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Tourist Map of Maceió

Without a doubt it is the best place to have fun, and through this Tourist Map of Maceió you will be able to get to know it. The most distinguished and recreated places you will find here, locating you the best hotels that this one can have, thinking always in your comfort, you will be astonished when observing the best landscapes starting from its beaches to the cultural centers, characterized and known by its great hospitality and service that they can offer you, if you are lover of the sport this is your indicated place, we counted on varieties of activities with the purpose that you develop your physical attitudes, that nothing stops you come to enjoy this great experience of the hand of the best Tourist Information.

Tourist Map of Maceió

The capital of the state of Alagoas is Maceió, and one of the most veteran capitals of Brazil, is located between the lagoon of Mundaú and the Atlantic Ocean has an area of 511 kilometers, the entire area where it is located this population was inhabited before by Tupi Indians, known as Macaiok or Macayó, being surrounded by rivers, beautiful and wide lagoons. Thanks to the arrival of Portuguese settlers in the seventeenth century, was built a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Pleasure, where today is the Metropolitan Cathedral, is one of the places of greatest export of sugar, cotton, spices, wood, flour and leather, among other products, this town has an average height of 7 meters above sea level, contains a great economic importance for the fishermen living in their coasts, in addition to being one of the economic centers that is dedicated to agriculture, livestock extraction of natural gas and oil. Beautiful old constructions where they show their art is preserved through its historic center of Maceió.

Tourist Map of Maceió

It has a typical warm tropical climate, specifically tropical monsoon climate, with warm temperatures and high relative humidity throughout the year. January is the coolest and sunniest month, with high temperatures close to 32 °C and minimums of 22 °C, taking into account that July is the rainiest month with the lowest temperatures, being the maximum of 27 °C and the minimum of 17 °C, the natural vegetation that surrounds it is the Tropical Forest, it obtains a great variety of cults such as Buddhists, spiritualists and many more Christian denominations, in spite of the diversity of creeds the greatest predominance is obtained by the catholic religion.In 2002 Maceió after being chosen by an international jury was named as the American Capital of Culture, has a great medical assistance through hospitals called Santa Casa de Misericordia or Hospital Unidme.

Tourist Guide of Maceió

Through this guide you will find the best places to visit in the city, to know and enjoy to the maximum from its best beaches like Jatiúca, Gunga and Pajucara where they predominate by their beautiful crystalline waters. Even its museums such as Arte Pierre Chalita, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature that is contemplated there. In addition to enjoying the cultural center and exhibition Ruth Cardoso. The metropolitan cathedral known for having neoclassical lines on its façade, if you want to go out and dance you can count on, Maikai Show Baro Coconut Bar. The best place to spend a delicate afternoon next to its beautiful fauna is the Municipal Park of Maceió. These are the best and most recommended places to visit in the city.

Route tourist sites of Maceió

What to visit in Maceió

Jatiúca Beach

Tourist Map of Maceió

The famous beach known mainly for the largest complex found in the city, has various types of shops, restaurants, hotels, residences, bars, kiosks, so that you will have everything in your hands, we always think of you, located on Alvaro Otaclio Avenue, beach that has a beautiful construction around it, private show with performances by big names of Brazilian music to feel a fresh and fun musical atmosphere, has the best and largest square in the city called Corredor Vera Arruda, its beaches are the best to have calm and warm waters, noticing at first sight its beautiful reef when the tide is low, where you have a variety of products marketed, the best climate to feel fresh to hear the sound of the waves and feel that light breeze.

Gunga Beach


It is an island with beautiful and fascinating beaches, in addition to having spas, chairs and comfortable cabins around it, has miles of crops of different types of coconuts, you can make boat rides that will take you to each of its islands, quads in groups to go with your family or friends, different activities to perform, the best hospitality and services from their merchants, if you are not lovers of the waves, do not worry, we have a low tide to have a quiet bath, and in addition to the famous buggy ride where they take you to enjoy the beautiful nature of its hills enjoying its tropical climate.

