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Tourist map of San Sebastian

San Sebastian is an extraordinary tourist city, in which you will be able to discover a new world full of wonderful passages that you will undoubtedly enjoy, in this tourist map of the city of San Sebastian you will know the best tourist sites, this is one of your best options when choosing where to go, if you want to know the reason stay and read the rest of the article, you will not regret it, San Sebastian is one of your best tourist destinations, which have an unparalleled beauty, in addition you will coexist with landscapes, monuments, with its streets, it will be a unique and naturally sublime experience.

Tourist map of San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a city belonging to the Basque country which is located in a mountainous region of Spain, this city on the Bay of Biscay is known for its beaches and restaurants, has an area of 60.89 square kilometers, besides that is a wonderful destination because one of its main economic activities is tourism, which guarantees that experience will not only be good but amazing. The origin of the city’s foundation is unknown as most historians believe that the document that states that the city was founded in the year 1014 is false, however, it is certain that later in the 17th century the historical centre of the city of San Sebastian was already established, and so the city evolved, until it became the beautiful tourist city of San Sebastian of today.

The city of San Sebastian has around 180,000 inhabitants, who enjoy an oceanic climate. It is one of the rainiest cities in Spain, especially in autumn, and obviously the season with the least amount of rain is summer, a season with mild and temperate temperatures that revolve around 37 °C, but in winter it is very humid, with minimum temperatures recorded at around 6 °C in the city of San Sebastian. A large part of San Sebastian’s tourist attractions are its spectacular beaches, which are undoubtedly endowed with a majestic and solemn beauty from which you will never want to escape. Among the other tourist places to visit in San Sebastian are wonderful works of art, cultural monuments, museums, parks and even bridges that are truly worth admiring.

Tourist guide of San Sebastian

As we have already mentioned, San Sebastian is a tourist city in Spain, which is highly valued for its beaches, and here we provide you with the necessary tourist information about the city so that you can guide yourself on your way through San Sebastian and add more places to visit in San Sebastian to your list. Otherwise, you will discover areas that you cannot miss in the city, such as the wonderful La Concha beach, whose coast is extremely beautiful and whose waters are truly fascinating, its museums and the Good Shepherd Cathedral of San Sebastian are incomparable and extremely clean.

What to visit in San Sebastian

La Concha Beach

This beautiful and paradisiacal beach is considered one of the 12 treasures of Spain since 2007, this beach which is called “Playa de la Concha” is a normally quiet, which has a sandy base (yellowish sand) and as for its depth is somewhat scarce, being normally quiet is suitable and comfortable for children and for those who are not very skilled in swimming, its use is massive not only of tourists because the locals also tend to enjoy it. It is located in the Bay of La Concha, west of where the river flows Urumae, this beach has a length of approximately 1,350 meters with a width of 40 meters and as for the surface is approximately 54,000 square meters. In this beautiful beach you can enjoy the sun and sand, its waters are exquisite and the view is amazing.

The Good Shepherd Cathedral of San Sebastian

The majestic cathedral of Buen Pastor in San Sebastian will leave you enchanted if you enjoy contemplating a good architectural work, is located in Gipuzkoa, San Sebastian, and began to build in the nineteenth century, its style is neo-Gothic whose architecture is a work of architectural art, was established as a cathedral in 1953, being the largest building in the area, its structure is quite vertical with spire towers and has a design with small details to the very Gothic style, both exterior and its exterior are endowed with a stunning beauty; Inside it contains crypts, stained glass windows of spectacular beauty and an organ which weighs about 30 tons, the whole cathedral is worth admiring, there is no doubt that if you go to San Sebastian this is one of the best places to visit that you can not miss.

Maria Cristina Bridge

The Maria Cristina Bridge is located in San Sebastian, crossing the Urumea River, this bridge is urban, it is used by vehicles, has a channel for cycling and is also used by pedestrians. As its origin dates from 1893 when a provincial footbridge made of wood was built, over the years the bridge we have today was built and the footbridge was destroyed, the Maria Cristina Bridge was inaugurated on January 20, 1905, giving it the name of Maria Cristina to honor the Queen of Spain Maria Cristina of Habsburg – Lorraine. A highlight of the bridge are its four obelisks, one at each end, have a height of 18 meters and its architecture is magnificent, totally extraordinary, surely you will not regret going.

