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Tourist Map of Andalusia

Andalusia connects people to the cultural vein of Spain, a lot of flavor and flamenco to be convinced that tourism in this region is the best if you want to experience their identity, that resulting from what they have left their traces of the past. You know, culture and history, but at the same time nature and art are pulsating. There are endless possibilities for high altitude tourism, so we strive to highlight the best attractions and towns full of charm and color in this tourist map of Andalusia. You will see everything about Roman, Arab and Phoenician Andalusia in a monumental tour, in its artistic expressions and in the spirit of its descendants. This is the Spain that many people want to know, the varied Spain that leaves a good taste of the coast, the mountains and the wine.

Tourist Map of Andalusia

The autonomous community of Andalusia brings with it the most picturesque and rich in culture. Provinces such as Cordoba, Malaga, Huelva, Almeria, Granada and Cadiz have been influenced by ancient empires, generating from this a unique identity. Located in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, it borders countries such as Morocco to the south and Portugal to the east. Its importance in Spanish tourism can be measured by its size, only surpassed by the autonomous community of Castilla-León, but also by its location, which gives it a Mediterranean climate, especially along the coast, divided between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The August season tends to be crowded and its numbers grow every year. People from all over Spain and the rest of Europe come to escape the cold and spend their holidays in this warm and multicultural atmosphere.

This region also has a rich selection of natural and historical monuments that show the influence, primarily Arabic and Roman in buildings famous in the world for their beauty such as the mosque of Cordoba or the Alhambra in Granada. Its main provinces have villages with a unique touch in terms of historic centres and harmony with its geography defining an attractive image for new adventure seekers, as suggested by Castril, Ronda and Jerez de la Frontera. If we are talking about the coast we can take routes in different places where Costa del Sol Nerja or Marbella have gained relevance. It is well known by trekking and nature lovers that Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Grazalema provide the best options in sports and adventure activities in a paradise of contrasts.

Tourist Guide of Andalusia

Nature, culture, history and leisure; all this spread all over its geography, even though we tell you about its cities, epicentre of all the beauty that its homonymous provinces encompass, we dedicate this tourist guide to extend the list with wonderful natural spots, villages where the coast, the mountains, the wine route and historical centres, which we reserve to tell you about next. Come and learn more about this wonderful autonomous community that has contributed so much to tourism in the Iberian Peninsula, stimulating the senses and expanding the tastes of those who dare to come for the first time.

What to see in Andalusia


The best memory you’ll ever have of Granada, a real wonder. You won’t find anything more beautiful in Arab architecture. It is easy to recognize it in the distance because of the stamp it makes on the landscape, emulating the shape of a boat, jealously guarded by cypress trees. It sits on a rocky formation and to contemplate all the beauty of this site it is necessary to go beyond its walls. It served as a military building and then as the royal palace of Granada, in the establishment of the reign of Alhamar. Its interior is made up of a group of buildings with delicate artistic finishes where the court was established, the barracks, in short, a whole citadel protected by towers, even after the reconquest. The reddish colour of its façade has the property of toning up the silvery one during the night and the golden one during the day. Legends and poems tell of the splendour that springs from each of its spaces.


For a discreet getaway or a quiet vacation Castril is ideal.  This small village located in Granada is situated on a plateau composed of alleys and the whiteness of its houses. That image of the typical welcoming village that inspires home comfort is usually expressed without problems in this old Roman settlement. It is an excellent place to reconnect with that inner child and let yourself be carried away by the customs of the locals. Of course it has beautiful places full of history and gardens that adorn every corner. A castle marks the historical route with its Moorish defensive systems, while the gaze of Christ of the Sacred Heart watches over us from the steep rock of about 100 meters of altitude. There are plenty of places to visit around as well as the Sierra Natural Park. It has its own museum-interpretation centre and tourist office, so keep that in mind.

Sierra de Grazalema

As if it were a wall of oceanic landscape, this mountain range represents one of the most impressive natural Andalusian attractions. This relief line has multiple villages that bathe the landscape with a scattered white. To settle down there should definitely be a dream, just by breathing the air that descends from its peaks but that come from the Atlantic. It is located between Cadiz and Malaga, rich in plant and animal species has an important compendium of geological attractions such as the caves Hundidedro-Gato, the largest in the region. Its plains contemplate the majestic elevations that many adventurers take advantage of to challenge themselves in extreme activities. Salto del Cabrero and Garganta Seca have falls of hundreds of meters resulting in a good spoonful of adrenaline.

Sierra Nevada


A holiday full of adventure in Granada specializes in long trips, sport fishing and extreme sports. Watch out! Your route through Andalusia can get stuck in this wonderful place. But it is true that for a vacation this place has everything to give. There are more than 100 km of ski slopes, and both the conditions and the quality of the snow are extremely optimal. Sierra Nevada is very famous for extreme sports on the snow from all over the world. Also families come every winter to spend a season practicing some activity, taking advantage of the tourist packages that the industry has been devising for all tastes. It is better to take some sunglasses since the sun is blinding; what a background you are going to make if what you like is landscape photography.


