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Tourist Map of Greece

Greece is synonymous with dedication, that which embraces and persopnifies the eternal hostess that many yearn to make contact with because of its ancient civilization; it is practically the epicenter of everything that we conceive of today as Western culture. It is exciting to go to a country that knows well how to treat tourists with its multiple forms of accommodation, entertainment and above all that which brings the intellect and historical memory. Thanks to a complex dating and influence in much of the old continent, is served almost intuitively the most relevant this tourist map of Greece tells, so you know before you put a foot in their reality, in the Minoan or Hellenic Greece, the white villages and beaches, and the best sunsets, the Gods, Heroes and classical myths. Everything you need in this window to the Aegean Sea.

Tourist Map of Greece

What makes Greece so special as a tourist site in Europe? It is easy to determine within our knowledge those stories of gods and demigods, because it is part of our training in general culture, that includes characters, philosophy, science, art and even the origin of our language. And all this has its support in the great amount of archaeological traces that sprinkle all its geography and that are well represented in its temples, iconography and documents. Let’s see, this country that belonged to the European Union in the past formed a union of Greek states that when they joined together formed an expanding power, were invincible and influenced the successor empires. Today, after millennia, that beauty and complexity that characterized them prevails, so that future generations will appreciate the origin of everything we know today. More than for their strength, for all that they have contributed to our cultures.

It is distributed in areas of historical and cultural interest, between 3 continents. It occupies a large part of the Mediterranean coast, the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. It was the site of the Olympic Games, and of ancient civilizations that due to cataclysms can not be specified how real their stories were. It includes the Peloponnese peninsula, located south of the Balkans and has several sets of islands called Saronic, the Cyclades of which we highlight Miconos, Naxos, and Santorini, Aegean islands, Dodecanese in which Rhodes and Carpathians are among the tourist destinations. Most of these islands are deserted but are a real archaeological treasure, without leaving behind the Ionian Islands and Sporades. Anyway Athens takes the top prize with its Acropolis, not to mention Thessaloniki and Meteora for a dose of adventure and mythology.

Tourist Guide of Greece

Greece offers you the opportunity to combine the most precious things in history with authentic natural paradises, from that crater of Santorini to the monasteries located on the high cliffs of Meteora, and that in every corner you will have a terrace where you can appreciate the most enviable sunsets in the world, with a good glass of wine and its succulent gastronomy. Afternoons of gallery and Mediterranean culture in which the white of its charming villages will blind you. You will have to take the reins of your own destiny in this multitude of places to visit, that’s why we want you to be informed in the right way with this tourist guide of Greece in which we capture what is worth visiting; practically nothing here goes unnoticed, every place shines with its own light and is waiting for you to discover it.

What to see in Greece


It is nothing less than the Mecca of Western culture, for you who are a fervent seeker. Besides, all the decisions of the Greek cities revolved around it. As for philosophy, politics, arts and more has its section in their places of eternal veneration as the Acropolis, where you can appreciate the best of this culture through its ancient temples dedicated to the goddess Athena and Zeus. This site alone is a feast of monuments that deserve separate mention. But it allows the city to offer you more than it usually does with its gardens, popular districts, and museums of diverse themes. It is even its Sintagma Square, where history continues to be written with current political events. The best of Greece is reserved in its capital, and that includes its gastronomy and urban atmosphere.


This place seems to be trying to give us clues about what a utopian city would be like. Just put on your sunglasses to admire what the shining white of their houses has to tell you through the amazing relief in which their cities are located. There is no doubt that when we talk about Greece Santorini always slips between the places of obliged visit. Any photo of this city speaks very well of it and catches even the most skeptical inviting them to an unforgettable adventure. Full of stories, myths and legends, it is part of the Cyclades archipelago and the most beautiful one. This island is the product of intense volcanic activity leaving behind a group of islets that dot the sea around it, despite that turbulent cataclysmic past Santorini shows you a serene environment for a vacation without waste.


It was named cultural capital of Europe. It’s a center of important churches and corners mostly Byzantine, where the Macedonian and Hebrew give their place. It is a city with a merely youthful atmosphere; it leads the country in university population and second place in general population, so be prepared to walk its streets and let yourself be carried away by its jovial nightlife. Also known as Thessalonica, it is well known for its handmade works that reflect the rich mix of cultures. Get a street map of Thessaloniki to take a tour that will help you get to know its Parte Alta or Ano Poli better. The Lower Part has the largest reserve of Orthodox worship centres, squares, markets and coastal walks where you can appreciate beautiful sunsets. Its famous Turkish baths can be programmed after an afternoon of shopping and Mediterranean tasting.


