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Map of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea and in the archipelago, and if you are thinking of spending your next holiday on their beaches, in our tourist map of the Balearic Islands we have compiled the best places and tourist attractions on each one of them, with their route and address, and we have also recommended some hotel complexes so that on your trip you can enjoy to the full all that these islands have to offer. You will not only find a large number of resorts with turquoise waters, but also corners full of history and magic, including a varied and exquisite gastronomic culture.

Map of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are a group formed mainly by four islands, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, which are located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, having a sunny and warm climate, in front of the Iberian Peninsula, being all a Spanish autonomous community. The Balearic Islands still preserve samples of prehistoric art such as those of the Talayotic culture which, accompanied by its cuisine, corners to develop tourism and leisure, make them one of the most visited places by a significant number of tourists. Palma Mallorca is a good place to start getting to know the historic centre of the Balearic Islands. You can do this on a tourist bus, which will take you through the city’s street map to different points that are symbols of the island and other important tourist sites.

As you can see, the tourist map of the Balearic Islands is really extensive, capable of adapting to any tourist activity that you are looking to practise or carry out, from night centres, top class restaurants where, without a doubt, the fabulousness of its Mediterranean gastronomy is born, incredible parks and beaches that make you fall in love. Another important point about the Balearic Islands is that you can find tourist offices in some of its cities, where they will provide you with information about the tourist sites to visit and their opening hours. The Balearic Islands are definitely a mixture of nature, history and modernity, which allows us to expand the offers in the Balearic Islands tourist guide, having green fields, mountains and semi-arid places, which give us more reasons to choose them as our favorite holiday destination in any season of the year.

Tourist guide of the Balearic Islands

If you want to get to know some of the local Gymnasium culture, each of the islands also offers several stops, such as the Las Dalias Market in Ibiza, a famous bazaar where you can enjoy local crafts and other products. When visiting a historical and touristically known city, it is important to know which are the places with the greatest attraction and the places where people talk about the past, so that based on the number of days of stay, the itinerary of the trip can be better organized. Here, in our tourist route, we do not want you to miss anything and that is why we propose the most outstanding corners of the Balearic Islands, so that you know what to visit once you are immersed in the beauty of its landscapes and the dynamics of its people, thinking about all the tourist attractions that promise, including, also, ideal areas to know the gastronomy and its historical center.

What to visit in the Balearic Islands

Bellver Castle

This is one of the first places you should see on your route around the Balearics. Castell de Bellver is a Gothic style castle, built in the 14th century under the orders of King Jaume II of Mallorca. It is located 3 km from the city of Palma de Mallorca, on Carrer Camilo José Cela, s/n, 07014. For history lovers, a walk through this castle is a reminder of the wonderful history of Palma de Mallorca. This fortification has a museum inside where several historical objects are displayed. In the museum, you can see the evolution of the city from the first settlements to the present day. The structure of the castle is distributed in a central gallery, in a circular shape. It has several towers, among them, the main tower that we can see from a distance.

Favaritx Lighthouse

Located at Cabo Faváritx, in the northwest corner of the island of Menorca, you will find this wonderful lighthouse which, due to its beauty, can be used for a romantic walk with your partner. This lighthouse was built in the 20th century, in view of the number of shipwrecks that were constantly occurring on the island. This is how lighthouses appeared both in Punta Nati and in Cape Faváritx. To reach the lighthouse, you must take the Faváritx road, which will lead you to it through winding paths. The landscape around the lighthouse will leave you with your mouth open.

Dalt Vila

When sightseeing in a country, it is normal to want to walk around the historical center of its cities. Dalt Vila is the original quarter of the city of Ibiza, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A place full of picturesque corners and streets where you can see the genesis of one of the best areas of the Balearic Islands and Spain. It is located in the centre of Ibiza. In spite of being surrounded on its periphery by modern buildings, this neighborhood maintains its old walled style. In Dalt Vila, time seems to have stood still. Its houses, the roads and even the inhabitants have managed to maintain the essence of the city of Ibiza even in the midst of so much modernity. Inside the nucleus, you can find shops where you can buy handicrafts, restaurants where you can try delicious dishes, medieval terraces where you can get the best panoramic views and a lot of places that reflect the history of this wonderful region.

Caves of Drach and Artá

If you want to see one of the world’s largest underground lakes, you must visit these two caves in the Balearics. In addition to being known for housing such a peculiar lake, these caves allow you to take a tour through a natural space as welcoming as it is beautiful. They are located in the largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca. You can reach them through the Coves road. It is a natural wonder that inspired Jules Verne himself to write one of the most acclaimed literary works in history, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. In its caves and paths you can find a world full of wonderful shapes, thanks to the positions of the stones. Its lake will leave you amazed. On your trip to the Balearic Islands, visiting the caves should be part of your itinerary if or when.

