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Tourist Map of Rhodes

Rhodes stands out with great grandeur among the islands spread out in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. More than its size, it is attractive because of the importance it had in the ancient world. Its port with the mythical mega structure, the Colossus, was always in sight of civilizations that dared to establish dominion on the island, but that their Greek impetus prevailed and left a rich archaeological legacy that you can enjoy today with that passion for Greek history. And we haven’t yet talked about the medieval legacy that awaits you in its major cities and castles. All this together with unique natural settings is what awaits you on this island. Besides being the starting point towards the islands of the Dodecanese, our tourist map of Rhodes will convince you that here tourism is experienced in different ways and in a big way.

Tourist Map of Rhodes

Dodecanese means twelve islands, which belong to the Aegean Sea. Rhodes leads this set of island jewels. An island that holds myths and legends. Taking its name from Rhodes or Rodo, who is a nymph, daughter of the god Poseidon and who conceived children with the god Helios, of whom it is said in mythology, made the island emerge. It is of medium size, of about 1,400 square kilometers of surface that lodges to a population of 94,000 inhabitants. Its capital of the same name is the one that contains the largest population and it is immersed in the medieval past, but above all the classical and Hellenistic one that marked both its influence as a port city, with a symbol that has disappeared today, “The Colossus”.  It was undoubtedly the envy of the Dodecanese, besides being a commercial bridge on the sea routes that connected Greece with Egypt and Persia.

The different domains on the island have left several archaeological gifts. Did you know that it is one of the few islands named World Heritage by UNESCO? And the reason is because it has beautiful medieval sites, such as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, or the medieval streets of the city of Lydia. Undoubtedly, the order of the Knights of St. John sculpted with their own hands magnificent jewels that helped the resistance of the island in different centuries, as shown by the Castle Kritinia. In any case, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes collects all this history and condenses it in its rooms forming part of a strict chronological order, together with those treasures from the period of Hellenistic and classical splendour. The two acropolises in the capital, Rhodes, and Lindos are the most important examples of ancient Greece.

Rhodes Tourist Guide

And we can’t stop recommending this wonderful island without mentioning its beaches. You have a very beautiful bay with the name of Anthony Quinn, you have a beach with two shores in Prasonisi, what a detail that nature gives us the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean just a few meters of sand. But the adventure does not limit beaches, you will have one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the valley of the butterflies, a place to learn and enjoy in healthy peace with millions of butterflies. Anyway, the island itself shows you the way through different places for fun and nobody is left without a space with which they can identify. That is why we offer you this tourist guide in which you will discover which is the place that suits you best, and maybe add another one to your list of unforgettable tourist sites.

What to see in Rhodes

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

The dwelling of the Grand Master, a figure of greater hierarchy, saw the need to raise this defensive fortress at the top of the city. Since then it would be the dwelling of the Order of Saint John in the height of the Middle Ages. It is enough to see its walls, towers made with fine finishes to imagine the temperance of this bastion. It took part in countless wars and endured sieges. Even an explosion caused by the mishandling of gunpowder compromised part of its structure. It seems that the Grand Master liked things well done and that is why today you can go through the two large towers, large rooms, weapons rooms, kitchens and warehouses. Today it is an important castle that is relevant for its historical value and the cultural activities that take place there.

Mount Filerimos

Mont Filérimos à Rhodes – Église

Its medieval monasteries, Doric temples from various periods and even an underground chapel remain in ruins. It still bears the memory of an important enclave that had everything in sight. This is the ancient city of Yalis which is situated on this mountain. It is practically what awaits you after a climb up its different paths. It is an excursion on a historical path. Its name is relatively new, it comes from the first hermit Filerimos. Once the city disappeared, Filerimos focused on the Christian monastic activity and soon after the hermit. On this peak, ancient temples to Zeus and Athena are preserved, which have resurfaced from recent excavations. Also noteworthy is the Grand Cross, an extremely large structure that can be climbed through and get the best view of the island.

Rhodes Archaeological Museum

There are various periods on display in this museum, which is made up of this medieval building. Its function was as a Knights’ Hospital corresponding to the period of Christianization. The details on the façade, cannon balls and effigies, and a sumptuous Gothic style serve as a ceiling for a vast collection of objects that tell the story of the passage of various domains before and after the Hellenistic period. First of all we will have access to the main room, where the mortuary and heraldic paraphernalia point out the remains of Knights of different orders. Roman period and even if we go a little bit back, archaic one, are distributed in several rooms. Statues of Aphrodite and Helios, as well as fine ceramics are the best attractions of this museum that you can access for only 6 euros.

