of snow sports, one hour from the capital, there are excellent ski centers considered among the best in South America.

Chile has different valleys that condition the wines produced here. The climatic variations give each wine its own identity. At the same time, each town surprises visitors with the peculiarity of its landscapes with a unique stamp. Towards the interior is one of the driest deserts in the world, the Atacama Desert. Here, too, nature impacts with scenarios shaped at whim in its natural features, such as salt flats of enormous magnitude, eternal snow volcanoes, and lagoons that shelter a great variety of fauna. In its immensity, small villages stand out in which indigenous cultures with their millenary traditions still survive. A 5-hour flight from Santiago is Easter Island. Petroglyphs full of legends, surfing, trekking and fishing are superimposed as opportunities for fun and adventure, along with cultures of Polynesian influence and different civilizations of the South Pacific.


The gateway to Chile is Santiago. With more than 6 million inhabitants, this cosmopolitan city is characterized by modern architecture, and attractive in emerging neighborhoods. Thanks to the sustained economic development of the last decades, its modern buildings coexist in harmony with colonial and 19th century constructions. Among the sites to visit we have, the Palacio de la Moneda, the cathedral of Santiago, the Plaza de Armas. A remarkable activity is to climb the Santa Lucia Hill, considered one of the most visited public parks by tourists. It has a great variety of botanical species, and European style gardens with ornaments that date back to colonial times. The San Cristobal hill is another option you can visit, to spread your mind and take pleasant walks. Another à la carte option like the previous ones is the Santiago Metropolitan Park.


What is most striking about this city is that it is full of streets, where you can get lost and relax.  Here everything is full of color and life. And you can also enjoy its historic centre. The climb of Cerro Alegre is a visually rewarding spectacle, because of the graffiti on the facades of the houses. If you have your eyes open during this trip you will make your experience more alive and original. With every step you take you will enjoy everything around you, even the stairs have their charm with different shapes and colors. It will be difficult for you to know which graffiti will be good to photograph, because the truth is that they are all very well done. If you like the beach, you can take a dip, and maybe a little surf in Reñaca beach.

Viña del Mar

It is considered the tourist capital city of Chile. It is adorned with beautiful botanical spaces and wide coasts available for a swim. Among its attractive places to visit are the Quinta Vergara, and the Botanical Garden. Viña del Mar is a pleasant city to walk around, and to enjoy a good sunshine next to the breezes coming from the Pacific Ocean.   And of course, a visit to this city forces you to contemplate the flower clock in Cerro Castillo. You can vary of natural entertainment visiting the dunes of Concón. You can walk along its coasts to enjoy a beautiful window to the sea. In its elevated areas you can enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks. And of course you will have the opportunity to take advantage of its gastronomy like the crab cake and the machas a la parmesana that you will surely love.

Easter Island

Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, this is the most remote inhabited island on the planet. It is part of the Polynesian Triangle. With a little more than 160 square kilometers of surface it has unique attractions. Around 900 monoliths invite us to discover its corners and history. These monoliths or better known within the Rapa Niu culture as Moai. They are colossal stone sculptures that represent the unique identity of the place, and have given it a privileged position within the top of monuments of the ancient world. Give yourself the opportunity to get closer to this place full of myths and legends and be flooded with its ancestral energy. This island has been blessed by nature with beautiful beaches of warm waters. The invitation is a coming to this magical island, one of the unique places in the world that you should know sometime in your life.