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Tourist map of Lima

Among ancient architectures, beautiful beaches and faces full of kindness, we present the tourist map of the city of Lima. This town was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, the great Spanish conqueror, who led the expedition so that today the world knows the qualities, advantages and beauties of this place. With our help you will find magical places to visit in your next journey, we will be your friends, your companions of adventures in this metropolis with more than 8 million people both natives and outsiders, catalogued as one of the main cities of South America being the largest in the country.  Its infrastructure is ideal to leave in the memory great memories, this is the City of the Kings with a colonial architecture being declared by UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Tourist map of Lima

It is an attractive city full of history, with cultural nuances, transatlantic architecture and Inca ascent. A place that makes every tourist feel as if they were at home, a nation full of kindness that gives smiles to every living being. Lima has important hotels, downtown areas, restaurants with delicacies on the menu, large shopping centers full of spaces for fun and very illuminated, also hostels or houses for rent for those who want to have the warmth of home, while enjoying the deserved vacations.  A region rich in gastronomy that offers travellers a great variety of typical dishes. The way to arrive to Lima is from the International Airport Jorge Chávez, being this the main air terminal, located in the province of the Callao, is very near the center, only separates them 12 kilometers. It has modern facilities, shopping malls, shops, hotels and restaurants, this is one of the airports awarded the “The World Airport Award”. Another alternative to arrive is by land, seeing that there are several transportation services. To travel, to know and to experience great vicissitudes in the tourist City of Lima does not have comparison.

Lima offers great tourist attractions, as well as many things to do during the day and nights. This city is located between mountain ranges and has among its histories the legacy Machu Picchu. In December 2017 this city had surpassed a large number of more than 4 million pilgrims who were able to visit the tourist sites of Lima.

Tourist Guide of Lima

Very close to Lima we have several ideal places for those who like the wilderness of nature, ideal places to camp and enjoy a beautiful starry night. The climate in Lima is mostly humid because of the proximity to the sea and although it varies depending on the time of year there are two seasons marked as it is the winter and summer. In summer is where you see more tourists playing with their cameras looking to portray the beautiful sunsets on the Costa Verde or elsewhere, at this time both residents and foreigners take advantage of bathing on the beaches or just sitting on the sand hear the sound of relaxing waves of the sea. Many people take the opportunity to lose the rigorous diets with Peruvian food and decide to do so enjoying the view to the sea in the famous restaurants Calá or Rosa Náutica. In the historical center of Lima you can visualize old buildings that still give a good presentation to the city; the most curious thing is the great amount of colonial balconies that give to this place a singular sympathy.

Ruta lugares turísticos de Lima

What to visit in Lima

There are many places to visit in Lima, places that will impact you and will never forget your memory:

Larco Museum

This museum offers a pleasant experience that takes you into more than five thousand years of history that gives us to know the relationship of pre-Columbian societies with nature. It has a permanent exhibition, having as a seal to be a place to inspire and stimulate, in addition to being able to enjoy, while understanding the wonderful history of archaic Peru. The entrance to the Larco Museum has beautiful gardens accompanied by cacti and bougainvilleas giving an air of majesty, royalty and neatness. It also has a restaurant style café where people can fill themselves with peace while observing the Santa Ritas and its exuberant colors. The café offers a la carte menus, snacks and appetizers, sandwiches and snacks, as well as delicious background dishes, desserts and beverages. The museum was founded in 1926 and has the advantage of being the pioneer in possessing large collections that give access to all public. It is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm.

The Magic Water Circuit

This is a little traditional park but with unique specimens, has 13 ornamental fountains and at night you can enjoy a light show, being these electronically controlled. This place was inaugurated in 2007 obtaining the Guinness record in 2009 for having the highest fountain complex in the world. In the main fountain you can see projections of dancers having movement. Children and adults can dive into the fountains to interact with the water. It is only open from Tuesday to Sunday from 3 pm to 10 pm and 30 pm, and water shows can be seen from 7 pm.


It’s a neighborhood of Lima where the greatest attraction is surfing, in addition to going to the plazuela chabuca granda, a picturesque place that is on the seashore. Formerly it was populated by fishermen who built big houses and ranches, imitating the European style. It is an excellent place to taste Peruvian gastronomy, in addition to being the promoters of Pisco. It has a variety of bohemian, modern and traditional bars, peñas criollas and discotheques. Many people come to Barranco in search of the great Barranquina Magic. The streets are attractive like exits of a movie, place of inspiration for great poets and where the Creole music is rooted in the visitors. It is minutes away from the sea where in the afternoons many travelers can be observed reading a good book next to a glass of wine. A neoclassical church embraces each person, as does the library in the square, where many people gather on weekends to enjoy the activities organized by the Barranco Town Hall. The children play in the park with a lot of tranquillity while the parents trust for the security of the place. It is normal to visualize the lovers while they enjoy some concert of music or they are portrayed to remember forever the trip to Lima.