Anthony Quinn Bay

It was the famous Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn who gave Rhodes visibility thanks to the shooting of his film “The Guns of Navarone”. It was his frustrated desire to acquire this piece of land with the purpose of making it a meeting point of edges. The fact is that today the bay is very popular with locals and foreigners. It consists of a beautiful rocky cove, where you can dive and admire the underwater ecosystem. The way in which it is surrounded allows the tourist to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere away from the wind. It can be reached in a few minutes from the capital by car. Try not to coincide with high seasons, if your purpose is to have an intimate experience with the emerald green of its calm waters.

Castle Kritinia

On top of a hill located in the town of Kritinia rises this medieval style castle, which was an important bastion against corsairs and raiding armies. Its privileged location gives it unique views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. It belonged to the group of defences and it seems that the Venetian and Byzantine empires influenced the conformation of its original three-level structure. The truth is that an order of Knights of St. John was in charge of this work and its maintenance. So much so that in the fifteenth century the Turkish empire arrived at the shores of the island with a hundred thousand men and paradoxically to the numerical disadvantage the knights did not mean a defeat to the castle, quite the opposite.


Lindos is the second most important town on the island. Arropa one of the most beautiful monuments of the island as it is the acropolis of Lindos. It is a visit that deserves preparation due to the steepness of the road, but well worth it, as you will have as a gift a Hellenic Stoa. If you like archeology then you can easily connect with this monumental work of which many past lives have passed through, it is in ruins but still in force in terms of grandeur, as is its propileo, a wonderful portico that forms the main jewels of the city. The city, due to its elevated position, is a sweet experience thanks to its view of the coast. It has narrow alleys, highlighting the street of the captains of medieval style. A walk on foot will be necessary, as cars are forbidden inside the city.

Acropolis of Rhodes

It seems that Rhodes was very much devoted to worship and the maintenance of political treaties with other city states. It is known for its two acropolises. Smith Hill, named after an English admiral who established an outpost against the Napoleonic fleet in the 19th century, is the highest point and seat of his acropolis. The monumental complex is distributed throughout the hill, which includes a 200-meter-long stadium. Next to it there is a theatre which is presumed to have been used for academic purposes. You will also find the ruins of a gymnasium, and tour its stoa, as well as temples of Apollo, Zeus and Athens. This complex has free admission and is worth a visit. Consider it for a morning before you start concentrating on the visits that would make the walk suffocating.

Valley of the Butterflies

Just wait for the summer months to witness one of nature’s most beautiful and magical acts. These are butterflies from the “Euplagia quadripunctaria” family, discovered in the Himalayas, but which are present in other latitudes. A stream that ends in a pond, beautiful greenery that covers this paradise that attracts thousands of curious people a year, and the butterflies have made it one of the best sites on the island. If you like you can go to the west of Rhodes and ask for it. In summertime millions of these beings congregate, perhaps attracted, as some claim, by the aroma of the fruit of a plant called zitia, abundant on the island, although it has also been determined that the resin of the trees has an effect. It is one of the most beautiful experiences when visiting the island, to appreciate the life and respect of this natural reservoir.


A unique beach a couple of hours from the island’s capital. This beach is characterized by having the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in one. To put it better, it consists of a wide strip of sand; like a mini sleeve that separates both seas and that in summer time serves as a passage to an islet. It is a special attribute that makes thousands of tourists choose it every year to take a dip. The interesting thing is that you can feel the difference in the strength of both sides. The Aegean Sea, due to its substantial winds, usually has more waves, which makes it a paradise for those who practice extreme water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing. On the other hand, the Mediterranean waters are warmer and calmer; in other words, a whole beach with two environments that you can’t miss.

Rhodes Hotel Map

We hope you liked our recommendations, that they gave you an idea of what to visit in Rhodes. In order for you to establish an ideal point of accommodation, it is important that you define well what type of route you will take. Unlike the other major Greek islands, Rhodes is not that expensive. So take advantage of a tour of more than two days, maybe more, and along the way you will find places to complement these historical and natural gems that we have outlined. In our map of hotels in Rhodes you will be able to see which are the accommodations that are scattered in every corner. Domus Studios Hotel is located in the heart of the medieval old town. Besides its excellent location it is highly recommended for its rooms conditioned for a good rest; excellent bedrooms with all the services and a cordial treatment by its own owner.

Video of the most impressive places in Rhodes