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Turin Tourist Map

Under the natural tapestry of the Alps this northern city is cornered. A city that is breaking the silence with all its charm, because many know it for its industry, but few for the tourist potential it has. We give you the reasons why you cannot leave its visit for later with our Turin Tourist Map; where modernity and progress take a back seat to the baroque and modernism of its main buildings. No doubt that its historical centre will not leave you badly off with its splendour. In addition, the alpine landscape adds more fuel to the matter, in terms of the different activities on the snow that its select public likes so much, apart from the landscapes it paints. In the same way, summer is an ideal season for placid walks. So say no more and join us to know it in depth.

Turin Tourist Map

Turin, better known in Italian as Torino is also the city of nicknames, and capital of the Piedmont region. The northern Italian city that borders France has its Celtic origins that were well displaced by the Romans, passing through the hands of the Lombards and later the Franks who established with their first dynasties the greatest heritage of baroque style in the region. It was here that the first capital of unified Italy in the 19th century was established and where great industrial brands such as Fiat and Martinni&Rossi, Kappa among others took their first steps. Needless to say, the importance that this city carries on its shoulders in the construction of the nation. But nowadays the general knowledge about this city has been changing, and now everybody wants to come to this city to get the beautiful landscape left by the Alps.

To all this we must add that its city life is developed among its stories, neoclassical and baroque constructions that are worthy of admiration. A visit to its emblematic tourist sites, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, gives testimony of the beauty that not everyone knows. Its meeting places such as Piazza San Carlo are favorite places to taste good cappuccino, chocolate, which, by the way, has nothing to envy the Swiss. The equivalent of Spanish tapas, the Italian-style aperitif, should not be missed. Turin is famous for its variety of museums with different themes. Emblems of the city such as the Automobile Museum, the National Film Museum, will surely fascinate you. Without leaving behind the finest art concentrated in its galleries and palaces. Everything you need in a dignified city with a variety of styles.

Tourist Guide Turin

If you have wondered what is so interesting about it and have not found what you need, our Turin tourist guide mentions those favourite places to visit. We know that many of the natives of Italy do not know about it, but they have always wanted to touch it, because of the heritage that its historical centre preserves. In its stately homes, the nobility has built the most exalted beauty of the baroque. Modernist art and other tendencies are imposed in this city along with the contemporaneity of an advanced city. Many discreet people know about this paradise, especially because of its urban and extra-urban spaces for excursions and winter activities, and here we show them to you with everything and their routes. We are sure that we will awaken in you the temptation towards this city, you will be seduced by its charm and be left with the desire to return.

What to see in Turin

Piazza San Carlo

Since it was founded in the 17th century it has been the meeting place of Turin’s people; they gather around the monument of Emanuele Filiberto that presides over the square, while walking or enjoying a cappuccino in one of the cafés that surround the place. Since its origins it has changed its name several times; it was the Plaza Real, the Plaza de Armas, there was even a time when it was called Plaza Napoleon. Here you can find the Confetteria Stratta, which has been preparing typical Turinese sweets and desserts for over a century. Another curiosity of the square are the churches of Santa Cristina and San Carlo. They are called “the twin churches” because of their similarity, and both allow the public to enter. When summer arrives, a recommended activity is a famous Italian gelato, while enjoying the singing accompanied by an accordion of some urban artist.

Egyptian Museum

What do you know? Turin has the second and oldest museum dedicated to Egyptian culture in the world. It has been in operation since 1834 and its exhibitions are of interest to both the curious and enthusiasts of Egyptology. In this museum is the Royal Canon, better known as the list of Kings of Turin, which explains the succession to the Egyptian throne of the dynasties, among many other curiosities present in all its collections as huge sarcophagi, codices, sculptures, among other works that involve the visitor and takes you to the heart of this ancient civilization. After 3 years closed for restoration works, in the year 2.015 after an important investment, it opened its doors again to the general public. Its goal is to become a center of research and scientific interpretation that serves as a reference to the whole world.

