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Tourist Map of Czech Republic

Going to new places expands our awareness, and we understand that every corner of the world carries a stamp, perhaps familiar, but with its personal touch. Come to the Czech Republic, a fantastic place where you should come soon to try new experiences. As far as culture, gastronomy, spas and curious corners are concerned, Czech Republic has a lot to offer. Dare to come and bring that special someone with you for an unforgettable evening. As many people choose this place to fall in love and find themselves, perhaps it will come as a surprise to you. That is why we leave you with a series of reasons in this tourist map of the Czech Republic to convince you that this is the destination where you can make your dreams come true; a different time, with the traditional, with the natural, and with new people, to see what life in the centre of Europe is like, but above all, to live your own.

Tourist Map of Czech Republic

The corners of the Czech Republic are famous for being captivating. A part of the heart of each one has remained in this country, mainly of historical personages like Pedro the Great, or Albert Einstein, who have looked for a temporary refuge, to grow and to dream in this beautiful country, that in spite of not having contact with the sea attracts by its black tourism, mainly if one travels to visit the Osario of Seldec in Kutna Hora, or the same Prague where the gothic of their castles and churches grant a glamorous bottom if what you look for is a space to fall in love. Cesky Krumlov on the other hand fights not to be overshadowed by the capital, since for many this it is the city with the most beautiful houses and alleys of the country. For lovers of beer and its history Pilsen is waiting for you for a sparkling experience.

There is also Karlovy Vary, a famous spa town that will suit you well as a therapeutic trip; many consider it the fountain of youth. There are many places with a special touch, captivating and at the same time with an interesting history. In ancient times it was called Bohemia and was subject to various changes due to geopolitical reforms, becoming the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, later part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And as it happened in most of the countries of Central Europe, it had decades under the shadow of communist regimes subordinated to the power of the former USSR, marking the culmination of this doctrine with the so-called Velvet Revolution. It is an extremely small country, with two main tributaries, the Elbe and the Vltava rivers, of about 78 thousand square kilometers but with a considerable number of 10 million inhabitants.

Tourist guide of Czech Republic

For many travelers, every city with its unique charm has a bit of that universal visitor, from which you can identify and merge into that history of yesteryear. The perfect excuse for a rejuvenation retreat and even a bit of bizarre tourism. We invite you to follow this tourist guide to the Czech Republic so that you will be aware of your favorite tourist sites to help in your plans. Apart from the capital city we want you to understand that there are lots of beautiful places, in case you still don’t have a mind to do in this charming country. We want you to enjoy this virtual trip, so stay tuned to us who are here to guide you.

What to see in Czech Republic


Prague symbolizes the entire stately past of Central Europe, a city that shows beauty in every corner. Parga is undoubtedly an ideal place for romance and encounters. Let its splendour give you warmth in winter time. You can have an appointment at the famous Charles IV Bridge with the Moldavian River as a witness, of magnificent evenings and visit its many tourist sites. It has to its credit beautiful churches, a Jewish quarter, Wenceslas Square, its castle, and its curious astronomical clock. In addition, you can consult in its tourist office about the wide repertoire of cultural events to spice up the experience and enjoy in style everything the city has to offer. An extremely charming city, not for nothing is the spoiled and one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Karlovy Vary

When passing through Prague, you can schedule a visit to this beautiful city between your outings. It is considered a spa rich in history and curious places. Its name comes from being a discovery of the Czech King Charles IV. It was the same monarch who established the bases for the foundation of this city, which consequently came to be a place elite. Its facilities evoke an environmental scheme of the Belle Epoque and represent one of the most famous spas in the world today. Get ready to walk around this city in the light of a lot of charming places. Dare to visit it and try its medicinal waters, you will have exquisite gastronomic experiences and walks along the river. In its park “Dvorak” was where the first colonnades of thermal waters were established. Its corners mix a fine architecture in the Swiss style; it is like to fulfill a tour under this thematic dressing.

Cesky Krumlov

Its set of alleys has an unparalleled charm. We could say that it is a super romantic and inspiring place, which connects with beautiful houses and dreamy corners; even so the words would fall short of any adjective. Without a doubt, this city is the most beautiful in the country for many. The Vltava River turns around this spectacular castle about three times. It seems that they are the pillar to settle a set of places that trap people in search of inspiration, so much so that artists, poets die to make this place their canvas or stage for their performances. This city preserves many resentments from its best period of growth, between the 14th and 17th centuries. It represents a patrimonial bastion for UNESCO, because of its multiple influences and contributions to the conservation and embellishment of this magnificent period for the Renaissance architecture.