Aiete Park

The Aiete park or Aiete’s park, is a beautiful park with dream gardens and beautiful palace that will fill your stay with a magnificent air majestic, you will feel that you disconnect from the whole outside world and their efforts, this park will transport you to a world where you will feel at peace and only want to enjoy its beauty, also is located on a hill in Morlans Pasealekua, San Sebastian; No doubt you should visit it seems taken from a movie or the palace of a nobleman of yesteryear, and is that through its corridors passed great characters of the nobility and royalty years ago, this palace along with its gardens was very quoted, today is a cultural and tourist park quite busy, where you will also find small decorative statues, from flowers to lush trees, and even a lake that gives a very romantic and fresh air to the place.

Miramar Palace

The Miramar Palace is endowed with great majesty, with its beautiful gardens and its wonderful view of the La Concha Bay is a very busy tourist destination and almost impossible not to visit, the Miramar Palace is located in the Barrio del Antiguo – Igeldo, along the Paseo Miraconcha, near the La Concha Bay. Its construction was made at the request of Queen Maria Cristina and was by the royalty for years as a summer house, this beautiful palace is very spacious, its corridors, windows, its English style architecture and its surroundings will leave you speechless, one of its great attractions are its gardens because they are so beautiful that it is as if you were in a small forest, besides that from the front of the palace you will have a wonderful view of the sea and you can enjoy the sun and the wonderful delights that this place offers.

Eureka! Zientzia Museoa

Eureka! Zientzia Museoa is a science museum located in the Miramón technology park in San Sebastián, this museum is very innovative as it presents a way of learning, that is to say, acquiring knowledge in a different way, a unique and attractive interactive way for all ages. If you wish to enjoy a family vacation this is the ideal museum for you, it has a planetarium, More than 160 interactive modules, playground, animal area, simulators, even has conference rooms, picnic areas, in addition to its permanent exhibitions and guided activities that are sure to exceed your expectations, do not hesitate to go because your visit to the museum will be a unique experience, unique and enriching, intellectually and culturally.

Mount Igueldo Amusement Park

This wonderful amusement park is one of the most visited places by tourists and locals in the city. It is of impressive beauty and it is impossible not to have fun in it, there are attractions for all tastes and sizes; The Monte Igueldo Amusement Park is located in the neighborhood or district of El Antiguo, in the highest crown of the Monte Igueldo for which it has been named. The park was inaugurated on August 25, 1912, but in 2014 it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, which has a total of 20 attractions including a roller coaster, carousel, trampoline and more; Among the attractions for the little ones are the safari bumper cars and the river of laughter, for those who like adrenaline there is the house of terror and the hammer.


The Aquarium of San Sebastian is a charming aquarium where you can observe the exhibition of fish from the area in their natural habitat. This aquarium, or as it is called, Aquarium, is located on the pier of San Sebastian by Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, and was built in 1928. One of the great attractions of the Aquarium is a transparent tunnel through which you can walk and see the fish swimming inches away from you, also have many magnificent and majestic species, you will be convinced of the beauty of which nature is endowed, definitely this is one of the places you can not miss, also has a museum, room for events, an auditorium, and among its interactive activities offer guided tours and the experience of sleeping in the aquarium all night.

San Telmo Museum

This Museum of Fine Arts, has as its basis to show the culture and traditions of the Basque city, is the municipal museum and has pieces of art of great renown within the community of San Sebastian, the building has undergone several processes of remodeling, the last one being between the years 2007-2010, and its inauguration in 2011.  Its trajectory has been growing over the years, and its public, the San Telmo Museum, lends its works nationally and internationally, for important events, which has given it an important position, it is a tourist destination that provides the visitor, valuable information regarding the culture, and the history of the people of San Sebastian, as well as to admire the architectural work of the building in question.  Be sure to visit this tourist destination on your tour of the city of San Sebastian.

Map of hotels in San Sebastian

The city of San Sebastian offers you a variety of choices that will undoubtedly interest you. However, here on this map of hotels in the city of San Sebastian we invite you to visit one of the best hotels in the city, which has a rating of 4 stars, the “Hotel NH San Sebastian Donosti” offers you a very pleasant stay, so that you can feel at ease while you enjoy touring the city, it offers air conditioning, room service and restaurant, it is also suitable for children and its prices per night are around 150 euros.

Video of San Sebastian’s most impressive tourist attractions