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Tourist Map of New York

Its views will be a dejavu to you, because we are used to knowing about this city since we were children in movies, songs and other people’s stories. We are ready to travel with this tourist map of New York through the most appealing corners of the city. Join us in this adventure where the music of Broadway, the noise of its streets, its avenues, parks, museums and shops are waiting for your permission to move to this striking lifestyle that many want. This city is not made to be rushed, as each place can take more than a whole day to immerse you in all its charm. Enjoy the best views from its skyscrapers, be the protagonist of life on Fifth Avenue or Wall Street and explore every corner of Central Park; everything you’ve seen on the screen and in the magazines.

Tourist Map of New York

New York is one of the most important cities in the world, with the highest population density in the American continent, having in 830 square kilometers about 8 million people. It is the headquarters of the United Nations and one of the most influential financial conglomerates in the world. It could be said that this city looks like the capital of the world. In addition to finance and politics, the arts, fashion and entertainment represent a strong point in this city. There are five districts that make up this city; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Islands. The climate is subdued by cold continental winds that unlike cities in the same tropic has a relatively low temperature are long winters. Its geography is made up of a group of islands resulting from the mouth of the Hudson River, so contact with the mainland is possible through bridges.

New York is made to catch the visitor, many want to repeat the experience year after year, the urban environment makes many change their mind with their concept of tourism by the magnetism of its popular and archaic sites in photography and film. To begin with, Times Square is always a good entry point with its advertising screens and the large number of people is usually a good starting point. You can make your copras in different places, but nothing like taking advantage of the 5th Avenue important shops come to life. If in the middle of so much concrete jungle you want a change of scenery, you can access Central Park through different points of the city and take advantage of its many entertainment and learning sites. The Statue of Liberty cannot be left aside as it represents the image of New York.

Tourist Guide New York

To access its islands and districts, as well as to take advantage of the most popular things in the city on your route through the city, we have prepared for you the routes between points of interest in this New York tourist guide. If you book for the night, some of the places like Time Square have an excellent repertoire of events whose itinerary you can consult at the New York tourist office, and even program tours that cover several groups. Anyway, the places that we never miss are in this post, in terms of history and current situation you will have the best information at hand for you to get ahead of the facts and just enjoy the passage through them. Believe us, you will love New York as much as millions of people who annually fill its streets in search of many adventures.

What to see in New York

Statue of Liberty

It is undoubtedly the most representative icon of American culture, and it was the first thing that many immigrants of the 20th century saw when they arrived in these lands by ship to fulfill the American dream. Today it represents one of the wonders of the modern world and the most relevant of New York. It was a gift from the French Republic on the occasion of the centenary (1886) of its independence. It is located in an islet and its visualization is made easy by ferry, or south of Manhattan. It’s a statue of almost 100 meters high and is a monument to which you must access with prior reservation due to high demand. If you want to buy tickets directly you can go from early in the morning to the Battery Park where tickets are offered to a limited group of people per day. The tour of the statue covers the entire island and Ellis Island.

Central Park

New York is a city of nuances. The skyscrapers and avenues are balanced by the greenery of its park located in the heart of the city. This place is very famous, and as a general culture we have identified it in films and literary works, so every relevant corner will be familiar to you when you visit it. This park, inaugurated in the 19th century, became the right place for New Yorkers to spend hours walking and relaxing along 341 hectares with multiple entrances that connect the city. It is provided with open spaces for picnics, lakes and sculptures that give it a natural and historical beauty. Its bridges, museums and zoo add to its appeal, perfect for learning a bit and taking nice pictures. Even music festivals make room for a repertoire of unpopular places with an unexplored atmosphere.

Empire State Building

In any aerial view of New York, the image of this skyscraper stands out and persists in the face of competition from modern, higher buildings. This symbol has been the setting for many films including the King Kong film. It has viewpoints that will give you beautiful panoramic views of the city and access to it is a matter of being guided in the middle of the Big Apple, on 5th Avenue just off 34th Street. The construction of this building in the early 20th century was threatened by the stock market crash that paralyzed its work. It was in 1931 when it was inaugurated and the general public was able to appreciate its impressive modernist art. Going up to its viewpoints is a bit challenging since many people are in tune for the same task. We recommend going up earlier at sunset as it is the time of the greatest influx.

