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Tourist Map of Florianópolis

When we think of making a tourist trip to Brazil, the first thing that comes to mind is Rio de Janeiro and its impressive Carnival Festival, however, there is also a paradisiacal city, tourist, and that each time gains more and more renown, as well as visits from all over the world, thanks to its variety of beaches, tourist centers, and impressive climate that allows everyone who visits, to know and enjoy a true and exuberant paradise to the south of Latin America. The following is Florianópolis, one of the current trend destinations, located in southeastern Brazil, and considered one of the favorite destinations in the region, finding in this little piece of the world, an endless number of activities and experiences to live and share. And in this opportunity we present you our Tourist Map of Florianópolis and we invite you to know and plan with us your next vacations to this paradise.

Tourist Map of Florianópolis

Florianópolis, located in the state of Santa Catalina and with access to the Atlantic Ocean, is also known colloquially by its inhabitants as Floripa or the Island of Magic, has a total of 42 beaches or spas different from each other, even some in the wild state without exploring, which are a great attraction for the millions of tourists who year after year decide to dare and go for an adventure without equal, whether they seek to practice some extreme sport or prefer the calm and relaxation that Floripa have to offer.

Its name Florianópolis, derives from a tribute made to the former president Floriano Peixoto in the late twentieth century, thus replacing its previous official name Our Lady of Exile or Desterro, as it was colloquially called. The city has one of the busiest airports in Brazil, officially named Hercílio Luz International Airport, but known as the Florianópolis International Airport because it is the main point of access to the tourist city and in addition to offering domestic services to the rest of the country, also have tourist offices that help you connect with various means of public transport, which for a price quite supportive, can take you to downtown, where the real adventure begins.

Tourist Map of Florianópolis

The climate of Florianópolis is usually quite peculiar, because it has the four seasons spring and summer, with warm temperatures from 26°C to 31°C, and autumn and winter with cold temperatures from 7°C to 12°C, marking a clear contrast between them. This climate also makes its visitors plan properly when it is best for them to visit the island and enjoy what this paradise has to offer, from its most recognized spas such as Jureré, Campeche and Mole, its two large lagoons Lagoa da Conceição (salt water lagoon) and Lagoa do Peri (fresh water lagoon), the Historic Center of the City where you can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianópolis, the Palacio Cruz e Sousa, the Casa da Alfândega;  or even stay in one of its beautiful hotels, inns or rental apartments for tourists, all close to the main places to visit in Florianópolis.

Florianópolis Tourist Guide

Next, we make a small list without any order, of those emblematic places of Florianópolis that every tourist must visit to have an unforgettable experience, to fall in love with the city, and to know the true magic that this island possesses. We invite you to take a pen and paper, and check once and for all if your passport and that of your family and friends is valid, because we are very sure that you will want to visit Floripa as soon as possible and not miss anything.

Route tourist sites of Florianópolis

What to visit in Florianópolis

Jureré Beach in Florianópolis

Although we said that Florianópolis has 42 spectacular spas, the beach of Jureré is one of the most recognized within the city, starting with its spectacular view, its crystalline sea, its beautiful sands, and the services, shops, restaurants and lodgings nearby, all of international category and ready to host new and recurring visitors. Jureré is one of the oldest beaches in the city, but the one that has also had great transformations with the passing of time in order to adapt its services, so it can be surprising only in your first visit.

Jureré is quite close to the city centre of Floripa, barely 25 km away, so it’s easy to find it once you get to the island. At this point, several water activities are offered with jet skis, inflatable bananas, jet skis, boat rides and much more; as well as some excursions to other tourist spots in the city. The nightlife is also a good option in the area, as well as the wide range of cuisine that can catch anyone, as this is also a traditional sector of fishermen.

Although Jureré is not a very economic zone, it is worth visiting it and witnessing its beauty, as this is a highly recommendable point even for the locals themselves.

Campeche Beach and Campeche Island in Florianópolis

If you come to Floripa looking for some extreme water sport, and want to try surfing first, Playa Campeche is the ideal option for it, due to its strong waves. Located just 15 minutes from the International Airport, this option is also close enough for those enthusiasts who can’t wait too long to bathe on Floripa’s beaches, enjoy its fine white sand, and want to try some waves.