It has nothing to envy to the set of 12 islands that dot the Aegean Sea. Besides, its mythical and heroic history is extremely fascinating, with diverse influences. Those tourists with high taste usually include it in the list of places to visit in Greece, because of its beaches, curious villages and many monuments that are scattered throughout the island, not necessarily in its urban centers. Its first Minoan settlers laid the foundations for a flourishing society. The pace is usually set by hiking to cities like Aperi, once the island’s capital. The Basilica of San Fotini is a marvel that you can’t miss, except for its 1,500 years of age and the beauty that its ruins still reflect.

Island of Crete

The island of Crete is the largest among the surrounding islands of Greece. It dominates the entire Aegean Sea, especially because it plays an important role in classical mythology. It is taken as a main centre of worship of the god Zeus. Its civilization, perhaps the oldest, dates back to the times of the flourishing Egypt and Mesopotamia. It’s a real archaeological legacy for future generations. The Minotaur and its labyrinth are the answer to the most resounding myths of the Minoan culture that flourished here some 3,000 years ago, but had a point of decline following the cataclysm caused by the Santorini volcano. This island is very attractive and presents a high flow of visitors, due to its north wing beaches. Its capital, Heraklion, places it among the main cities of Greece and whose enclave allowed the Venetian culture to settle down, leaving as a legacy numerous fortifications and historical sites.


An unparalleled atmosphere available in one of the most impressive landscapes of Greece and the world. It is impossible to conceive of how monasteries were built on rock formations. This is practically a challenge for those climbing monks who were looking for more than a retreat; a place to conduct their practices away from the conflicts. This life still flourishes on the ground, thanks to 9 of the 16 monasteries: “The Great Metéoron and the Holy Trinity. It is recommended to dress appropriately. Venturing on a complete pilgrimage will allow you to appreciate life in these sanctuaries and to acquire the artisanal products made by the monks themselves. It is a route that easily takes a whole day, but this is possible if you mark the starting point from one of the nearby villages. If you wish you can take a hiking route that will allow you to enjoy the geological environment.


This important archaeological site attracts millions of tourists because of the mystique that surrounds its figure. Considered the center of the universe according to mythology, and the most important site of worship in the Hellenistic period. It is said that Apollo founded the main temples here after he killed the snake Pitó. Then he would establish the famous sanctuary of Delphi, which through his wisdom established the Oracle interpreted by a pythoness. It was of great importance in the ancient world since the Greeks came there to consult about various subjects. Delphi is famous for having one of the most impressive museums in Greece; invaluable treasures that tell the story of the golden ages of classical and Hellenistic Greece. A bronze Auriga, various statues of the local culture such as the dancers of Delphi, Naxos, Antinous, and Omphalos (the navel of the world) are part of the collection.


From Athens you can set off to a world with a tradition that is still alive. Here, every four years, they light the flame of the torch that marks the beginning of the Olympic Games, the most important athletic event in our history. Let’s see this point of great importance within Greek tourism, since its very name is related to the understanding of world sports culture. This archaeological center leaves magnificent ruins of structures used for athletic purposes and worship of the god Zeus. It runs through more than 3 millennia of antiquity among the ruins. In all the Peloponnese you will not find a more important stadium like the one in Olympia. Next to it are the footprints of a huge gold and ivory statue of Zeus. In addition to the monumental tour you can visit its archaeological museums or museums dedicated to the Olympic Games, and be aware of traditional festivals.


Perhaps because of its small port, it has allowed little tourist influx. The fact is that Naxos is considered a hidden paradise. It seems incredible that the largest island of the Cyclades, with all the attributes of beach, trade, hospitality go unnoticed by most. And it is even less justified when it has a preserved archaeological reservoir. If you want to escape a little from the crowds and decide for an intimate experience then this is the right destination. Something special that will call your attention are its semi-deserted beaches, its sand seems not to have been stepped on for centuries. The quality of its waters is among the best in the whole Mediterranean. We recommend Alyko, Mikri Vigla and Pakla; it has long coastlines for a unique experience that not many people know about.

Map of Hotels in Greece

After so many places, it’s hard to choose where to go. It is a more personal matter, since it will be defined by your tourist route. We talk about the different types of accommodation that are revolutionizing tourism in Greece. But it is also true that places like Santorini do not stop losing their paradisiacal character by offering luxury accommodation; therefore, it is a scenario that seriously compromises your budget. Since it is Greece and life is lived once, we propose to accommodate you in a big way. No matter where you are, you will always have this map of hotels in Greece to explore all the available accommodation. If you are in Athens we recommend you to stay at Herodion Hotel in the Plaka district. With free breakfast and an enviable location in relation to the Acropolis and the other central places of the capital.

Video of the most impressive places in Greece