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Tourist Map of San Luis Potosi

If you decide to spend a weekend in this beautiful place you will find here a tourist map of San Luis Potosi and its busy Carranza Avenue, a street full of shops with a wide variety of restaurants to please all palates. San Luis Potosi is definitely a city with personality, in which the temples and colonial houses reveal the quiet life that fills the people of Potosi. This tourist destination represents a fascinating adventure due to its baroque architecture that mixed with the natural landscapes full of beauty and majesty will make San Luis a place you will not forget.

Tourist Map of San Luis Potosi

In the north-central region of Mexico is the state of San Luis Potosi, divided into 58 municipalities and with an area of 60,546 km2, 3% of the Mexican territory, includes the cultural areas of Mesoamerica and Aridoamerica, with a dry climate and desert, which makes Potosi a hot land, which surely you will love, in order to help you and make your visit easier we provide a tourist map of the historic center of the city, with major tourist destinations and sites of interest so you do not miss any. San Luis is a place rich in gold and silver that began its development in 1592 with the exploitation of both metals, it is named after King Louis IX of France and Potosi in comparison with the Bolivian silver mines, with the idea of generating rivalry between the two places, but this never came up.

The city has about one million inhabitants and is divided into four regions: Huasteca, Media, Central and Potosi’s Altiplano. If you visit Mexico you can not miss a fascinating tour in the city that keeps four centuries of history, with baroque landscapes full of museums and declared Historical Heritage, here you will find the main tourist sites that you can not forget, we also provide the map of museums and places to visit in San Luis. After a journey of 613 km from the Mexican capital, along the road offered by Federal Highway 57, you will find this land of gold that undoubtedly do not want to stop visiting.

Tourist Map of San Luis Potosi

The picturesque city of San Luis de Potosí also known as the pink city, keeps countless places worth visiting, corners full of history and beauty that will pleasantly surprise you. We offer visitors a complete tourist guide of San Luis Potosi that will help you choose the best places to make the most of your trip to this beautiful Mexican city. The capital of Potosi offers its visitors a great variety of places to give you an unforgettable experience with its colorful streets, museums, gastronomic places, parks and natural beauties, all in a pleasant tour through the tourist tram that for only 50 pesos makes a tour of the main points of interest in the historic center of the city, is an opportunity to learn about the history of this fascinating place in a guided tour of one hour.

What to visit in San Luis Potosi

A Potosi Tour in the Tram

If you are visiting this city for the first time so as not to miss the main tourist attractions of San Luis Potosí, the most advisable thing to do is to take a ride on a tourist tram that will take you through the picturesque streets of this beautiful city. This trip lasts approximately one hour and is full of information and curiosities about the main areas of interest in the city, during which you will be able to enjoy and get to know this wonderful place a little better. The historical center of the city has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as well as being considered the third area with the greatest economic potential in Mexico.

The trip by tram costs 50 pesos, approximately 3 dollars, and includes the guided tour of the historical center of the city. The tour starts at the Plaza de Armas and besides being able to take beautiful pictures of the city you will also be able to learn a little more about the history of this place.

The Plaza de Armas or Jardín Hidalgo

It is one of the most important points of San Luis Potosi, surrounded by beautiful and very important buildings, with buildings of Neoclassical architecture due to the fact that in the twentieth century many reforms were made to the buildings of the colonial era, of which the only thing that has not been restored is the balcony of what was once the home of the Viceroy, One of the most beautiful balconies in the country, this building is currently occupied by the Posada del Virrey, a place where you can have a Mexican breakfast and which includes on its second floor a gallery of old photos, in honor of Doña Francisca de la Gándara, the only Mexican viceroy, which is why this inn is named after her. Without a doubt, the Plaza de Armas is the ideal place to start your tour of this beautiful city.

The Plaza del Carmen

Inaugurated on August 25, 1973, with a central bronze fountain, the Plaza del Carmen is the largest in the city and in its surroundings it houses the Teatro de la Paz, the Templo del Carmen, the Museo de Máscaras and the Museo del Virreinato. In the Plaza del Carmen you will find some curious sculptures of people who have left their mark on San Luis, these are made in bronze and if you want to know their history just approach the locals who will gladly tell you some of the legends and curiosities that are hidden behind these bronze people. In front of the square you will find the Temple of Carmen, where you can enjoy an architecture full of details and unique elements, from where every year the famous procession of silence takes place on Good Friday in commemoration of the passion and death of Christ. The National Mask Museum, a place full of countless masks from many corners of the world, is definitely worth visiting.

The Regional Museum of Potosi

The Potosino Regional Museum, located in the historical center of the city, this museum is located in part of what used to be the San Francisco Convent built in 1586. It was inaugurated as a museum in 1952. Among its exhibitions are works from the viceroyalty dating from the 16th to the 19th century. This museum is located in the historical center of San Luis on the corner of Galeana Street, behind the temple of San Francisco and has four permanent exhibition rooms that show various works that narrate the life of San Luis Potosi.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art, located in the heart of the historic center of San Luis Potosi, built in the nineteenth century and in 2009 inaugurated by the government of Mexico as the Museum of Contemporary Art, with changing exhibitions which makes it a space full of life and movement worth enjoying. This museum has two levels and 5 exhibition halls, is a neoclassical building with an architecture worthy of being appreciated and very much in line with the style of San Luis Potosi, a city that seems out of time. It is located in the Gonzalez Ortega y Salazar Alley, and its schedule is from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon. The entrance fee is only 20 pesos but on Sundays the entrance is free. It offers guided tours, an excellent option for tourists who wish to understand and learn about the history this beautiful museum offers.

The Cathedral of San Luis Potosi

The Cathedral of San Luis Potosi, in the historical center of the city, is considered the main historical site of the city. It was built on the same place where the first parish church was in 1593. It is the seat of the Archdiocese of San Luis Potosi and is dedicated to Our Lady of Expectation, the beautiful pink quarry building has three naves and a baroque design, also has some marble sculptures that are exact replicas of those found in the Basilica of San Juan in Rome. The interior of the Cathedral has a beautiful neoclassical decoration worthy of being admired.

The Nights in Potosi

The nightlife in San Luis is very varied, especially in the historic center and in the very busy Carranza Avenue, where we can find places like Dublin Been & Beer, where you can enjoy drinks and good music, also has outdoor tables so you can enjoy the cool nightlife of the hot city. Rockabilly is a place where you can enjoy drinks and good food all night long while you enjoy live music or if you prefer you can hang out at the San Luis Brewery, a place to enjoy a good time with good music and beer on tap at quite affordable prices, an excellent place to chat in the historical center of the city.

The Basement of the Swallows

On the outskirts of the city is this natural wonder of great beauty, a natural abyss in the state of San Luis Potosi, declared a natural monument. The cave was formed by the erosion of the water on the limestone, composed by an abyss of 512 meters deep, this site serves as a natural refuge for birds, but contrary to its name are not swallows, but a species of swift that is often confused with the swallows. The truth is that the Sótano de las Golondrinas is considered the most beautiful vertical cave in the world, with dimensions such that its bottom is as big as 3 football fields and vertically fits comfortably the Eiffel Tower.

San Luis Potosi Hotel Map

During the night in San Luis Potosi you can choose from several lodging options in the best location for you to enjoy the most of your stay in these lands, that’s why we have for you the map of hotels in San Luis Potosi so you can choose and get to San Luis sure you’ll have only the best, among which we can mention, the Hotel Real Plaza, an elegant place that has four stars located in the busy Carranza Avenue that if you decide to spend a weekend in this beautiful place is a good choice to stay.

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