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Acapulco Tourist Map

On the Mexican coast, in the state of Guerrero, is the beautiful city of Acapulco de Juarez, or as it is known worldwide simply Acapulco, founded in 1550 this beautiful tropical city has gained its fame for its incredible beaches that have served as the setting for films such as Rachel’s Bolero by beloved Mexican Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, Drama/Mex, a story inspired by the nights of Acapulco and Fun in Acapulco starring the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. This city is Mexico’s main tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and scenery, the Acapulco tourist map will help you locate the most outstanding places to visit in the area.

Acapulco Tourist Map

Divided into 3 tourist zones, Acapulco is a dream destination for travelers from all over the world who are looking for a place to relax and commune with the serenity of the sea, mixed with the joyful and jocular life of the Caribbean coast. If your next destination is Acapulco then don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen because whether you are heading to the traditional area, Acapulco Dorado or Acapulco Diamante, your trip will surely end up at the seashore. Here you can find the street map of Acapulco so you can walk the streets of this paradise destination, visit the main places of interest and a tourist guide to find the best of this city. The fact is that Acapulco is definitely a destination you will not want to leave. We invite you to get immersed in its beauty and its quiet waters, a journey that will undoubtedly be pleasantly engraved in your memory forever.

The first thing you need to know before leaving for Acapulco is how to get to this magnificent place. First of all, you have to enter by air, as Acapulco has its own international airport that has all the necessary infrastructure to receive the large amount of travelers that arrive in these lands, coming from the main cities of the country and the world. If you are in Mexico you can then choose to travel by land, in which case you have two options, from Mexico City by way of the city, a trip that makes a journey through Mexico City embarking to the city of Acapulco for a cost of $ 30 or by way of Cuernavaca, an option that allows you to transfer directly from the International Airport Benito Juarez in Mexico City directly to Acapulco for a price of about $ 25.

Acapulco Tourist Map

Once in Acapulco we will help you in your journey so that your stay in this place will be cozy and comforting, so we provide you with a tourist map that will allow you to find the main places that you should not leave out of your travel itinerary when you come to Acapulco. This paradise will definitely be a place that you will not want to leave and you will feel like home. The beauty of Acapulco is not only in its beaches but it has a lot of parks, museums and monuments full of local history that will make you love this place. Acapulco is a destination that will make you dream, come to this land and live the adventure.

What to visit in Acapulco

Archaeological Zone of Palma Sola

Located in the Bay of Acapulco, the Archaeological Zone of Palma Sola will be a place you don’t want to miss on your trip, a different place that will give you the opportunity to learn about part of the history of these lands set in stone. It is located on the way up from Papagayo and offers a view of all of Acapulco, a place that is not often visited but that is worth visiting, generating a contrast between the trees and mountain vegetation with the view of the coast and the infinite and imposing sea at its feet. In this area the Yopes Indians engraved in stone with different symbols their rituals, ceremonies, beliefs, cycles of the agricultural year and astronomical engraving, which makes this an excellent place to start your journey through the lands of Acapulco, to learn about their culture and their roots.

Fort of San Diego

A Vauban-style maritime fortification located in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico This majestic historical monument is the most distinguished in the region and the most important maritime fortress along the Pacific Ocean. The Fort of San Diego has a unique geometric design in the form of a pentagon or five-pointed star, and was built for military defense. Since 1986 the fort has housed the Acapulco Historical Museum Fort of San Diego, currently under the administration of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which comprises thirteen exhibition halls. Through them, the enclosure tries to make the inhabitants of the state of Guerrero, feel identified with the most important moments of its history and to foment the culture.

Diego Rivera Mural

Diego Rivera’s mural, now known as La Casa de los Vientos Cultural Center, is one of the last works done by the famous Mexican painter, who during the years 1956-1957 lived in the port and created this work of art on the façade of the house of his friend Dolores Olmedo, a renowned Mexican film actress. Inspired by the Aztec culture, within the mural elaborated in relief it is possible to appreciate the images of Quetzalcóatl and Tláloc, made with small volcanic stones, quarry, tiles and sea shells. There is also an exhibition hall and plastic arts displays.

El Rollo Park

A place full of fun, el rollo is an attractive water park that has many attractions for young and old, where you can enjoy a lot of slides, pools, a sea of fresh water consisting of a fun pool with waves where you can swim or frolic on your tire enjoying the swing of the “sea”, Zip line, skycoaster with 35 meters high in free fall, dolphin show, swim with dolphins and more, a space designed to pamper the little ones of the house and make their vacation an unforgettable experience full of fun.

