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Tourist Map of Satorini

One of the best Cyclades islands that dot the Aegean Sea is Santorini. You will know of a great volcano that may have had something to do with great changes on the planet, you will know of an Atlantis that many locals prefer to claim. The result is a spectacular landscape that includes the best views of a volcanic caldera, where today barges and cruise ships sail peacefully over it. Santorini combines legends with a history of ancient civilizations that goes back thousands of years, and today several nearby towns, along with the capital, have managed to offer you fun through their beautiful urban planning. That white scene of houses and shrines is typical of the islands of the Aegean Sea, the most important is this island, which we carefully documented with this tourist map of Santorini.

Tourist Map of Satorini

We begin by pointing out that this archipelago is very peculiar, and we are not talking precisely about its crescent shape, but about what originates this geological size. This island was occupied in the past by Phoenicians as well as more remote settlements that were buried by a cataclysm caused by the volcano of this island. So much was the damage, that it caused a caldera with some smaller but remarkably beautiful islands. The main one, where the capital Fira is located, is a composition of volcanic material in which many houses are built with a characteristic white. Its population in 40 years has experienced an alarming growth, as many see this paradise as the perfect place to live. Those disappeared populations have emerged in the last centuries thanks to excavations in the area. In mythology it is associated with Cadmo and his sister Europa.

Santorini or Santa Ines, patron saint of merchants, is one of the best tourist sites in the world. Nothing less than its impressive sunsets, very famous for the flashes of colour and the places from where you look. For this we must take into account the mixture of volcanic cliffs; natural result of the Caldera of the Volcano of Thera and that from many of its points were built beautiful cities that contrast the redness of these cliffs with the white of their houses. From Fira we can already have an idea of what awaits us, but as it is the main entrance point it is always full of adventurers, so the best thing is to go to charming places like Oía, a more compact and improved version to the north. You can also have on hand an archaeological route that shows more than 3,000 years of cultures with the Akrotiri Archaeological Site.

Tourist Guide of Santorini

You will be pleased with how beautiful and romantic this island is, but you will surely want to add more seasoning by taking advantage of everything the ancient volcano left around it. New islands have emerged over time with impressive geological landscapes, many of which are used for climbing and adventure sports, always in the company of the best that their small towns have to offer. Such is the case of Therasia, the largest of these, and Kamari, smaller and with a romantic open-air cinema and Roman baths. Nea Kameni, on the other hand, is located in the centre of the caldera and represents the most extreme part of the island due to its activity in the sulphur chimneys. To cover all this you better take into account our marked routes by land or by ferry in this tourist guide of Santorini.

What to see in Santorini

Archaeological site of Akrotiri

A landscape that announces with a silent cry a tragic past, is what reflects one of the best preserved sites in Greece. As if it were Pompeii, vestiges of a civilisation dating from the Bronze Age, one of the most predominant in the Mediterranean, lie covered in hardened lava. It represents one of the examples of Minoan culture and thanks to excavations between the 19th and 20th centuries it was possible to ascertain that it was the ancient city of Akrotiri. There are about 20 hectares of uncovered structures, where many artistic elements in their houses and shrines have been preserved for a long time. As if it were a Pompeii today it is a whole site from which you can make your way to understand where this artistic architectural uniqueness of this Mediterranean city comes from. Take a tour of this ancient region for only 6 euros.

Wine Museum

Everything related to wine, from the cultivation in vineyards to the different processes of elaboration. Its methods of conservation with the techniques applied since time immemorial until today is the mission of this museum. It is located in a large natural cave. The Koutsoyannopoulos family has been dedicated for generations to this venerable enterprise and thanks to the dissemination of centuries of history about the life of the winemaker, you can have a pleasant afternoon with the best guide about this drink. You will be able to access each section in which he shows you machinery and different winemaking techniques, and then you will be able to go into a room where you will have the opportunity to taste his valuable production line. Tourism based on wine is always a good option since it allows us to expand our awareness about the different regional flavors.

Santorini Prehistory Museum

Santorini with its robust tourist offer leaves a legacy of museums that history lovers cannot miss. To discover the most charming of the ancient city of Akrotiri and other places on the island there is a peculiar museum in its capital, Fira. Those houses from primitive times had so much relevance in terms of style and colours, are reproduced by this museum. All the ethnographic elements, including cultural attire and human figures tell a lot about the first settlements in those times. It was a rapid population surge on this important island that marked a relevant maritime enclave in the Aegean Sea. However, the scope of the information is wider if we want to learn about the geological changes that took place from the late Neolithic period onwards. Use this nutritious historical tour from Tuesday to Sunday.

Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral

It is striking that Santorini with its small population has a significant number of churches, even more so if we take into account its cathedrals. One of its most prominent is the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral dedicated to the Ypapanti. It shows one of the forms of Christianity framed in a beautiful rounded architecture; a very striking attribute in its exterior. Inside there are paintings by Christóforos Assimis. Take advantage to delight and nourish your sight since capturing the moment in a photograph is forbidden. It is located in the middle of the maritime esplanade. Its view is notorious from any corner of the island. What attracts most attention is its huge white dome held up by its arched windows. When you visit it you will have the joy of walking around its patio decorated with arches that redirect with great cunning the Mediterranean winds adding freshness to the room.


Let’s look at it as a smaller but improved version of Firan. Here it seems that the distribution was well planned within its main street. Spectacular for romantic walks, while the colors white, blue and orange hypnotize. It is one of the best places to witness sunsets, practically the attraction among the attractions of the place. Home to many artists, so get used to stumbling upon its many galleries that pull you along. It has an old mill and a beautiful church known for its architecture. We are not kidding when we say that at a certain time of the sunset all the inhabitants go out to witness the fall of the star king together; it is an idyllic moment that you would not want to miss. Its location in the north makes Oia the most delicious of the tourist dishes that can be tasted in all of Santorini.

Caldera of the Thera volcano

It seems incredible to see those sailing ships that cross that sea bordered by the island of Santorini. It is as if they did not know about the monster that sleeps in silence under the waters and that one day will wake up. The fact is that a walk through the most romantic and widest crater in the world is enchanting. In an area of 12 by 7 kilometers, this crater, has two islets that complement the tourism of Santorini. All the cliff formations are products of this mega geographical feature, and make up the scenery. Along with this, the natural hot springs of its recent formations adorn the routes. This volcanic explosion occurred about 1600-2000 years before Christ; the curious thing is that it is compared to some cataclysms mentioned in the bible. Today it is used for routes within the islands surrounding the unforgettable Santorini.


In spite of not having predominant sites for tourism, it is still an endearing place on the island, beyond being the capital of the same. The good thing is that life is enlivened by the large influx of tourists; together with its population, this gives it the characteristic of a bustling Mediterranean city. It actually takes the lead among the most beautiful Mediterranean capitals. The city is made up of the typical neighbourhoods of white houses piled up in that formation of cliffs originated by the caldera of the Volcano of Thera. As it is an island, its ports are also considered as accesses to various tourist attractions. Such as in Gialos, where you can make use of donkeys or cable cars because of its slopes. Athinos is a little bigger, and the cruise ships that release crowds of tourists eager to know the island.

Nea Kameni

Just a walk through the Caldera will awaken the desire to have a more intimate contact with the volcanic. Right in the middle of it all is the most active part of this ancient volcano; a ferry from Fira can take us to this inhospitable land. Bear in mind that you should wear suitable footwear to step on a land with high temperatures. This is the most extreme excursion in the archipelago. On the way you will see how the volcanic activity of more than 3,000 years has shaped the landscape. Take along smokers, thermal waters, which you can use, and a varied relief for walking. From Therasia you can also access the island. We assure you that you will love it because despite its scarce vegetation the views make it worthwhile.


It is the largest of the Caldera islets and is a somewhat small but suitable environment. In addition to facing Oía it has an atmosphere of dense calm. It is a place for a change, and to escape from the busy nightlife of Santorini. As it is not very popular it offers you a more autochthonous and extremely magical atmosphere. It is recommended for people who want to have an intimate experience with the colors that the sea horizon gives. Its towns have the same characteristic of the cities of Santorini, but as we mentioned, with that quietness that causes the slowest pace. Its beaches, almost all of which are virgin, offer a colorful combination of volcanic sand and pure waters. In addition to its small towns dotted with churches and beautiful gardens, there are nature trails available for long walks.

Map of hotels in Santorini

This island because of its large influx of tourists is always busy. It seems that it asks to establish a ceiling on visits with the price of their hotels, nothing economic. Luxury is not a determining factor when looking for accommodation in one of the world’s popular tourist spots. The island is a paradise in itself and it is common to see anywhere a hotel with its famous infinity pools that offers you the most beautiful thing on the island, the view of the sunset; not all the money in the world can replace this attribute. Dare to invest in one of the greatest tourist experiences, surfing our map of hotels in Santorini in search of the best option. Caldera Premium Villas is proof that with the architecture of the island and its location on a cliff you can have an experience close to floating in the Aegean Sea.

Video of the most impressive places in Santorini