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Basque Country Tourist Map

If you want to visit Spanish lands on this holiday here we have a tourist map of the Basque Country, which is located in the north of Spain and is a region that you will love. Its name refers to “the country of the Basque speakers”. Currently this region is appearing in the most visited tourist areas, its neutral climate is the favorite of tourists, it is not very hot in summer and not very cold in winter, the perfect climate for an excellent vacation. It has beautiful beaches and great shopping centers where you will never be bored and always have something to do for fun.

Basque Country Tourist Map

It is a beautiful region that has much to offer, its large and beautiful tourist sites will attract the attention of a lot of tourists and its atmosphere a little French with a style of past times give magic to this charming city. It has a great history behind its streets, houses and cultures, the Basque culture is very strong and determined, a characteristic that has allowed it to remain in force over the years. Its climate is very cool and refreshing, in winter it is likely that the temperature drops little and in summer it is very rare that its temperatures reach a maximum of 30 º C, generally throughout the year vary between 11 º C and 26 º C. You can reach this beautiful place by any means you want because it has many terminals. You can arrive by plane, by train, by bus, by private car, by boat.

In Basque there are many tourist places to visit, it is full of entertainment places. You can visit its towns that its beautiful vibrant colors you will love, its beaches are magnificent and there are also fishing centers on the coast, you can do outdoor activities and go to a museum and spend a fun afternoon, whatever plan you choose in Basque you will love, because its mixture of culture that allows you to learn about the region and its history while you enjoy your trip is the best thing about being a tourist. You can visit places like the Guggenheim Museum, which is one of the symbols of the region due to its beautiful architectural design. You can’t forget to visit the historical center of the city that is surrounded by beautiful streets that will take you to the best adventures. You can visit the city of San Sebastian and enjoy a sunny day of beach and relaxation, this city is known for its star cuisine, one of the best in northern Spain.

Tourist Guide of the Basque Country

This region is totally touristic, it is full of nature that allows tourists to enjoy it and its beaches and mountains. It also has great cities full of luxury and entertainment, museums and places that you can’t miss. Vasco is full of colors, culture and above all the best gastronomy, in all the streets and corners you will find a lot of restaurants where they will serve you the best of anything, the passion for the food in this region is at first sight, nothing better than to know, to enjoy and to eat rich, this and much more you have it in Basque Country.

What to visit in the Basque Country

Guggenheim Museum

This museum belongs to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and is a contemporary art museum that was designed by Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry. It is located in Bilbao (Basque Country). This museum constitutes one of the most ambitious cultural structures in several centuries. Within this museum are displayed works of art by some of the most prominent artists of the last four decades. They have rooms dedicated to different types and branches of art, in one they show the local contemporary art of Basque, and in these rooms you can see the most current types of art. They have a large collection of important artists such as Eduardo Chillida, Yves Klein, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell; Robert Rauschenberg to name a few. This museum offers concerts, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and more. It has won numerous awards, both cultural and architectural, and is called one of the greatest buildings in our history. This project has plans for future expansion between 2018 and 2020.

La Concha

It’s one of the best beaches that are in San Sebastian, located throughout the city center La Concha we can enjoy in all seasons of the year, as well as all services offered, being close to downtown to its surroundings there are plenty of restaurants and services such as parking, restrooms and shopping centers. This beach is called that way because its bay has a beautiful shell shape. In these golden sand beaches you can practice different sports like surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, bodyboarding and beach tennis, its views towards the sea are the best. And a great tourist attraction of this city is that wherever you look your views will be of the huge, blue sea. In summer structures of trampolines are placed in the beach so that it is but what is enjoyed and that every summer that happens they are but tourists who visit this paradisiacal beach.

Euskal Herria Museum

This museum was inaugurated in 1982 and its main objective is to show the amount of works found in it, and to capture and maintain the history of the politics of this city. And try to explain what are the characteristics that Euskal Herreia belongs to. This museum is divided into 4 floors, the ground floor shows the physical needs for the different conditioned forms of life in the country. The first floor shows the political configurations that have led over the years to this century. On the second floor are shown manifestations such as folklore, dance, sports, myths and festivals. And on the top floor is exclusively for temporary art exhibitions of great sculptors, artists, painters.

San Juan of Gaztelugatxe

Located on the coast of Bizkaia, 35 km east of Bilbao. Its name means “rock castle-2” and it is cone-shaped and its highest point rises in a small chapel dedicated to John the Baptist, where it is said that he set foot there, but there is no proof of this. This beautiful island is reached by a bridge that is made by man, consisting of about 241 steps to the top where you will find a church that according to myths of the city, if you ring its bell three times and make a wish this will be fulfilled. This church has been rebuilt several times, so the one that is here today is not the original one. It is not possible to park next to this place because it is dangerous, but you can park near the road. At the edge of this tourist site we can find several tourist and food shops that allow us to rest and appreciate the view. At the top of the island there are some tables and benches where you can rest after the climb, you can relax and appreciate the view and take pictures as a souvenir.