It is the favorite destination for many who make the beach and sun, escape route and recurrent vacation. The regional climate gives it a pleasant atmosphere thanks to its proximity to the coast and the Sierra Blanca. In addition to a lush natural curtain that serves as a visual stimulus contrasting with the western coastal area. This city extends for about 116 square kilometers, populated by a little more than one million people from Marbella. Belonging to Malaga is a first class tourist sanctuary that has almost everything; natural sites for hiking and beaches with a wide coastline. We highlight its Cabopino Dunes, shops, ports and its historic quarter of which is made picturesque corners. Of the Roman province that was of course an important trunk of memory thanks to its abundance of signs, as well as the Arab culture.

Jerez de la Frontera

This area is very well known for its wines and has adopted the denomination of “Sherish” of Arab origin. It has had international acceptance, so let’s consider it an important tourist center; besides that it is the biggest city in the province of Cadiz. Its urban development is unique in the region and has a beautiful old quarter which can be walked along the Alcazar that stands out so much in the atmosphere. It is the cradle of a vast culture among which flamenco is projected as an art. A rich artistic and cultural heritage, which is carried by the Carthusian horse and the Lidia bull. The famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art with different exhibition activities as well as the museum offer is at your disposal, as well as its Sherry and Sherry wine cellars.

Setenil de las Bodegas

At the foot of the Sierra de Cádiz, the rock formations give way to one of the most curious tourist destinations in the region. It is this village whose houses seem chiselled out of the rock itself. It involves civil constructions built in the same rocks giving it roof and floor. The same riverbed of the Guadalporcún River has created furrows in the rock that are used to build the houses there. This surreal environment was easy to build, it was only a matter of separating it by walls taking advantage of the natural formations. In the historical centre there is a beautiful medieval castle next to a church with Mudejar and Gothic details dating from the 15th century; perfectly visible from afar given its location in the upper part.


On the east coast of the province of Malaga, bordering Granada, this warm town is dedicated to fishing and gardening. It is the favourite place for those who are looking for a more peaceful environment or to venture into some activity on the water. With an excellent hotel offer and natural corners add a unique charm. If you wish, there are several services for walking along the coast; the sun and the Mediterranean air become those renovating elements you are looking for. For trekking lovers, the Tejeda and Almijara mountains are an excellent option. The marine gastronomy is accompanied by a good wine or local beer. In festive times people come as if it were a seasonal ritual to the rhythm of flamenco. Its caves, beaches, culture and hospitality are at your disposal to welcome you at any time of the year.


When passing through Malaga you should not miss this magical place highly frequented by tourists; also a place of passage for many famous people. Without a doubt it is one of the most picturesque villages in the country with a beautiful historic centre that you can get to know in a short time. Its location in the middle of the mountains gives it a majestic Andalusian window. There are different viewpoints from which you can contemplate the countryside firmament. You will like to lean out on one of its famous balconies and carry out the tradition of shouting at the top of your lungs “pussy! Next to it is one of the most beautiful places that nature can give; it is a throat sculpted by the riverbed of the Guadalevina called the Tajo de Ronda. You will be delighted to visit the New Bridge, whose construction represents the stamp of Ronda, as well as palaces and churches with beautiful facades.

Costa de Sol

The Costa de Sol is the strip of beach that has more sunny days a year in the province of Malaga, as if it were designed to attract lovers of good weather. With more than 150 kilometres of coastline, a series of formations are distributed that result in cliffs. It has natural galleries ideal for those who prefer to be moving to the luck of nature. For those who like a beach atmosphere on this extensive coastline will have many beaches. No matter what environment and what kind of beach you have in mind, here there is something for everyone. All this is accompanied by a robust hotel offer and arrival points such as marinas where the possibilities for fun are significantly increased. As if that were not enough, casinos, shops and leisure centres round off this atmosphere; it is always full of travellers from all over Spain and the world.

Map of hotels in Andalusia

The accommodation options are almost infinite, in terms of modality and location. It has from famous hotels in big cities to houses in small towns, adapted to provide a magical experience to its customers. Choose the one that has more harmony with its environment, the one that makes you feel at home. Dare to explore all this on our map of hotels in Andalusia, where you can combine the information you need to compare and book, taking into account the season you choose to travel. The Sierra Grazalema has one hotel that caught our attention and we have no hesitation in recommending it to you. It is Cortijo Salinas, a property that has been conditioned as a luxury hotel with the best services of a 4 star accommodation that combines country style with elegance.

Video of the most impressive places in Andalusia