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Tourist Map of Villa Angostura

If you are thinking of planning a vacation that shows a perfect balance between the charm of a small town and the majesty of the Andes mountain range, which gives this place a curious fairytale look, we are talking about an infinite garden surrounded by forests and mountains of Argentina, known by some travelers as the Garden of Patagonia, this is Villa Angostura a place that will make you feel immersed in a fantastic movie, a perfect place for nature lovers who seek to explore and discover the wonders hidden in the land, so we invite you to consult this tourist map of Villa Angostura so that you do not miss details of everything you can do in this place.

Tourist Map of Villa Angostura

Talking about tourism in Villa Angostura is not visiting buildings and walking around the city, it means exploring, discovering and getting into nature. That is why in the tourist map of Villa Angostura you will find the main tourist attractions of the region, the places you cannot miss and all the tourist information you need to know before starting your trip to this amazing place. During the winter season, skiing is the main attraction in the area, while in summer the options are divided between its beaches and hiking. The list of places to visit in Villa Angostura is varied and offers opportunities for all tastes. A printable map of the city will be very useful during your trip to this beautiful place.

To get to Villa Angostura, if your trip is by air, you must take a flight to Luis Candelaria International Airport in San Carlos de Bariloche, and then continue the journey by land, on a journey of about 20 km along route 237 until you find the junction with route 231, where you must travel a road of 62 km that leads to Villa Angostura, At the airport there are usually several options for transportation to the place, the most attractive being the Bariloche bus that takes travelers to this wonderful place, although if you prefer you can rent a car and go on the road in a particular way so you can enjoy the road and the fascinating views it offers.

Villa Angostura Tourist Guide

In this article, you will be able to read about the best tourist sites that Villa Angostura has to offer. Descriptions of each site, along with images that will help you get a clearer idea of your destination. If at the moment of looking for accommodation you are somewhat confused, the hotel map of Villa Angostura will be of great help for you to have the best holiday experience when travelling to this magnificent place, so that you have everything planned before leaving to enjoy the beautiful city of Villa Angostura.

What to visit in Villa Angostura

Los Arrayanes Forest

A forest whose great beauty and originality have earned it a worldwide fame, being this forest one of the main tourist attractions in the area. The trail starts at the entrance of Los Arrayanes National Park, a few meters away from the Bahía Brava pier, a 12-kilometer route that crosses a forest of coihues, ñires, radales, cypresses and notros. The first 800 meters of the route are made up of a very steep slope that requires a greater effort, although after this the road is more comfortable and runs through a beautiful forest of dense trees that surround the trail. On the way you will find a lot of open spaces where you can stop to rest and enjoy the place. Today the park is a protected area because the myrtle plants found here are the only ones left in the world and are estimated to be approximately 300 years old. It is said that Walt Disney was inspired by the Arrayanes forest for the creation of the beautiful Bambi animated film. One of the attractions of the forest is precisely the “Walt Disney’s house”, a warm and cozy log cabin that can be visited by travelers who visit the place.

Black Drawer

It is a valley surrounded by the hills Inacayal, Belverde and Filo Belverde. From there you can go for walks in the surroundings or simply camp and enjoy the characteristic flora and fauna of this place. When descending the mountain pass that crosses the place, you can reach Las Piedritas stream and during the tour you can hear the sound of its water flowing into the Inacayal waterfall until you reach Lake Nahuel Huapi, a splendid place for rest and communion with nature where you can hear the song of the many birds that nest among the foliage, among them is the southern red-capped woodpecker. The best time of the year to make this tour is in autumn, since nature at this time offers spectacular colors with an impressive variety worthy of a postcard.

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Chapel

The construction of this chapel dates back to 1936 and has the distinctive design of the mountain architecture of the architect Bustillo, this chapel was built in the same period as other similar buildings in the area, with 98 mts2, of a picturesque architecture with a black tiled hipped roof that together with the exterior covering of wood and stone create a fine building worthy of being admired. A work of religious art of the village that represents a pride for the inhabitants of the area, is a temple that regardless of the religious belief of the visitor produces an atmosphere of peace and calm, wrapped in an aura of invisible mystery, which generates in the visitor a mystical feeling. In this temple, works of art of great beauty of religious character are exhibited in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption, who makes an incredible game with the external gardens very taken care of with old species and araucarias that guard their main door. When entering the chapel, it is common to see some premises in a position of prayer which, along with the large windows that bathe the inside of the chapel in light, make up a heavenly experience. On the outskirts of the chapel, the dark and small Grotto of the Virgin of Lourdes, made of stone and protected by an enormous ivy, the image of the virgin, some candelabras and flowers left there by the faithful and devotees of the virgin make it a remarkable place.