Times Square

As there is no such thing, we properly mean that she is the most famous in the world. Some dare to say that it is the busiest tourist site. The classic Broadway musical gives it the perfect melody along with its multiple neon signs; elements that cause millions of visitors a year to rub shoulders with it to take pictures and admire its splendor. When they arrive, a practical custom is to sit on its red stairs and study the flow of people. In the face of so much noise and color, it is necessary to plan which direction to take first. It doesn’t matter if you go by day or by night, this square never sleeps, just like the human tide that passes through its streets. It’s a great place to shop and eat. There are several food franchises and exclusive brand stores to be found here.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York is full of important museums, but among them all this one stands out. It has a number of works of art that are counted in the thousands, composed of collections of national and European artists and other parts of the world. Thanks to the impulse to the development of the arts in New York, the construction of this museum was granted in 1870. From then on, important personalities began to donate their collections. It is divided by departments and in the section of national art it houses more than 4,000 copies among paintings, sketches and stone engravings. One of the most popular rooms is the armor department, unique in its style in the country.  The Egyptian collections come from excavations since the beginning of the 20th century, as well as Greek-Roman, medieval, Asian and modern art. Rates range from $25 for adults, $12 for children and free admission.

Fifth Avenue

If Times Square specializes in events, Fifth Avenue captures the commercial spirit of New York. However, it also has numerous cultural attractions such as the Metropolitan Museum or the Natural History Museum. Don’t forget to stop by this avenue on your way to the Big Apple. Designer houses like Louis Vitton, Gucci, Versace, Tiffani and others have the privilege of exhibiting their work here. Entertainment brands such as Disney, NBA, Apple also have their space. It is a great opportunity to visit the Top on the Rock at Rockefeller Center. It is one of the most emblematic skyscrapers, ideal for good views of the city. If you feel like buying a souvenir in the middle of the tour, there is an area where you can buy various types of souvenirs. This avenue covers the city well since it connects the north and south wings of Manhattan.

9/11 Museum

The theme of the museum is focused on commemorating the date when the American nation was subjected to terrorist attacks. September 11, 2001, is a date that still remains in the memory and collective thought. Nearly 3,000 people, citizens and foreigners, were victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon headquarters in Washington. The museum exhibits items found after the attacks on the site. The memorial consists of a water feature consisting of waterfalls in the area occupied by the Twin Towers. It is bordered by metal plaques with the names of the victims engraved on them. There are rooms where the sounds of people who were inside the building at the time of the attack are reproduced. Outside, there is a group of oak trees symbolizing the hope that a world free of terrorism can be achieved.

Wall Street

The American and global financial engine is concentrated on this street. It would be a sin to be widely known if you don’t walk it on your visit to New York. The term Wall Street is referred to in addition to its street to the financial conglomerate. A weekday is the ideal time to see business and work life go by. Here you will also have the opportunity to go window shopping for something you want. The architecture of its buildings gives it a classic and neo-gothic touch, a style characteristic of the early 20th century. The relevant buildings are the New York Stock Exchange, or the 18th century Federal Hall. The main attraction of this avenue is the statue of a bronze bull weighing three tons. It denotes the influence and monetary power it exerts on the global economy.

Brooklyn Bridge

This majestic bridge is the link between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It has had the privilege of being the longest suspension bridge in the world for some 20 years since its construction. Because it is an emblem of Manhattan in your path you can’t stop visiting it and photographing it. It is a very appealing corridor for visitors who like to cross the bridge from the Brooklyn neighborhood on foot or by bike while enjoying a view of the city. Its history dates back to the middle of the 19th century. It is a response to Brooklyn’s growing population that needed a better connection to the city of Manhattan. Now, if you are in the South Street Harbor you can take a boat, not without first having a drink at their bar to go for a walk on the river and cross the bridge underneath.

Map of hotels in New York

New York is extremely large and the accommodation options are immense and varied. Depending on the area, you can explore the prices. The city forces you to plan according to your budget, especially if you are traveling with someone.  Although the districts of Queens and Brooklyn tend to concentrate most of the cheap Manhattan options by location always tends to take the jackpot. Our New York hotel map offers you the opportunity to find out in a few clicks which areas have the perfect candidate to welcome you and give you a well-deserved break. We like Ace Hotel New York as a recommendation in the heart of Manhattan. Their rooms have a very modern design and the type of service is varied (including bunk beds). They have their own fridge, minibar, even a record player and are decorated with artistic works. You will love it.

Videos of New York’s most striking places