National Film Museum

It has been in operation since 2000 and provides an interesting and interactive tour of the history of the seventh art. The museum and its spaces offer the tourist a truly “movie experience” that no one should miss. In its 5 floors it exhibits in different exhibitions, projection rooms, negatives, posters, photo collection, technologies from previous times and even costumes used in the most famous Italian productions. You don’t have to be a film buff to enjoy this tour. It also has a panoramic lift that takes you to stunning views of Turin on the Mole Antonelliana; one of the city’s landmark towers and the place where the museum is located. Its interactive theme involves the visitor so much in the plot that it represents him in a cultural experience; it becomes another journey, an emotional journey that makes him enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Palazzo Madama

The building was constructed on top of one of the Roman city gates in the first century A.D. The residence of the Royal House of Savoy in the 14th century and all those periods of history it went through, left a mark on its architecture which is evident from its façade. Thanks to UNESCO, it was awarded the title of World Heritage Site in 1997. This architectural complex is the most relevant monument of Piazza Castello. It has beautiful views of the squares and well-tended gardens; however, all its splendour remains inside, in a very well-stocked art gallery. Its Museum of Ancient Art and decorations from different centuries, majestically summarizes the culture of Turin. It is an exquisite work, in which it is necessary to emphasize the kindness of its staff, which strives to offer a pleasant experience to the tourist.

Metropolitan Cathedral of San Juan Bautista

This valuable building took almost a decade to be completed, being the most important church in Turin. It is the only one of Renaissance architecture in the whole city from the 15th century. Although it was not fully completed, between 1668 and 1694 the chapels were added, and even at the end of the 17th century new restorations were carried out. The dome is the most beautiful, however, what attracts most followers to the cathedral is an exact replica of the Santa Sidone; the sheet with which, according to belief, the body of Christ was wrapped. In 1997, a fire in the cathedral alarmed the parishioners who were worried about the state of the Sidone. However, because of the renovations begun in 1993, the sheet had been removed from its usual place and was therefore protected. This reassured visitors of the integrity of the sheet, an icon of the Christian faith.

Valentino Park

A beautiful green outdoor park that allows you to breathe the pure air of Turin, a fact that puts it on the list of tourists’ favourites. It has a number of trees, benches to admire the landscape, in addition to its famous flower festivals. It has fountains, statues, busts and monuments that in general make it an art museum and naturalist museum, the perfect combination. Order, calm and tranquillity will be the most faithful companions along the whole journey. All this is enjoyed around the happiness produced by the contact with nature. This magical place invites you to put aside all the everyday things during this visit. No matter how many times you go, you will always find a new place charged with the good energy of the park.

Automobile Museum

There is something for everyone in this city. For a long time it was called the city of the car. This museum embodies glory for car and mechanic lovers. Since its foundation, it has displayed the history and technological progress of what they call art on wheels, where Italian brands such as Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Lamborghini, among many others, take much of the limelight. And the car can be included as another of the great passions of its inhabitants. Although they also offer their space to foreign brands within the exhibitions. To attend their exhibitions is to learn in a very didactic way where and how cars came to be, what stops or makes their technology advance. By means of these machines, the theme leads you to reflect on their relationship with social evolution.

Sabuada Gallery

This assorted art gallery is considered one of the most important in Italy, described as one of the most beautiful places in Turin. It is located in the Royal Museum, former power center of the Savoy royal family, and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Gallery is the ideal tour for art lovers because of the great variety of pieces it offers. It has great Italian works divided into more than 700 paintings, and owes its beginnings to the year 1497, when the House Sabuada begins to list its acquired works, since in this one its private collections are exposed. In short, it is one of those places that are recommended to be explored slowly. Allow yourself to absorb all that culture and history contained in every canvas, every detail, every wall. Entrance is absolutely free on the first Sundays of the month.

Villa della Regina

It was the country house of the royal family for a long time, in fact, it was the residence of Ludovica Savoy and for this reason it also came to be called the Villa of Ludovica. Its royal garden is one of its main attractions; nourished by different species of trees and plants that decorate, filling its surroundings with greenery. The Villa offers a wonderful view of the Alps, since its location at the top of the hill works not only as a showcase for great works, it also serves as a natural setting for a beautiful landscape. Inside, furniture, objects and walls are exhibited with beautiful frescoes that date back to that time. For those who are looking for a pleasant and free walk, they can leave Piazza Vittorio Veneto behind and head for this historical destination of disconnection on foot.

Map of hotels in Turin

This industrialized city agglomerates a large number of places to sleep for those who wish to stay for work or pleasure. So among so many options, the quality-price ratio is limited to the healthy competition of the hotel offer. Staying in Turin is not so complicated, both for your plans and for your pocket. If you come for tourism, we recommend you to stay in the city centre where you will have everything at hand. A map of hotels in Turin names them one by one, distributed in each space area so that you can choose a comfortable one in a good place. We recommend the Best Western Hotel Genio, located in the heart of the historical centre and near the train station. It is a comfortable and serene hotel, inside a 19th century building. Its decorative rooms have satellite TV, Wifi minibar and beautiful marble bathrooms.

Video of Turin’s most impressive tourist sites