Fort of San Marcos, Mirador de la Comarca

It’s a magnificent viewpoint and is located only 10 kilometers from San Sebastian, the nature that is in this town is unparalleled, its green color is a tourist attraction that attracts every person who comes to visit this viewpoint. It is a great place to spend a whole day walking with children, your family and friends. Here you can go for a ride on horseback or by bicycle. It was inaugurated in August 1988. Its purpose was to defend and give military uses, but today it has none of those uses, it is highly cultural and touristic. And it is part of what is the Natural Park of Lau Haizeta. It has an exhibition hall, where a previous talk is given to the tourists so that they can handle the information, articles from past centuries used to defend this port are shown and there is a model of the whole space.

Mount Jaizquíbel

It is located in the province of Guipúzcoa by the Cantabrian Sea. For his majestic altitude is possible to see it from several parts of the province and is one of the highest in Spain.  For the road that leads to this mountain we can find the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, patron saint of the municipality.  By this same road we can find different restaurants that allow the tourist to have services near this tourist attraction, it is possible to be made a route by the mount and soon to have a chat tasting of this gastronomy to others with an excellent mountain climate. In the Camino de Santiago de la Costa pass through the first kilometers of this mountain, then diverted to other roads. In the classic of San Sebastian, they climb it to about 32 kilometers, this sport (cycling) is very practiced in Jaizquibel, and its selection is a strong competition in the race.

Urkiola Natural Park

This has the highest altitude terrains, giving you a view of incredible panoramas. Its landscapes are a bit abrupt. The park has great trails and peaks that have encouraged the tourist view for people who come to practice hiking and mountaineering. The Ambato is its highest peak and is one of the most visited for all its mythological stories. In front of this park is the symbolic stone of the place of pilgrimage of San Antonio de Padua, which according to the myth can be found in a short time, only if you give three turns to the stone.

In this park approximately 126 vertebrate species have been counted, excluding bats. You can also find fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and many other animals. This park must be protected by all the tourists that visit it every year, since it has a beautiful landscape that gives us peace every time we visit this beautiful park. If you plan to visit the Basque country you can’t leave out this plan in your list, besides you will be able to take excellent pictures of all its landscapes and share them with your friends. The best of northern Spain hopes you visit it and have fun in every adventure you take.

Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts

It’s a museum located in the north of the country. It is one of the most important until now in all Spain, due to the great expansion of art that comes from previous centuries until today, it is amazing the great amount of art items that are within this museum. Several societies and institutions have helped this museum to obtain this amount of objects, also in a great effort that the museum has made to stay alive and to expose diverse types of art, which are :  Ancient Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Basque Art, Works on Paper and Applied Arts. Among all these types of art there are more or less 10.000 referential pieces. This museum only shows the history of art over the centuries.

Bilbao Old Town

It is part of the Ibaiondo district, also called “the seven streets”, and is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Spain. Walking through these streets you can transport yourself in time and see that the colonial architecture of the conquerors is still intact. Walking through these streets is a good plan for those who want to know the history of this neighborhood. There are also historical buildings such as the Cathedral of Santiago and the churches of San Antón, San Nicolás and Santos Juanes. This small neighborhood is a great tourist destination and has beautiful squares where you can spend the afternoon, its restaurants and cuisine will captivate you, its bars have the best atmosphere and if you visit the Old Town you can not fail to take a glass of wine that is the most common drink in the neighborhood.

The Wind Comb

It is a sculpture that is located in the bay of La Concha, at the end of Playa Onadrreta. This sculpture was created by the artist Eduardo Chillida, who was inspired by an architectural work of the famous Luis Peña Ganchegui, a Basque architect. There are three sculptures, weighing 10 tons each, which are nailed to the rocks and connected to the Cantabrian Sea. These works are dedicated to Pablo Picasso, Salvador Allende and Pablo Neruda. This great work was finished in 1976, and you can appreciate it when visiting these beautiful beaches of La Concha Bay. This sculpture is called like that because the comb is an article of the man who tries to understand and to tame the situations, to comb the wind that comes to the sea. That is why one of the most important factors of this sculpture is the wind.

Map of Hotels in the Basque Country

Spain is known for its beautiful hotels and quality of accommodation, in this map of hotels in the Basque Country will help you choose an easy way where you can stay without any problems and above all that fits your tastes and needs. Hotel Balneario Areatza, this hotel is located one hour from Donosti, in the foothills of the Gorbea Natural Park. Its rooms are spacious and have mini fridges and WiFi in the room. They are comfortable and vary in size depending on your needs (family, individual). Its buffet is very varied and its cuisine is the excellence of this hotel, in the cafeteria you will always find snacks and desserts. Hotel Castillo de Arteaga, is located in Gautegiz Arteaga, is a nice hotel with beautiful surroundings, you can hike through its green landscapes. It is an old castle that was remodeled and adapted for the comforts of a hotel, have a great restaurant and a terrace where you can have breakfast while you have a beautiful view.

Video of Basque Country, the most impressive tourist videos