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Tourist Map of Buzios

If you want to go on vacation, with your family, go on self-discovery, or simply travel to get to know, but you want to change the vacation schemes of the populus, maybe you haven’t heard so much, and that’s why I offer you this beautiful city of Brazil. Here, a tourist map of the city of Buzios, is an old fishing village that became one of the main tourist attractions of Brazil, belonging to the state of Rio de Janeiro, 190 km from the coast, is very popular for its nightlife. It is formed by the peninsula, the center is small and its main street is called Rua das Pedras, where many bars and restaurants are concentrated. This city began its boom in 1964 after the visit of the French movie star Brigitte Bardot.

In this tourist map, I will give you vital information, so that you can find the routes, and the plans, so that you feel like at home, and the most important thing, is an orderly guide so that you have a good plan, where to find everything referring to the dispersion and relaxation, what you must visit… don’t think so much… our team of travelers invites you to enter into the adventure of knowing the city of Buzios.

Tourist Map of Buzios

It is located in a peninsula, integrated by 23 beaches in an extension of 8 km, and it is very significant because here there is one of the few natural phenomena… its beaches have warm and icy waters at the same time, for its location between Ecuador and the South Pole. Its central helmet is striking because it has a “horizontal” architecture, thanks to a law, which since 1979 prohibited the buildings of more than two floors, and its styles are rustic and very handmade, based on wood almost everything. A visual delight with its personalized brand, an escape to what you have already seen. Its climate is ideally warm and humid. It is a city of diverse cultures, including non-native, so you’ll see here people taking advantage of their winds to practice Free Flight and Sailing, as well as nudist beaches … an experience! with different tastes, colors, views and flavors … do not hesitate, Buzios is waiting for you.

Tourist Map of Buzios

But among the important things of your team, when making a trip to this tourist destination, I advise you to make a list of the places you want, or that you would like to visit, in accordance with the time you will be in the city, so you will have a plan to follow, a travel order. It also includes a map of the city’s hotels, where you can highlight the historical and archaeological monuments, as well as at least a guide to historical museums. With these tools, you will have as much fun as you want, and at the same time they will help you unravel the places that are part of the authentic heritage of its cultural richness, which are the foundation of its guild… Important, make sure you locate a tourist office, usually they offer plans to tourists, and guided tours, this will make your stay optimal and you can take full advantage of the experience.

Tourist Guide of Buzios

I did the task of drawing, the best guide to get to the city of Buzios … Always the route is lighter and more comfortable if you have a tourist guide of the city, and as we have advised before, it is important to locate once you reach this beautiful tourist destination, the historic center of the city of Buzios, as it will undoubtedly provide much information on wealth, culture, gastronomy and places that you can and worth knowing within this city. I point out that there are several delegations or tourism companies that offer tour services, covering a tour of the main sites of the city and its transport. Or, if it suits your pocket, you can rent a car and move at your own pace.

Route tourist sites of Buzios

What to visit in Buzios

Orla Bardot Promenade

Named after the French actress Brigitte Bardot, for her visit to the peninsula began to be notorious. It is a pleasant journey to the coastline where you can see colonial houses and ancient hills of fishermen and whose passages are tinged with native vegetation, also have some resting places where you can sit to enjoy the view, but the really characteristic of the walk, a bronze statue of the actress real size.


It is one of the eco-sports activities found here in the wonderful Buzios, these are excursions in two-wheeled vehicles, perfect for those who like walks in nature, and also those who want to find something more … where you will have visual access to places as beautiful as you’ve never seen them, and even some reserves and some inhospitable places and inaccessible otherwise, you can not miss it in your stay.

Reserve of Emerências

There is a species of Atlantean plant native to Brazil, which is preserved in this reserve located in the Serra das Emerências. It also exhibits endangered fauna such as golden lion monkeys and Pau-Brazil trees, the “piloso sereus ulei” cactus. It is a guided visit in which you will receive orientation on the conservation of species and ecological culture, in addition to deepening in the topic about the biodiversity that is in conservation in this site… A true spectacle of alive nature! It can be reached by road between Buzios and Cabo Frio, next to Tucuns beach.