Cartoixa de Valldemossa

Located in the old town of Valldemossa, right in the centre, this castle contains in its spaces a very rich history that reminds us a little of the everlasting Arab influence. The castle stands out in the Tramuntana mountains as a large architectural complex that dominates the view of the mountains. It was built in the time of King Jaume II of Mallorca, who ordered the palace to be built as the residence of his son Sancho. This castle owes its fame to the fact that in the 19th century it hosted the Polish genius Frederic Chopin and the writer George Sand. There is documentation in the castle that, in fact, proves that both were there. Inside the palace you will find the Municipal Museum and a collection of contemporary art that you will be able to enjoy on your tours.

Turqueta Cove

To be in the Balearic Islands, is to want to swim in paradisiacal beaches. Cala Turqueta is one of the most beautiful beaches you can find on the islands. It is located in Menorca and is frequently visited by locals and tourists who fall in love with its crystal clear waters and white sand. You can reach it by sandy roads that gradually lead you to their rooms. In this beach you will be able to take a bath with all the taste of the world. If, as the saying goes, in the sea life is more tasty, in Cala Turqueta we can enjoy and taste life to the fullest.

Cape Formentor

The Balearic Islands are characterized by being full of wonderful capes. The one in Formentor is one of the most beautiful we can find. The panoramic view that the Cape of Formentor offers you will be able to take out the greatest postcards. The beaches that bathe the cape, such as Cala Figuera, can be seen from the cape, which is the highest point on the island of Mallorca. It is located in the north of the island, being the most northern place. You can reach it by curving roads that gradually show you the most beautiful landscapes of the place. The route to the cape is full of wonderful views. If you are a lover of photography of natural landscapes, Cape Formentor is the muse you need to take the greatest pictures of your visit to the Balearic Islands.

Ses Illetes

In Formentera, there is one of the beaches that is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain, the Balearic Islands and the whole world, it is Ses Illetes. If you want to visit a beach that has a landscape like something out of a movie, you should go to Ses Illetes. You can swim in its refreshing turquoise waters. This beach allows you to have a great view of the Mediterranean in its splendour. It is located at the northern end of the island of Formentera. The beach has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a well-deserved title. It is 450 metres long and has a maximum width of 60 metres. If you are a beach lover and you are going to the Balearic Islands, on your list of beaches to visit this one should be at the top.

Can Prunera

For design and museum lovers, Can Prunera should be a must. This wonderful museum is located in the picturesque village of Sóller, specifically in the Sa Luna race on the island of Mallorca. The museum houses a large number of contemporary works by important national and international artists. The collection is totally private, belonging to the businessman Pedro Serra. The house that houses the museum has three floors and an underground floor. The style of the house is characteristic of the modernism that reigned during the early years of the 20th century. The house was built between 1909 and 1911 on the orders of Joan Prunera. This museum is a clear example of the very rich culture we can find in the Balearic Islands.

Cathedral-Basilica de Santa Maria de Palma de Mallorca

European cathedrals are one of the most visited places by tourists. In Mallorca it could not be the exception. The cathedral of Palma de Mallorca is the main religious temple of Mallorca. The style of the cathedral has all the gothic influence, being the cathedral with the biggest rose window in the gothic world. The basilica is surrounded by the “Carrer del mirador”, the race of the Palau Reial. From the monastery you have a total view of the port of Palma. Inside the basilica you can get lost through the 6,665 square metres of the building, where you can see the work of Miquel Barceló, who created a spectacular ceramic mural, an impressive royal mausoleum and the museum of the cathedral of Mallorca. In summer you can visit the terraces from where you can have a spectacular view of the island.

Map of hotels in the Balearic Islands

Because the Balearic Islands are known and visited all year round, they have a very diverse and high quality hotel network that extends throughout the length and breadth of each one, so that tourists have a range of different options that can be adjusted according to the budget of the trip. In this sense, in the map of hotels in the Balearic Islands, we recommend Gran Meliá Victoria, a 5-star hotel located a few steps from the Cathedral of Palma, in the heart of the historic centre of Palma Mallorca, another near the promenade of this area, is the 4-star hotel Costa Azul. In Ibiza, the 4-star Garbi Ibiza & Spa, which is located in the middle of Playa Rossa and only 3.5 km from the town centre, on the other hand, the Occidental Menorca hotel, in Punta Prima. Menorca, and finally, in Formentera, the hotel complex Blanco Hotel Formentera, located in Es Pujols.

Video of the Balearic Islands and its tourist sites