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Miconos Tourist Map

Mycos is the highest expression of the Cycladic culture, related to Apollo. It is projected as one of the best tourist sites, even willing to be unique in the Mediterranean. In spite of its size it accumulates a lot of charm, taking as a starting point its capital Chora, from where you can take any road to the corners of the island. Something that is exploitable about its size is that it brings you closer to people, in fact it is a highly recommended place to establish new friendships and open your mind to different environments. Its nightlife, its beaches, its small white houses with rounded roofs are part of the repertoire of places we recommend in this tourist map of Miconos. Learn to move in this Greek jewel, to commune with its mythology and enjoy the most sophisticated cuisine under a fresh atmosphere. Come and see why many people repeat this destination.

Miconos Tourist Map

It’s a small island but it’s quite busy. It will leave you in no doubt that it is one of the most popular in Greece. Facing the Aegean Sea in the second half of the 20th century, tourists began to talk about it en masse, attracted by its beaches and picturesque villages; a divine picture that extends through a gentle geography. An island associated with those giants who faced Hercules, and the god Apollo, specifically because of his son, Mykonos, from whom it derives its name. Even Ionian civilizations left their mark, thanks to the proximity they had with the island of Delos. Among the places to visit, its beautiful beaches stand out; excellent spas such as Ftelia Beach where you can do various activities with the family on its coast or in its waters. As a maritime city, it has a long tradition in navigation, very well documented in its museum of the Aegean Sea.

From its capital Chora, we can find that picturesque island city of the Cyclades, but with a unique attribute, its windmills, and the Kastro neighborhood where the biggest movement of the island, youth and tradition, takes place. Little Venice is one of the jewels of the island, combining the best of its colourful architecture suspended in the water with the best proposals for leisure and art. To get to know this island better, you can rent a car and visit its faraway places such as the town of Ano Mera or go on a church tour around the more than 300 churches that are intermingled with the peculiar architecture of its villages. On the way you will have more beaches and inns that make this island a relative space in terms of size.

Tourist Guide of Miconos

An island of about 80 km seems incredible if you know its many museums and places to visit. Every place of obliged visit that we describe in this Miconos tourist guide has something of it, history, commerce, gastronomy, the best view in its Lighthouse of Armenistis, an excellent insular transport to move without problems and mainly, its nocturnal life. Places for all tastes just a boat trip away from Rhodes, Crete or Santorini, or flights if you like. Even from Athens you can take a direct flight. The important thing is that once on the island you can plan with everything we provide the best route, so you can combine adventure tourism with the beauty of its most endearing corners, so keep an eye on this selection that we prepare for you at Miconos.

What to see in Mikonos


Beautiful Cyclades! More Images:

Making your way through its narrow streets is a bit uncomfortable but it is a matter of adapting your form, as your reason includes a kind of protection from the Mediterranean winds and sun. So you can see the capital of the island right away, as the locals like to call it. Its architecture, with the roundness of its ceilings, in great part, together with the colors that contrast with white, gives a minimalist style to this beautiful city, which fits well in a postcard from any perspective. With its windmills and its cathedral, this neuralgic center is one of the most pleasant walks on the island, and even more so if we add its gastronomic sites where you will surely have the opportunity to taste a delicious gyros. Learning about its history includes both its archaeological museum and the urban legend of the pelican Petros. Venture to know it all.


An island that is said to be the refuge of Leto, who gave birth to Apollo and Artemis himself. Anchored to the sea in chains to withstand the fury unleashed by the jealous Hera. This is how one can begin to conceive this island, an important point of veneration for the Greek gods, today full of ruins and completely uninhabited, but which represents one of the monumental pillars of Greece. It is an island that can be accessed through Mycos and around it there are other islands in the same situation. Its heritage was an accumulation of works made towards the cult of this mythical island, by the Ionians, Mycenaeans, Athenians and of course the Romans, who gave it commercial use because of its strategic position. The port, the temples of Apollo, the lions of Delos, the theatre are among the most important places.

Ftelia Beach

This beach is undoubtedly one of the best options you will have as a spa on this island. It is located to the north and its cool atmosphere is open to all kinds of people. In fact, it is generally the favorite place for young people to practice sports and gather to have a good time, it is also ideal for pets. It breaks the stereotype of a luxurious beach overlooking the Mediterranean; perhaps that is why many people come here to take advantage of its unique charisma and relaxing atmosphere. If you want to watch the sunset in a place not taken advantage of by the hotel industry, this is the perfect place. Even an ancient settlement from the Neolithic era was active here. It’s practically a hidden paradise, and the best thing about it is that you can rent a pouf or an umbrella. So bring whatever you need for a good day at the beach.

