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Los Cabos Tourist Map

At the southern end of Baja California Sur is the region that was once defined by French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau as the aquarium of the world, with an incredibly blue sea, where one out of every three marine species lives, including the whale that arrives between November and March, generating an impressive attraction to the parade of these wonderful cetaceans, that during these months in the winter offer to tourists and locals one of the most beautiful natural spectacles that occur on the Mexican coast, it is the courtship, procreation and birth of the gray whale, we are talking about Los Cabos, one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico.  The tourist map of the city will allow you to locate the main points that you can include in your travel itinerary to enjoy this little piece of land in the Gulf of California in the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the fullest.

Los Cabos Tourist Map

Los Cabos is divided into two major towns, El Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, separated by 33 km in which there is a wide variety of hotels, most of them luxury, which you can find later in our Los Cabos hotel map. San Jose del Cabo is the municipality of Los Cabos, a small colonial town founded by Franciscan missionaries in 1730, with picturesque streets, a fairly bohemian town where you can find a variety of artistic expressions, in the street plan you will find the location of the main tourist attractions in the area, its attractions and historical sites to visit when you travel to this incredible place.

If your intention is to visit the beaches of this place then you can live a truly marine experience in the waters of the Sea of Cortez or Bermejo Sea, where you can go to Pelicano stone, very close to the Los Cabos Arch, a place where you can snorkel and observe closely much of the variety of marine species that inhabit these waters.  It is necessary to take into account that during the months between June and October is the rainy season, so at this time of year tourism in these lands will be a little complicated, and is that no one wants to go to the beach to find a rainy climate, However, during the winter months, the attractions offered by these lands will make you fall in love with their variety and their magic when you enjoy the magnificent spectacle offered by the whales during this season. You will also be able to enjoy water activities such as diving, kayaking, sport fishing or simply enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes that are hidden in these lands.

What to visit in Los Cabos

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

It is a rocky formation that produces a natural arch at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula and separates the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean. This arch is of great attraction for tourists because every four years is formed the beach of love that allows to pass underneath, because the low tide in a natural phenomenon of great mystery, leaving this beach exposed, although in the rest of the time you can cross the arch in kayak, But this phenomenon is not the only one hidden in these waters. One of the most impressive natural phenomena of the peninsula is also hidden: the underwater sand cascades, which as their name suggests are sand cascades that are moved incredibly by the water in the depths. This arch is known as the place where the earth ends, with crystal clear and calm waters.

Diving in Cabo Pulmo

In the depths of the Sea of Cortes, is the largest reef in the whole area, Cabo Pulmo is also the most northern carolino reef in the Pacific, which shows a large number of varied fish, more than 220 marine species among which you can find from eels to sharks, this area is protected since 1995, where you can swim among schools of fish with fascinating colors, showing an incredible biodiversity.  It is common to see manta rays or eels on the bottom that quickly slip away raising clouds of sand under the water. One of the most fascinating species you will find during this adventure is the great bull shark, which swims in the depths of these majestic waters and almost always alone.

Cabo San Lucas Marina

This place is a must-see for the traveler who visits Los Cabos for the first, second or fifth time. It is definitely a place you will not get tired of visiting where you can enjoy the view from any point and tour the great variety of restaurants of diverse specialties, with perfect shops for shopping lovers. It is ideal to tour and get to know the customs and culture of the locals, as well as being an ideal occasion to acquire souvenirs and memorabilia of our trip. This place is also famous for offering luxury yacht services to its visitors, as well as for the practice of sport fishing. From the marina it is possible to take tours to see the whales, dive or snorkel. The Cabo San Lucas Marina is located in the main port of Cabo at the southern tip of the peninsula.

All Saints

A small picturesque village located 75 km from Cabo San Lucas, a magical town that should definitely be a must on your next visit to Los Cabos. Its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, enviable climate and beautiful beaches, invites us to walk through its streets to immerse ourselves in its history. It is an artistic center in which works of artists from all over the world are exhibited in a large number of galleries that are located in this town that was decreed a magic town by the Secretary of Tourism. In this place is the Hotel California, exactly that which is described by the group The Eagles in their song, in which enjoy life, the members of the group denied this information but the legend remains and gives this place an air of charming and attractive mystery, and is that it is worth dreaming in the town where magic is real, the legend says that in a stay of this hotel long ago was inspired by the lyrics of the famous song, that true or false, this hotel style is a place worth knowing.

Sierra de la Laguna

If what you are looking for is contact with nature and develop outdoor activities then this place is ideal for you. Declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1994, this place is home to an immense variety of animal and plant life, a place that attracts nature lovers who want to spend a relaxed day in contact with nature. Located between the municipalities of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, it is a site considered unique in the region because it contains ecosystems that are unrepeatable in the region, with a peculiar flora and an indescribable fauna that is presumed to be a consequence of the separation from the rest of the American continent. Visiting this area has become a tradition for the locals and an adventure for tourists seeking to experience this magnificent place of impossible landscape, formed by seven canyons the mountain is one of the most visited areas by the lovers of ecotourism between the months of October to March, since it is during these dates that thanks to the end of the rainy season begins to flourish and there is water flowing along the streams, glens and canyons in the area.

Art District and Art Walk

A place where dozens of artists exhibit their works and that if you are an art lover and bohemian life you can not miss. In fact, you do not need to be an expert in art to enjoy this tour around San José del Cabo. All you need is a little bit of curiosity that will be exalted by the astonishment of the human creativity captured in the beautiful and old historical center of this city. During the high season, the Art Walk takes place every Thursday, an event of great importance in which the main streets are closed to offer the traveler fun, with live music, art exhibitions and even street theater plays are part of the show that makes this a special event, it is even possible to acquire the work of some local artist for a fairly friendly price for your pocket.

Plaza Mijares – Main Square

This is the main square of San Jose del Cabo and is also the center of the city’s activities, this space is surrounded by restaurants, art shops and other fun places to enjoy. This colonial style plaza with tall palm trees offers easy access to the San Jose Church, the parish of the city, in addition to serving on occasion as a space for the arts by receiving visiting bands to play their music. An ideal place to start the tour of this pleasant city, this square represents the heart of San José del Cabo.

Los Cabos Hotel Map

You have already decided where your next vacation will be, no doubt in Los Cabos and you already know which places you are going to visit, what you don’t know yet is where you are going to stay, but don’t worry, for that we have at your disposal the map of hotels in Los Cabos, a complete guide of accommodation in this place. We suspect that you’ll find the idea of staying at Hotel California in Todos Santos attractive, a hotel with a fascinating history located just 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, it has 11 creative rooms, individually decorated with art samples from around the world. If you’re looking for a place to watch the ocean at night and enjoy a spectacular, torch-lit pool at night for the breeze and scenery, then A Rosewood Resort is the place for you, a place that has it all, luxury, comfort and of course tequila, Tequila is the favorite spirit of Mexicans, so this 5-star hotel offers its guests a bottle of this drink as a welcome in their room, so if you decide to stay in this luxury hotel do not forget to put in your suitcase some lemon and salt. Come to Mexico and live a unique experience that will be impossible to forget.

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