The Viceroy’s Fort

A small fortification divided by 6 areas showing about 1000 pieces that show the history of Acapulco from the time of the end of the viceroyalty to the time of the revolution. Located in the heart of Acapulco’s Zona Dorada, this museum houses invaluable pieces that preserve much of Mexico’s history and cultural richness. Among the pieces on display are paintings, letters, engravings, weapons, clothing and bronze sculptures that offer a visual panorama of the history of Mexican independence, for those who like to enjoy the historical and cultural encounter of the various places in the world.

Diana – Yak Galleries, a casino in Acapulco

When visiting these lands you are surely looking for game and fun that’s why we offer you the option to visit the Yak Casino at Galerías Diana, a place where you can spend a nice time, have a drink and a good dinner while, why not, you might win some money either with their machines or card games or bingo. Also the Galeria is a large shopping center where you can find whatever you want to buy in Mexico, clothing stores, curiosities, cafes and food fairs, movies and more, everything you are looking for in this city surely you can find it here.

The Chapel of Peace

The Chapel of Peace stands out for its cross of almost 40 meters high, it is located in the hill “El Guitarrón” one of the highest points of Acapulco. Its main feature is that it is possible to perform ceremonies of different religions and offers a beautiful view of the bay, an ideal place for meditation, relaxation and inner spiritual encounter, which as its name says will provide peace. In this site you can also find the famous sculpture “The Hands of the Brotherhood”, by the artist Claudio Favier, who designed them to have the position of prayer to heaven.

The Virgin of the Seas

Submerged in front of the Acapulco Bay, the Virgin of the Seas is 700 meters from the surface, in a point called La Yerbabuena. Due to the devotion of the Mexican people to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the idea of placing a statue of the same submerged in the bay of Acapulco and thus call it Queen of the Seas. After being built in Mexico City, it was moved to the port of Acapulco on December 10, 1959, traveling the route Cuernavaca, Iguala and Chilpancingo with a duration of 2 days, a journey in which it was venerated by the population arriving on December 12 to its final destination. The statue of the Virgin of the Seas is the only one in the world that is submerged in an underwater altar and can be enjoyed diving in the area since it is not destined to be seen from the surface but from the interior of the ocean.

The Cathedral of Acapulco

This church dedicated to Nuestra Señora de la Soledad occupies the space that was formerly destined to the parish building in 1555, it is the main temple of Acapulco and seat of the Archdiocese since 1958, originally the building was of neoclassical style with romantic tendency but in the 50’s it was restored and modernized combining architectural styles that were intertwined during its construction and when it was finished, For this reason you can admire details of both the neocolonial architecture, as the Moorish and Byzantine style, the latter in the dome and towers, likewise the interior of the church is decorated with golden tiles and mosaics.

The Beaches of Acapulco

Of course we could not leave out the beaches that are in this city since they are the main tourist attraction of this place, which is why we have left them for the end, but we will not talk about each one of them but we will make a list of the four main beaches of Acapulco so you can have a range of options full of sun and sand.

First of all we have the Condesa Beach, located between the Presidente Hotel and the Emporio Hotel in the Golden Zone of the Miguel Alemán Coast. This bustling and crowded beach is attractive because it offers visitors the conditions to practice various sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and bungee jumping. In the second place, Playa Hornos y Hornitos, located in front of the Papagayo Park is popular for its calm waters and the softness of its sand, which offers the most beautiful views of the port, being this the favorite area for fishermen.

Icacos is the largest beach in all of Acapulco, this wonderful beach is located on the east side of the bay, it starts at Hotel Presidente where the waves are strong and ends up passing by Grand Hotel de Acapulco where the sea becomes tame ideal for windsurfing. In this area is the water park El Rollo de Acapulco. Another of these wonderful beaches is Puerto Marqúes, it is a small bay with a calm and serene sea ideal for diving, which has a wide variety of restaurants on the shore, where you can enjoy a good roast fish.

Acapulco Hotel Map

Now that you have decided to visit this beautiful place and that you have at your disposal an extensive guide to make your trip a comfortable and pleasant experience, we leave you the map of hotels in Acapulco so that you can choose the ideal place to stay in this city. In the Zona Dorada we have the option of the hotel Misión Mazatlan, a very popular place because of its spectacular location a few meters from the beach, it has a solarium, a swimming pool and a garden, it also has a gym and a business center. If your option is in the Diamond Zone, the Gran Plaza Hotel Acapulco offers you a five-star alternative, where you can combine comfort and luxury with sand, sun and sea.

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