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Tourist map of Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes is also a city that belongs to the Peruvian locality and many people know it as Machu Picchu pueblo, since the same sanctuary that makes reference to this name is in the adjacencies, is located only 10 kilometers from Cusco. In the tourist map of Aguascalientes we will help and guide you so that your visit is overflowing with magic and you can find the places that will fill you with pleasant experiences. The majority of the visitors prefer to visit these lands between May and November, this town has great infrastructures that allow the tourists to have an extraordinary comfort, at the same time that they feel at home by the kindness of the natives.

Tourist map of Aguascalientes

The tourist city of Aguascalientes offers its tourists a great variety in terms of gastronomy and exuberant landscapes, what most attracts people who have had the opportunity to know each of the tourist attractions are the hot springs, because they have an average temperature of 42 degrees and thanks to their properties people can feel improvements in health, this way the tourist relaxes observing the gifts of nature, while enjoying each of its benefits. Below the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is the small cosmopolitan Aguascaliente, this place God has granted the best of climates and was made with the most precise brushstrokes, since the mountains seem to be taken from a beautiful picture, which was given the name of Andean Cordillera. There are many adventures that can be achieved in the city, from the tourist center of Aguascalientes you can enjoy the splendorous mountain Putucusi, like the gardens of Mandor, which is the most visited ecological reserve, can not miss the tourist guide by the handicraft market, a mandatory destination for visitors to acquire souvenirs and gifts of the place.

We also indicate you which are the best hotels found in the adjacencies of the province, without forgetting the gastronomy and the diversity of plates that offer to the visitors, besides the places full of history and emblematic that you must cross. We invite you to delight in the beautiful and unique sunrises that only the mountain range can give you. These lands will grant you unforgettable adventures and unique moments that have no comparison with any other place.

Tourist guide of Aguascalientes

From walking through the historic center of Aguascalientes to going to the highest and most recognized mountain, has become a tourist attraction for every visitor, in the center of the city you can see different restaurants, also shops with plenty of variety, the craft market, and very close to the place the beautiful butterfly house. For the fans of history can not miss the temple of the three windows, a beautiful place that is full of magic and joy, with an architecture without equal. Also found in these parts is the historic monument called Las Terrazas, an ideal place to move to other times and forget the city, the color of nature returns the peace that the soul needs, just watching how the mountains meet and the clouds is a delight to the eye. Undoubtedly, they are privileged places that deserve to be portrayed, just as they are engraved in our lives for eternity.

Route tourist sites of Aguas Calientes

What to visit in Aguascalientes

Next, we will show you some of the places you can visit in Aguascalientes.

Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

It is an area that has a little more than 35 thousand hectares, is located between the rivers Aobamba and Cusichaca, at this time is recognized as Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity since 1983, currently considered as an important center both religious and political.  The most unusual thing is that in its habitat there are approximately 200 classes of orchids and more than 300 species of birds, besides having 200 archeological sites, and 140 structures in the citadel, jointly it has ceremonial centers, platforms full of histories, channels and ways that transfer to other times to the tourists. This temple is one of the greatest creations and the most amazing of the Empire of the Incas that was built in the mid-fifteenth century. In the center of the tropical forest every visitor will be able to enjoy the landscape and the biological diversity, as much of the Flora as of the Fauna. The enclosures that are in the place, the temples, the square, channels of stones and of water, or the precious staircases have an exceptional urban design and it is necessary to emphasize that those that but stand out are the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Condor, the Main Temple and the Temple of the three windows. For being a sub tropical zone its temperature fluctuates between 6.2 degrees and 29.5 degrees, being the rainiest months from November to March.

The Sacred Square

Today this square was chosen as a political-social center, in its surroundings has beautiful and important structures such as the Intihuatana, the temple of the moon, the main temple, the temple of the three windows and the priest’s house. From a distance this structure has the shape of a gigantic clam and wraps each person in the natural museum, where they become participants of contact with nature. The excellent and extraordinary view from the Plaza helps tourists so that the photographs are with a special touch.

Mandor Gardens

Just 30 minutes from the train tracks is the Mandor Gardens, a fascinating ecological reserve, this is known as the wild habitat conservation project, is an ideal place for nature lovers as you can see up close the mountains and their slopes. On the way to Mandor you can also discover the secrets kept by the Butterfly or Botanical Garden. In this natural habitat people usually enjoy the autochthonous flora and fauna, birds, butterflies, flowers and each one of the plants that are born in this place make you live surprising moments. Many of the tourists go with the commitment to enter between the waterfalls to fill up with the energy that emanates from the mountains, others simply to savor the smell of the flowers since it is very habitual to observe the bromeliads, the begonias, the platanillo with its beautiful color, orchids or the fruit trees. In the gardens of Mandor you can also taste the delicious organic coffee harvested by the natives of the place, it is also very common to be enveloped by fog and the peculiar smell of roast.