Of course, if you don’t want to go riding waves, but you still like adventure, just a few minutes by boat, you can get to Campeche Island, which also has to offer an archaeological route of great historical value, since here are a wide variety of cave paintings and petroglyphs thousands of years old, being this point an Archaeological Heritage and National Landscape and also seeks to preserve the flora and fauna of the area. Of course, for the latter, you must always have the guidance of a specialist in charge of not only preserving the environment, but also your safety.

Both options one in front of the other, result to have enough demand between tourists; on the one hand, the Campeche Beach although it is visited by young sportsmen, it is not recommended to take very small children due to the waves and strong winds. Meanwhile, Campeche Island turns out to be a quieter spot than the first one, but it also has its attraction and turns out to be a pearl among the places that Floripa has to show.

Lagoa do Peri Municipal Park in Florianópolis

Located just 24 km south of downtown Floripa, the Lagoa do Peri Municipal Park is one of the largest freshwater lagoons in Santa Catarina, recognized for having a great infrastructure for international tourism, this is one of the most varied biological reserves in flora and fauna, and even houses some of the endangered species. In addition to this, the area is also considered a cultural heritage because it was here where the first settlements of the Azorean colonizers were established, being these the reasons why the Municipal Park of Lagoa do Peri, a point of high landscape and ecological value, has programmed access.

In other words, visits to this area are restricted to a number of tourists per day that, although the latter may make many decide not to go, we believe it is worth it because it would be a great opportunity to know streams, beaches, historical sites, a diverse flora and fauna, and much more, taking great care with what surrounds us, being ecological tourism and awareness.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianópolis

Whether you are a religious person, enjoy historical architecture, or simply want to see another of the landmarks in Florianopolis, one of the highly recommended points is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianopolis, built in 1712 and initially known as the Cathedral Nossa Senhora do Desterro. It is a work of infrastructure considered as Historical Patrimony of Brazil, and is located in the heart of the city of Floripa in the XV de Noviembre Square. Although this work has undergone several renovations and repairs, and is currently protected by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage of Brazil, this can be visited every day of the year, so be sure to take very good photos and share them with your friends and families, maybe they also dare to come later to Floripa.

Casa da Alfândega of Florianópolis

If you are one of those tourists who enjoy handicrafts and from time to time take a unique piece of the places you visit as a souvenir or souvenir, this place is ideal for you. This is the Casa de Alfândega, another neoclassical architectural work located in the center of the city of Floripa, built between 1875 and 1876, and currently protected by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage of Brazil. This headquarters today houses the Association of Plastic Artists that exhibit here, the local crafts where the tourist can go to take some souvenir and prestige.

Hercílio Luz Bridge of Florianópolis

One of the modern works that have also made an impression among tourists and Floripa’s own locals is its Hercílio Luz Bridge whose length of 819,471 m, places it on the list of the longest suspension bridges in the world, and connects the Island of Santa Catarina with the mainland of Floripa. Its construction was completed in 1922 and was a project that sought to position Florianopolis as the capital of the state of Santa Catarina becoming a Historical-Modern Heritage of the region. While this is surprising, the magic of this infrastructure is its attractive appearance because at nightfall, the built-in lighting game creates a wonderful and even romantic moment that is worth sharing.

Map of Florianópolis Hotels

Up to this point, we have shown you natural, historical and modern places in Florianópolis, and we bet that you have been excited and thinking that include in your suitcase, and that’s why we want to give you one last piece of information that will help you make the final decision to join our tourist route in Floripa. The ideal will always be to check in which zone of the city you want to lodge, and what type of lodging you want for you and for your companions.

A couple of options that can serve you at the Hotel Intercity Florianopolis, located at Avenida Paulo Fontes 1210, Florianópolis, with a 4 star range and very affordable prices; it is also located in the center of the city, 30 minutes from the places recommended in this guide, so there will be no loss.

We can also recommend the Jurerê Beach Village Hotel, which, although it also has a 4 star rating, this option is a little more expensive, but we believe it will be worth the amount of services available to you. It is located in Alameda César Nascimento, 646 – Jurerê Internacional, Florianópolis, that is to say just in front of Jurerê Beach that we know you will love and want to come back again and again.

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