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Tourist Map of Quintana Roo

When it comes to attractions, and if in addition your idea of fun is “a permanent carnival”, then I introduce you to one of the cities with roots as old as you know, but at the same time, so modern and sophisticated, that the word “paradise” on occasion; does not manage to encompass his majesty … is one of 30 states, which together with Mexico City, make up the United Mexican States, is located in the Yucatan Peninsula in the southeast region and its most populous city, and also the most loved by the tourist life is Cancun, because you must know who we are talking about … well, Here I leave a tourist map of the city of Quintana Roo, as soon as you read it, it will invite your imagination to take a “dip” in its beaches… I will present you the most visited tourist places, the routes and maps that you can follow, to arrive at this beautiful city of enjoyment, of beautiful beaches, and fantasy landscapes… Come!, you’re gonna love it.

Stay and you will have vital information, so that you can find the routes, and the plans, so that you feel like at home, and the most important thing, is an ordered guide where you will find everything related to dispersion and relaxation, what you must know to visit, decide on this tourist destination… as a lover of adventure I invite you to enter Quintana Roo.

Tourist Map of Quintana Roo

It is a city of natural phenomena that will leave you fascinated, trapped by the natural light shows and reflections of its waters so crystalline, sweet and salty, here; the predominantly limestone and permeable soil, allows the filtration of rainwater into the innermost layers of the underground aquifer systems, thus forming the underground deposits and currents, which supply water to the smaller populations through the wells but there are no water currents due to the permeability of the soil (which originates cenotes, which I will tell you about later), and its climate is divinely tropical with summer rains which allows the presence of mostly green vegetation, almost most of the year, which leads to a very prosperous fauna, except for the areas where there is logging, which unfortunately is seen … I suggest that as a basis, take with you a tourist map of the city, both natural places, as a map city center, this will facilitate your stay and give you guidance at all times, in addition to carrying a guide to the places to visit Quintana Roo, so you can be sure not to make unwelcome moments, as there is definitely much to see in this beautiful place.

Among the most important things, when making a trip to this tourist destination, I recommend you to make a list of the places you would like to visit according to the time of your stay, so you will have a pal to follow. It also includes a map of the hotels in the city, taking into account the sites where historical and archaeological monuments stand out. Make sure you have a guide of historical museums at hand. Having all these tools you will have a lot of fun, and at the same time will help you know the places that are part of the authentic heritage and rich culture of indigenous peoples, who founded the city of Quintana Roo so many years ago, this I suggest as a law, for your convenience at destination, find a tourist office, which usually offer plans to tourists, and guided tours, this will ensure that you do not miss any important detail, I had several experiences, and I do not want to go through the same …

Quintana Roo Tourist Guide

Allow me to suggest, to alleviate a little bit certain concerns, what in my humble opinion is the best guide to get to the city of Quintana Roo… The tour is more comfortable if you have a tourist guide of the city. And as I’ve already advised, one of your best ways to get to this praiseworthy tourist destination is to locate the tourist office of Quintana Roo. There, it will provide you with timely tourist information, so you can better locate yourself in “how, when and where”. It is convenient for you to know that there are several delegations or tourism companies that offer tour services, covering a tour of the main sites of the city, that is one of the options you can take, on the other hand, if it fits your budget to what you expect from the experience, you can choose to rent or lease a car, so you can enjoy a more personalized stay, you can find this service in Cancun, in addition to other transport services such as tourist buses and tour bus.

What to visit in Quintana Roo


Here you will find the ruins where a great mirror of the Mayan culture passed by, like the archaeological zone El Rey or the Temple of the Scorpion (Yamil Lu’um), natural spectacle of the water in Xel-Ha, considered a natural aquarium. Its nightlife is the most active and of the country on the peaceful contrast of the underwater art museum, which can be accessed by diving, the clear waters of the Caribbean, its beautiful beaches of fine white coral sand.