Thermal Baths

Better known as thermo-medicinal waters, these are surrounded by beautiful and exuberant mountains; landscapes that lend themselves to the delight of the human being and his entire habitat. It has a distance of 800 m and walking can only take about 15 minutes to get there, it is recommended to do so on foot so you can enjoy the journey and the natural beauties, the river (Aguascalientes River) that crosses the city is the best guide to get to the baths. The waters spring from a spring that has volcanic origin, therefore, contains sulfur and emerge from different temperatures. These waters offer many natural benefits that are used for medicinal effects, help for rheumatism, release toxins, increases oxygenation of the skin, accelerates digestion, improve metabolism, relaxes people suffering from constant stress and avoids blood pressure. There are five outdoor pools, which have showers and dressing rooms, a coffee bar with pool services and where tourists can enjoy the delicious Pisco cocktail. These bathrooms open from Monday to Sunday from 5 am to 8 pm.

Manuel Chávez Ballón Site Museum

This museum is located half an hour from Aguascalientes and its main function is to persevere and disseminate cultural and archaeological research. This place is full of history and secrets, has tools that were unearthed from Machu Picchu, tools that hide the great mystery of how the city was built, in addition to showing the general public the tweezers, mirrors, pins, needles and large collection of artifacts that exceed 250 objects that are original; bones, ceramics, metals, stones and many more.

Putucusi Montagne

Reconnue comme le joyau secret du Machu Picchu, c’est une montagne idéale pour ceux qui ont une bonne condition physique, de la dextérité et de la force, car le voyage est un peu difficile. La vue offerte par Putucusi est spectaculaire, un vrai cadeau pour ceux qui osent grimper avec l’idée de capturer le meilleur du sommet, puisque de là vous pouvez observer la ville inca horizontalement, la rivière serpentine et la vallée entière. Putucusi a une signification très particulière “Happy Mountain” et était considéré comme une montagne sacrée. Il a de nombreux sentiers qui n’ont pas encore été découverts, ainsi que des fissures cachées, la grande végétation que l’on trouve dans les zones adjacentes font de cet endroit un endroit extraordinaire.

Putucusi Montagne

Manuel Chávez Ballón Site Museum
Ce musée est situé à une demi-heure d’Aguascalientes et sa fonction principale est de persévérer et de diffuser la recherche culturelle et archéologique. Cet endroit est plein d’histoire et de secrets, a des outils qui ont été déterrés du Machu Picchu, des outils qui cachent le grand mystère de la façon dont la ville a été construite, en plus de montrer au grand public les pincettes, miroirs, épingles, aiguilles et grande collection d’objets qui dépassent 250 objets qui sont originaux ; os, céramique, métaux, pierres et beaucoup plus.

Map of hotels in Aguascalientes

The province of Aguascalientes offers a wide variety of lodgings, in the empire of the Incas you will find many places where you can stay, there are for all tastes:

Hotel house in Machupicchu:  This is a 4-star hotel located 5 minutes from Machu Picchu station, offers a pleasant and unforgettable experience to its visitors, has 28 modern rooms that have an attractive view of the mountains and tourist sites of the city, are very elegant and rustic style, these rooms are equipped with everything necessary for people to feel comfortable and have everything at hand, the hotel has a restaurant and offers its distinguished clientele the most delicious breakfast buffet as well as the rest of the meals.

Hotel La Cabaña Machu Picchu, this is a family place, cozy and very warm. It connects each of its visitors with the nature and culture of the province. It has rooms of various sizes and to meet every need, have free wifi and flat screen tv, its decoration is rustic, furniture is made of wood and tile floors, some of the rooms have a private balcony. The hotel has a beautiful living room. The hotel’s restaurant delights guests with the delicious dishes typical of Peru, they have a habit of welcoming people with free drinks and seasonal fruits. It is open 24 hours a day and the transfer to and from the train station is completely free as it is 700 meters away.

Casa Andina Standard Machu Picchu, this is a cozy and modern hotel. It has 53 rooms very comfortable and with beautiful finishes that allows each tourist to have peace in peace within the enclosure. The hotel has multiple services, including free Internet access, room services for those who just want to be in the facilities, breakfast buffet and the best with some free extras, safe, hair dryer, desk, laundry, transportation and much more.

Video of the tourist places of Aguascalientes