Lima Cathedral

It was built in 1535, is now one of the oldest buildings, although it has undergone several modifications still retains the plant that has remained over the years. It is founded in the center of Lima, has approximately 12 chapels, including the Chapel of the Holy Family, Chapel of the old, Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, among others. One of the most outstanding features are the 3 doors with which it has, one of them called the “Door of Forgiveness” or the famous catacombs. The crypt of Francisco Pizarro is also worth a visit.  Ceremonies are held every Sunday at 11 am.

The Park of Love

It is preferred by couples both native to Lima as well as visitors. It is located in the adjacencies of the Cisneros boardwalk, when arriving the first thing that is observed is the sculpture “The Kiss of Victor Dolphin”, this effigy measures approximately three meters of height and 12 meters of width. At night it is illuminated and in this way can be seen in some parts of the boardwalk. The couples honor him and imitate the feeling of the kiss while they sit on the benches. The sound of the sea turns into delicious tunes. Mosaics with different words and love-filled phrases by Peruvian authors divert attention. Just a few meters away you can also enjoy the Raimondi Park, where you can have the pleasant experience of paragliding. The park was inaugurated in 1993, precisely on February 14, an emblematic day in some countries since it celebrates the day of friendship and love.


It is in the South and has a spectacular view of the sea. Among its inhabitants has had great characters such as José Olaya, a fisherman turned national hero. It is located next to Barranco and Miraflores. It has several restaurants where you can taste excellent dishes, mostly dedicated to the preparation of fish and delicious seafood. Chorrillos is known for its great pre-Hispanic past, among its limitations is the archaeological center Armatambo which means “Place for swimmers”. Among the activities in Chorrillos you can enjoy Los Pantanos de Villa, del Morro Solar, de la Herradura, de la Playa Agua Dulce, de la Estatua Cristo del Pacifico, la Granja Villa and many other places. Without a doubt it is a place full of fun and a lot of culture.


It is one of the neighborhoods with more tourist attractions, in addition to being emblematic. It is located to the South Center of Lima. It has modern and first class infrastructure, large shopping centers, recreation areas and restaurants. A place with great hotels full of excellence and category. Cultural diversity cannot be missing in Miraflores nor artistic activities. Among the charms of this area is Huaca Pucllana, is a place full of archeology of the fifth century, mostly used for religious events. Also there is Kennedy Park, it is a magical Eden full of slender flowers that catch anyone with their spectacular colors, has areas for the youngest of the house, amphitheater, the well-known promenade of painters, restaurants, bars and much more. Every morning a turibus service leaves the park and takes the explorers to the main sites of Lima. In Miraflores you can visit Larco Avenue, Larcomar, El Malecón, among others.

Salaverry Avenue

This Avenue has 28 blocks, in the central part they realize the ciclovía, excellent to share with friends a different day, the great amount of trees that exist turn to the avenue in a wonderful place to walk in family, to mount in bicycle or to go out to walk with the mascots.  For many people, it is the right place to exercise, run or jog. Between the tour you can see financial areas, shops, 2 and 5 star hotels.

Hacienda Mamacona

The hacienda opens its doors to offer tourists a pleasant place, feeling part of the Rizo Patrón family and each of its traditions. La Mamacona is located near the Pachacamac Sanctuary. One of the attractions of the region is the Peruvian Paso Horse. It is a house with a style similar to the neo republican of the XIX century. You can make different receptions either for corporate events or family celebrations, also enjoy activities with horses, dances, cultural events, entertainment for children or simply share in the organic garden. Among the services provided is the tasting of Peruvian cuisine and unforgettable moments on special dates.

Map of hotels in Lima

In Lima there are plenty of hotels for all tastes. One of them is The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center, located at 450 Las Begonias Street, just 15 kilometers from the airport and minutes from shopping malls, restaurants, parks and galleries. It is a modern hotel with excellent service, has spacious rooms, gym services, swimming pool, boutiques, business center, Internet access, among other things.

There is also the Hilton Lima Miraflores, located in the center of Miraflores, just 18 kilometers from the airport. It is close to shops, theaters, museums and restaurants. It has rooms full of freshness and Peruvian tradition.

Many are the hotels both in the historic center and its adjacencies that are willing to accommodate each visitor, offering quality, attention and kindness to different tastes.