Its main tourist attraction is the archaeological ruins of Tulum, an ancient walled city, one of the last built by the Mayans, is surprisingly well preserved. And other natural attractions, such as the reefs, closer to the area, being among the best known La Piscina, La Ballena and Los Coquitos. You can dive inside caves in the middle of a forest by visiting Cenote Dos Ojos, or explore in the sacred caves which is an underground river.

Isla Mujeres

It is one of the “best secrets of Quintana Roo”, it is a beautiful combination of modernism and nature. There are panoramic pools and places to rest in hammocks, as well as calm waters and different coral reefs. There is something for everyone, El Farito for example, the ecological Isla Contoy and the underwater sculptures near Manchones reef, here it is possible to enjoy swimming with whale sharks.

Mayan Riviera

The experience of exploring a cave and swimming in crystal clear water, an unforgettable sensation. Ideal for ecotourism, outside of the large towns and conglomerates, much of the region has not been urbanized. Here, flora and fauna develop naturally. An extensive reef is settled in its coasts, which shelters an enormous variety of marine species.


Located in the south of the state, its population is mainly dedicated to tourism, which is developing between the lagoon and the Mayan archaeological sites and the city of Chamal, implement a paradisiacal town. This place is home to one of the most beautiful treasures: the Lagoon of the Seven Colors, where you can swim in its spa, which is on the shores of the lagoon, in addition to finding “palapas” to eat, there are boat trips.

Museum of the Caste Wars

It is located in what used to be the San Felipe de Balacar Fort, where objects and weapons that were used by the founders of the city are exhibited, as well as the utensils that were left over from the fights between them and the Mayan groups, and heroic narratives of these events, especially a very particular one, which is the pirate attack on the city.


It is the first to receive the sun god, in all Mexico, for its great marine diversity is considered the ideal place to practice diving, the large coral banks, form living underwater gardens. Its name means “Land of Swallows”, it is the third largest island in the Mexican State and the second most populated. It is located to the east of the nation right in the splendid Caribbean Sea. I advise you to visit during the holiday season, La Feria de la Cedral is held from April 29th to May 3rd with the intention of bringing to mind “the day of the Holy Cross”, which is celebrated in honor of Casimiro Cardenas one of the survivors of the massacre in the War of the Castes. Cozumel’s Carnival is what has transcended the most in Mexico’s lifetime, it is a mixture of diverse cultural expressions, dances, and rhythms. It was started by families from the Yucatan in 1874.


It’s a developing resort. It is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, approximately 55 km from Federal Highway 307 towards Cancun – Chetumal. It is the largest public beach in the city of Quintana Roo, with an enchanting blue and a tranquility that is breathed in all its surroundings, its streets are beautiful with a rustic theme retaining the style of coastal town, its climate is privileged, is currently considered one of the jewels of Quintana Roo. You can do activities such as diving and snorkeling, and has a sport fishing tournament that you will enjoy more than

Cenote Two Eyes

It is a natural formation, product of water erosion with a system of underwater caves that is positioned among the ten largest in the world, is a cavernous structure where you will take spectacular and unforgettable experiences, is a very safe place where you can practice diving in addition to guided tours, where you can recreate your view with its beauty.

Playa del Carmen

It is one of the main attractions worldwide, in terms of diving, due to the many sea caves, and the diversity of marine life that have their beaches, here are the famous Mayan ruins of Coba. It is an ancient fishing village that has developed into a tourist destination and is structurally sophisticated, yet it maintains its Caribbean rhythm and its characteristic Mexican village and coastal environment. It is located on the main beach street of Fifth Avenue.

Hotel Maps of Quintana Roo

If you want, if you decided to take the opportunity that this fascinating adventure offers you, from the hand of our team, allow me to recommend that as a place of accommodation, you mainly approach the City of Cancun, because it is the most popular and affordable place for tourism, and adventurers like you and me … is quite soon to its surroundings and various tourist sites in the city, with easy transportation. It is full of tourist information, offers many options for food, lodging and the best prices, with excellent services and amenities, even for the most demanding tastes. I can particularly recommend the K’iim Yeetel Ha Cabañas, located 2.4 km from the city center, also we will leave you a map of hotels in the city of

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