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Tourist Map of Misiones

The tourism in Misiones attracts a great amount of tourists every year that arrive with the intention of spending a fun vacation enjoying the natural attractions and main historical and cultural places that are in this colorful land, where waterfalls reign and its impenetrable forests that undoubtedly will awaken the admiration of visitors, we invite you to review the tourist map of Misiones and start taking notes of what you can find in this wonderful place that will offer an ancestral journey that will connect you with nature at its best. Located in the Northeast of Argentina, Misiones is the ideal territory for lovers of adventure.

Tourist Map of Misiones

With magnificent waterfalls and amazing footbridges that allow you to go into the jungle, to observe closely the majestic waterfalls that achieve their greatest expression in the famous Garganta del Diablo, this place has earned without doubt a place among the most beautiful tourist sites in the world, the places to visit in Misiones are mostly natural areas that demonstrate the greatness of creation on earth, where the intervention of man has not been necessary to create a perfect place for the wonder and enjoyment of its visitors.

Among the tourist information of this town we find the availability of taking excursions and guided tours that will serve as a tourist route for those trips that wish to take full advantage of this experience in the incredible Argentinean lands of Misiones.

Tourist Guide of Misiones

We invite you to carefully review the Misiones tourist guide, so that at no time during your stay in these places you will miss its wonders, from the city of Posadas, the capital of Misiones, where a series of towns that show the missionary idiosyncrasy are deployed, In the same way we have at your disposal the map of Misiones and a map of hotels that will be very useful in your trips, since the missionary route is one of the most beautiful in Argentina, which allows you to enjoy landscapes that seem to come out of a painting ideal for tourism, so get ready to live an unforgettable vacation and join us in this adventure.

What to visit in Misiones

Iguazu Falls

Considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, this place presents great tourist attraction due to its incredible views of nature, which makes it the most visited place in the region, as it is one of the most impressive spots not only in Argentina but also in the entire world. The visitor who ventures to see these waterfalls will find more than 270 jumps along the cliffs and islets, distributed in the crescent shaped by this geographical feature. The Port of Iguazu has an international airport which allows tourists from all over the world to reach this destination without many complications, these falls receive a large number of visitors a year and in 1985 were declared by UNESCO as “World Heritage”, these falls are within an area protected from ecological conservation and also represent the area of greatest diversity in the country.

Ruins of San Ignacio

The Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio are located in the urban area of San Ignacio and are among the best preserved of this historical period. These ruins where the priests organized the Guarani Indians were declared in 1984 by UNESCO as “World Heritage of Humanity”, and their income comes mainly from tourism, since this is one of the main attractions of the Argentine region of Misiones.  Visiting the San Ignacio ruins is everything is a spectacle, because they revive life in the Missions between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries through spectacular stories accompanied by music, plays of light and images projected on screens of white mist, which together generate a pleasant experience for the tourist who feels transported to the time when these ruins were full of life. Without a doubt these ruins represent one of the most emblematic reductions of the Jesuit company in the American continent.

Moconá Falls

A place that seems to come out of a science fiction story, with waters that have an unexplainable fall, because trying to explain that at one point a river gets out of its course and begins to fall sideways has no place in logic, but there is and is none other than the Moconá Falls, an incredible geographical fault that makes the same river has a higher part than the other and that because of this when the flow is low pour water on itself, an incredible place that you will not be able to explain. It is located within the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, and it is a unique natural spectacle in the world, worthy of being admired.

Devil’s Throat

A natural wonder that represents a unique landscape in the world. Made up of the Iguazú River and the Misiones rainforest. It is the main attraction of the park, in which 3 balconies in the form of a fan allow a unique view of the monumental Garganta del Diablo. In this place the tour of the Iguazú River culminates in a union of jumps of more than 150 meters in length and with waterfalls of more than 80 meters in height, in the shape of a horseshoe. With a powerful waterfall that when breaking in the riverbed draws dense clouds of steam that flood the whole context and produce a characteristic landscape of this place, where undoubtedly you will be able to appreciate a great number of emotions and sensations that will make this a unique and unrepeatable moment. To get to this place, you have to take the Jungle Train and arrive at the Garganta del Diablo station, to continue the journey on foot in a linear walk of 2,080 meters, allowing the visitor to enjoy the unique landscape that offers this route until you reach the imposing Garganta del Diablo.

Iryapu Jungle La Reserva

This is a place where nature and the culture of the Guarani people coexist, captivating the tourist who visits these places, with imposing vegetation that contrasts with the incidence of the Guarani culture, form a peaceful forest of 600 hectares that houses trees of more than 400 years old, like the Caña Fistola and the Palo Rosa. Since 2005, tourism has been encouraged in this place, starting an urban project that is aimed at developing and promoting tourism in the area, respecting the customs of the original cultures, demarcating a hotel space and a sector dedicated to sports, culture and social area, all this in spaces that are shared with the still inhabitants of the Guarani community. The hiker will be able to observe some multicolored birds that inhabit the area, butterflies, monkeys and coatis that usually come to the groups and let themselves be photographed, as well as a great variety of plants. The place is generally visited by foreigners and on average they stay in the area for a short trip of only 3 nights.

Macuco Trail

This place offers one of the activities that can be done in the Iguazú Park, it can be visited freely and it is not necessary to pay anything to do the tour. The trail has an extension of 3000 mts and can only be walked. It is a journey in which the visitor goes into the jungle and arrives at the territory of the Caí monkeys, where you can enjoy a pleasant encounter with these friendly characters with expressive, restless and very curious faces. You will also find in this trail the charming Salto Arrechea, a 23 m high waterfall formed in the Arrechea stream that forms a natural pool of transparent waters since the basin of this part of the Iguazú River is completely covered by the jungle. It is important for the traveler to carry water to stay hydrated during this walk, likewise it is advisable to visit this trail in the morning hours when the encounter with the animals will be more propitious.

The Tea Route

A walk that takes place during the second half of November, is a walk through Cerro Azul, Leandro, Oberá and Campos Viera in which the tourist will be able to enjoy great gastronomic offers where the protagonist is the tea, since this area is an important tea producer, an ancestral infusion that is born from the plant camellia sinensis, and that has in it the emergence of many varieties of this product. The Tea Route offers a comprehensive tour that includes a visit to the crops, the harvest completely handmade, and then start the production that is given in a small factory where they proceed to withering, curling, drying and other treatments of the leaves, to finally be able to taste a cup of the infusion.

Map of Hotels in Misiones

In order to live a wonderful experience in this place, it is important to choose a place where you can have a restorative break in order to recover energy to continue with the day of visits that require physical effort but in the same way do not break with the harmony of the beautiful province of Misiones, That’s why in the hotel map we offer you the best options when choosing the most appropriate place for your accommodation, taking into account the location, comfort and economy, that’s why we offer you the hotel La Cautiva Lodge, a rustic hotel that offers you all the comforts of a five star hotel without breaking with the style of the place, also at a very accessible price for any pocket. If instead you are looking for something more luxurious then the beautiful Hotel Loi Suite Iguazu could be an excellent option for you, a five star hotel with pool, bar, restaurant, gym, entertainment room and spa, a magnificent hotel immersed in the subtropical forest of Iryapu, near the main attractions of the place, surrounded by spectacular trees this hotel has respected nature knowing how to integrate it perfectly preserving the native vegetation and offering the tenant impeccable attention that will make you want to return.

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