Karlstejn Medieval Castle

Being in Prague we suddenly feel like getting away from it all, so this castle is an excellent option. It competes in popularity with the amount of impressive castles that the Czech Republic boasts. This time one that had the function of guarding treasures of the crown and whose order was carried out jealously by the king Carlos IV. To get in and catch the magic of its Gothic art, you have to go through a little town full of curious places, restaurants and colorful corners that will enchant you. All this to finally stumble upon this piece of castle worthy of a postcard. Access it with an 11 euro ticket at the exchange rate. Surrounded by a hill, the streets and houses seem to slow you down as you gaze up at that mythical castle from far, far away kingdoms that we loved so much as kids.


We assure you an unforgettable tour in this village; the second most important urban centre in the Czech Republic. It has a lot of natural and monumental attractions inside and outside the city. It has a historical center with several references in architecture and art.  Inside it you can find the Vegetable Market with a mix of artistic figures such as the Parnas fountain. Nearby you can visit the old Reduta Theatre, the stage of that young Mozzart. A building that attracts attention is the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul with its very high neo-Gothic towers. It is curious to hear its bells 1 hour late. Besides, you cannot miss a walk to the natural cave Kart of Moravia or to contemplate a monument of modern architecture like Villa Tugendhat. If the Spilberk Castle is about military constructions of multiple historical reviews


You sure do like beer, and one of the types of this sparkling drink that is most famous, the pilsen beer, has its origin in this place. It is the perfect excuse to go on one of the most refreshing routes in the country, for the tasting and for the history of its mythical Pilsner Urquell brewery. If you wish to delve into the history of beer, you have a museum at hand that tells you everything; with all the toys incorporated to recreate the processes in ancient times. Of course you can add a monumental route to the tour. The Cathedral of San Bartolomé presides over the historical centre, next to the square that once was the largest in Europe. You will have the Great Synagogue and Lake Bolevec among the alternatives at this beer stop.

Kutna Hora

This city is perfect to visit during a day trip if you are in Prague. If you haven’t heard about it on your tour of this diverse country then perimeters tell you. The good thing about this is that at the central station you are assured of transportation. Once you are there you will find a city that is a faithful image of a time more or less of the 13th century. There are several places to visit, starting with the “main course”; that’s what we assume. It is the Osario of Seldec, a chapel with an interior design composed by thousands of bones. A little bit bizarre but perhaps it was the most usual at the time. Central European Gothic is evident in the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist, only surpassed by the Cathedral of Saint Vitus in size, as well as the corners of its popular old town.

Bohemian Switzerland

A scenario that seems unrealistic is spreading across the northern part of the Czech Republic, bordering Germany. This is a large area of nature reserve that has become a National Park at the beginning of the 21st century.  What makes this place special is the wonderful landscape, as if taken from a fairy tale. Formed by an agglomeration of sandstone rocks, they rise with an impressive slope achieving amazing reliefs with their valleys fed by the Elbe River. It is an excellent place to make an adventure composed by extreme sports and hiking. In many of its places you can learn about its vegetation, admire the colors that the sun makes with the environment and appreciate unique species of animals. You can feel all the magic of this world by going through the Gate of Pravčice one of the best known natural monuments.

Czech Paradise

Or in its original grammar Český ráj, it is a reservoir park. It has the particularity of housing numerous castles, palaces and residences among the rocks that make up a combined landscape, as we usually see in epic films. Attracted by the rarity of its wild inhabitants, its vegetation and the morphology of its terrain, the inhabitants began to settle and take refuge in these constructions carved into the rocks themselves. Their castles, fortresses are open to the public, full of history and beauty. Many of them as they were in the beginning of which they started to consider this place a real Czech paradise. There are also many paths where you can go on a walking or cycling tour in an organized way. You can also visit the nearby villages of Malá Skála and Turnov.

Map of hotels in the Czech Republic

There are several environments to choose from. You’ll have lots of ideas where you can make your stay an adventure, whether it’s in the woods, on a boat, in a houseboat; we want you to have a great time. There is never a lack of those who are looking for a romantic place in harmony with the architectural compendium of its historical centres. There are many elegant hotels with a stately atmosphere, even near the most popular places to visit. To give you access to all the information we show you a tourist map of the Czech Republic. Grandior Hotel Prague is an excellent option in your stay in the capital. With easy access to the subway so you can easily take a route by the main monuments of the city like the castle of Prague. It is an ideal place if you travel with children, with spacious rooms and luxurious furniture.

Video of the most impressive places in the Czech Republic