Pajucara Beach

Defined as one of the most emblematic bay in the region for having the widest and cleanest beaches, with a variety of vendors where they offer you speakers, headphones, ice cream, pareos, sunglasses and many other varieties, with bars around it in order to make you feel at ease, where you can make boat tours for each of their stops, you can enjoy the golden sand and the waves, and watch the beautiful sunset next to the shore, this beach comprises a large part of its southwestern shores of the city center, we also have a place consisting of a closed space of the beach especially for children, where they can ride a bicycle and cars circulating and having fun on a track specially built for that. This is an ideal place not only for the children but also for the parents, who can observe how their children have fun while they rest on the shacks of the coast.

 Pierre Chalita Art Museum

It was founded on May 19, 1830 by the painter and collector Pierre Charlita when it was created was named Museum of Sacred Arts, is a private place, has a large library based on art and culture where you can enjoy exhibitions, lectures and courses, is located in a house with an area of 800 square meters of built area, the collection of this museum includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, decorative objects, historical pieces that this region may have, you will have a tour around the museum of explorers who will give you information about each relic that this may have more than 3.It has more than 3,000 works, among which are the aforementioned, it has the intention of preserving the audiovisual heritage, it has in its collection some memory maceionse, recorded in photographs, cassette tapes and video tape, units of age, all catalogued, as well as a collection of donated objects, radios and cameras. There you can find data on the main political, social and artistic events of the State.

Ruth Cardoso Cultural and Exhibition Centre

Known for its beautiful structure, this has one of the best in the region, infinite samples of its cultural collections, such as carved images, hand painted paintings, where you can enjoy their exhibitions to learn a little more about each of their samples, there are courses and workshops to learn about the culture of this center is located at Rua Celso Piatti Jaraguá.

The Metropolitan Cathedral

Located in the center of the city specifically in the square Don Pedro II, where before was the small chapel Nuestra Señora de los Placeres the patron saint of the city, happening to be demolished and giving rise to this cathedral, has neoclassical lines in its facade this is one of the most beautiful and striking structures of this, as the triangular pediment, has silver candlesticks and pulpits with golden canopy with gold fillets, behind this cathedral you can see the beautiful landscape of this city, has two side altars, one of San Sebastian and the altar of San Miguel, The work of the Blessed Sacrament is one of the most beautiful images you can see in the Cathedral, so do not fail to enter and take this great and blessed experience.

Mikai Show Bar

This is the most recommended place for a night out, has a variety of live shows where you can appreciate different musical genres of the region, plays, dance groups and other activities where you will not stop to enjoy, has an extraordinary service of food and beverages located on Carlos de Silva Nogueira Avenue.

Coconut Bar

Located on the shore of the sea of pajucara, with a service of exquisite drinks and meals, has a fresh and quiet atmosphere accompanied by a musical tone, this night club is the right one to go out to dance and have fun, has the most attention, entertainment and cleanliness possible, has the best games room to perform your skills in the Pool, letters and other activities for you to spend it to your liking and your comfort.

Pip Pop Park

Located on Gustavo Pavia Avenue 2990, this park works with the purpose of entertaining children, has a large number of games ranging from jumpers, ball pools and slides, to a large room that can be rented to celebrate birthdays, where there are some nice clowns that entertain guests. The care of the children is extraordinary, has food and drink services a day, always thinking of your welfare and this time in the child.

Municipal Park of Maceió

parque municipal

It is a place of preservation with care for animals and Atlantic Forest. It has a great Fauna where you can observe the beautiful nature, infinities of trees that surround this park, in the place, you can observe Jacares of yellow papo, Chickens of water, owls, hawks, Rapas, has a fresh and shaded climate. You can take a great ride in a car or bicycle around this park.

Map of Hotels in Maceió

In this Map of Hotels in Maceió, you can see the best hotel structure that the city offers, among them this one; Pratagy Beach Resort besides the fascinating infrastructure has, a natural place with lagoon, reefs that form natural pools, has 242 rooms, quiet and a free Wifi service, press kiosk, hairdressing salon, games room, TV room, children’s playground and children’s club. There is also a cafeteria, bar, discotheque and restaurant, as well as sports facilities and leisure activities for adults and children.

Video of Maceió, the most impressive tourist destinations