Tauá Reserve

It is a site of great value in geology because it houses native and primeval forests, archeological because it continues to protect the indigenous cultural legacies that once inhabited the area. Located in the Restinga Forest, this reserve is integrated with a wide extension of lakes conjugated with beautiful vegetation, which becomes wetlands. Here, many species of migratory birds as well as other insects and fauna wings can be appreciated, as well as precious orchids and bromeliads.

Rua das Pedras Walk

Adjacent to Paseo Orla Bardot, it is also a promenade, which brings together sophisticated restaurants and bars, renowned brand stores, art galleries and cafés, discotheques, as well as designer accommodation. It is one of the best places to contemplate the sunsets, and it is precisely from these hours onwards that its true face, of animosity, ideal for going out for a walk, to see and be seen, and depending on your intention, a delicious dinner, or a drink with good music.

Santos Dumont Square

It is an essential part of the heart of the peninsula, it is fed by a variety of shopping centres, as well as small shops, which, in the evening, its square hosts a picturesque craft fair, where you will find products of all kinds, for and you will be able to interact with the local culture and art. This palace is significant in the city and is a tourist site that you will not regret visiting.

Geribá Beach

It is one of the longest beaches and one of the most popular among tourists, with white sand and good waves that bring together lovers of surfing, kitesurfing, body surfing and other water sports … Nothing like their fish snacks and delicious caipirinha. Full of bars and restaurants, in its summer, the atmosphere is very festive and musical. Its most active point is in front of the Fishbone Café, which has many bars, restaurants, pizzerias and fish grills. The bustle of the Lounge, where electronic music takes over the place at the end of the afternoons of each summer, is always characteristic.

Azeda and Azedinha Beach

It is situated within a protected ecological area, on its rocky coast abounds in vegetation, and houses a gentle water mirror of a transparent green color, perfect for relaxing. To get here, you have to take the water taxis. Azeda is the water mass and Azedinha are spa wells between the rock formations. Azeda has a very large assigned value, as it was integrated into the system of protected areas, in order to reserve its species and conserve its landscapes.

Ponta da Lagoinha Reserve

Located 300 meters from Ferradura beach, is called by scientists under the pseudonym “The Brazilian Himalayas”, because it has the same characteristics of this mountain with approximately 520 million years old. At its skirts lie crystal clear and calm waters, which are perfect for diving, where you can see different marine species.

Ferradura Beach

In addition to restaurants and kiosks with the best seafood, there are also spas that offer massage sessions on the white sands of Ferraduras. Thanks to its particular horseshoe shape, Ferradura beach is more protected from the strong sea currents that vary from its namesakes on the south side of the peninsula, so its waters are usually very still and therefore good for bathing. On days with little wind, the beach is ideal for sports such as kayaking and stand up paddle.

Tartaruga Beach

It is located approximately 600 mts from Ribeiro Dantas Street. It is called this way because it is possible to see sea turtles between its waters, because its warm environment is ideal for the spawning of different species of this reptile in conservation by danger of extinction. It is a quite calm beach and you can practice different water sports such as diving, snorkeling (where you can see the reefs) and kayaking, inflatable banana rides, its contour is beautiful with thriving vegetation, which offers all the comforts for visitors and beautiful sunsets. There are barracks that offer services of gastronomy and beach equipment.

Map of Hotels in Buzios

I recommend that you establish as a place of lodging the central helmet of Buzios, this one and a city that lives completely by and for the tourism, reason why from here, it is easy to make a good tour by the tourist places that I have commented to you and other more that could be of your interest, in addition in this city you can obtain quite accessible hotels in comparison with the other cities of Buzios, there are different options at the time of choosing lodging, and in almost all of them they offer you the services of tourism maps, that will help you to have a better interaction in the places towards which you go, according to the most demanding tastes or the most moderate and of course in harmony with your budget, you can stay either in “pousadas” (inns) or in hotels and their transport, not to mention, equally simple, you can travel like the general public, you can rent a Buggy or you can travel in water taxis, all part of the same wonderful experience. I recommend Serena Hotel Boutique Buzios with the best bar service 24 hours, exclusive and cozy rooms, this boutique hotel has swimming pool and restaurant, at very affordable prices.

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