Coihue el Abuelo – Last Hope Arm

Large-sized Coihue, with its dense foliage and its lanceolate leaves, has 500 years of history. Together with one of the arms of the Nahuel Huapi, they represent two sites that offer an experience worth discovering. Leaving towards the tourist area along 7 Lagos Avenue, 16 km away, the trail leads to El Abuelo Coihue and to the Última Esperanza Branch of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Before reaching this trail, there is a natural vantage point from where visitors may enjoy the view of Lake Espejo. The road to the large tree crosses a forest that reaches an evergreen pampas, which served as an ancient settlement to the population of which the remains can still be appreciated.  The bay that forms the arm of the lake produces a quiet beach ideal for the rest and enjoyment of travelers who tour around this magnificent place.

Green Lagoon – Selva Triste

Surrounded by exuberant vegetation known as Selva Triste is the Laguna Verde, home to species such as cypresses, coihues, myrtles, radales and other more difficult to see, this forest is an impressive natural lung that matches the lagoon of 5.5 meters deep that was formed by the rains fallen year after year in the area. The path to this place can be walked without any problem, however, it is advisable to do so in the company of a local tourist guide, who will not only guide you along the path, but will also offer an enriching explanation about the characteristics of the reserve and will be of great help in identifying the great ecological variety that coexists in this ecosystem. The silent journey along the trail allows you to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the forest, characterized by the singing of the chuaco or huet huet, birds that take refuge in the dark and humid forest.

Manzano Port

On the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi there is a residential sector to appreciate the typical mountain architecture. On the east coast is the Bahía Manzano complex, only 7 km from Arrayanes Avenue in the direction of Bariloche is on the access road to Puerto Manzano. The place was populated since the end of the XIX century. Likewise, since 1940, there has been one of the largest sawmills in the area, which was sold to a company that expanded the forestation and carried out the first lotting and urbanization. This place has a perfect location for the practice of fishing, skiing, water sports, mountain biking, among others.

Inacayal Waterfalls

In the wooded area of Villa Angostura, there are many jumps to discover in the forest, such as the Inacayal Waterfall, an incredible 50 mts. jump, it is possible to reach the waterfall walking and the tour takes about an hour, on the way we find comfortable observation places, with capacity for about 10 people at a time, from which you have views of the mountain range with its most notable peaks, Lake Nahuel Huapi, and part of the urban area of Villa La Angostura.

Santa Ana and Dora Waterfalls

Another natural attraction that Villa Angostura has to offer is the Santa Ana and Dora waterfall, a 50-meter waterfall that falls among the vegetation that grows in its waters. This particular waterfall has an impressive arch of rocks of 40 mts and a rocky bottom that allows to take a walk behind the waterfall, when this is added to the spectacular landscape created by the vegetation, it becomes a tourist site that you can not miss, especially in autumn when the landscape is brown cake, narajan, and crimson, manages to provide impressive views.

Rio Bonito Waterfall

Further on is the Rio Bonito Waterfall, a not-to-be-missed excursion to see this magnificent 35-meter waterfall that falls into an emerald green pot and runs over a fracture in the ground made of basaltic rocks. Fantastic places that you can’t miss if you want to enjoy wonderful landscapes that give the visitor a fantastic experience. This becomes a destination not to be missed by nature lovers, where you can see beautiful places that you will never forget.

Hotel Map of Villa Angostura

To make you enjoy this beautiful area in the south of American lands, we bring you a map of hotels in Villa Angostura that will allow you to choose among the best accommodation options in this place, such as Sol Arrayan, a beautiful hotel in the forest with a spectacular view of the lakes in the area, first class facilities and attention that will make you feel like a member of royalty, it has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, with spa sauce, gym and bar in the hotel, to make your stay unforgettable. Another option that will be a worthy complement to your visit in this place is the Faro Boutique Hotel and Spa, a luxury place facing Lake Nahuel Huapi with spectacular panoramic views, which also has a small piece of furniture that will give you a direct contact with nature. There is no doubt that Villa Angostura is a little piece of heaven in Argentinean lands that you cannot stop enjoying.

Video of Villa Angostura, the most impressive tourist destinations