Aegean Maritime Museum

The Aegean Sea is a place full of myths and legends. Many are the stories where this scenario served as a background for epic tales; famous characters, ships conquered every corner of the Mediterranean with epic battles. One way of approaching that past is this magnificent museum, housed in a 19th century building, where periods going back hundreds of years before Christ are well documented with ships, tools and models to scale of ports and cities, which came to life on the coasts. A precious way of appreciating history from those times to the modern age. The old is also recognized for its beauty in clothing; tools and ships worthy of being part of those glorious stories. Traces of Minoan civilization bring you closer to Homer’s epics. This museum awaits you with its doors open from April to October.

Kastro Neighborhood

In the heart of the island’s capital, Chora, you will find this neighborhood that enhances the beauty of the cyclical style. Denoted by the blinding white, the blue and red tones in the smallest details adorn its square houses. Unlike other settlements on the top of a hill, the Chora district is spread out over a plain . Its street layout is developed in numerous paths of a pronounced paved, in which there are numerous chapels and churches.  The church Panagia Paraportiani stands out, taken as the most expected visit in the place. This district is famous for being part of the surroundings of the Venetian castle . It is full of curious souvenir shops, restaurants, squares and museums. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this pleasant place.

Mycos Mills

One of the best gifts that the ancient Mycos of Venice left were these mills, which took advantage of the windy property of the island to process the grain better. Due to their port importance, they facilitated the refining and transport of cereals. The sight of these mills is something recognizable in any postcard. You will have the opportunity to appreciate them in person on your visit to the island of the 7 remaining. With a whitish color they seem to be made of the same sea salt. One of the most emblematic mills is located in Boni. It currently houses the museum of agriculture and the tours inside serve to show how it works. At certain times of the year there are happy festivals that you can take part in, specifically in September.

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos beach is located in the south of the island. It forms a semicircular bay that bathes the city of the same name from which you will find an excellent tourist offer. From luxurious accommodations to umbrellas, you will have a well-equipped evening. If we emphasize the different sport activities, then there is no doubt that the fun will have no limits. If you like you can take a boat to the islands around the bay and visit other beaches. You can also stay and relax in the sand under the shade of one of the cafes in the area. There are restaurants that serve local food, but if you want something more home-made you can visit their market near the beach. In the village, which consists of 3 kilometers you can rent their apartments Miconos style, where you can and enjoy a beautiful sunset on their terraces.

Little Venice

This site is a small-scale reproduction of the way of life in Venice. The typical houseboats, this time in a bay, whose waves gradually crash into the bases of their houses. The name given by the locals is Alefkandra and it exposes the architecture of the site. In the 18th century, a group of wealthy people flourished, who, thanks to their ingenuity, managed to make a difference with the rest of the constructions on the island. Today these buildings do not exceed three floors; they are usually the main tourist center and some of them contain galleries and restaurants. They are suitable for an unforgettable evening with a sunset curtain that you will love. It is basically high altitude tourism, especially for those who wish to share a select moment. These houses once served as piracy booty stores.

Armenistis Lighthouse

If you want to change your noisy visits to something more personal, this is the place to be. Something with which you can make any proposal or simply mute and let the wind flood you with melancholy. Although it is disused and neglected, the same old look gives it that beauty. Perhaps you associate it with what’s going on inside you and take inspiration. Its construction dates back to the 19th century; today it offers you the most spectacular views of the sunset at Cape Armenistis. Just imagine contemplating local architecture, the sea, the sun from the top. This experience really breaks any destructive comments about the current state of the lighthouse. If you want to learn more about how it works, its mechanism is protected in one of the museums in Miconos.

Map of hotels at Miconos

Once you have designed your route comes the decision of which accommodation to choose. It’s up to you, if you stick to its beaches you might be able to book a place nearby. You don’t necessarily have to opt for luxury, since the beauty of the hotels is based on their simplicity. The design according to the traditional architecture of this Cyclades Island, is what characterizes this window to the sea. Even in the capital, which concentrates most of its hotels, you will have a variety of options. You will have to check their availability in advance. To choose and establish contact with all of them you have this map of hotels in Miconos. Mykonos View Hotel is an example of this, the simplicity of the area with the majestic view of the Aegean Sea, thanks to its wide terraces.

Video of the most impressive places in Miconos