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Tourist Map of Entre Ríos

In the central region of the Argentine territory, there is a province you should not miss. It is Entre Ríos, a place with great potential and attractions that make it one of the favorite places for tourists visiting this amazing country. A region surrounded by streams and rivers that give it a great tourist value that you cannot miss, that is why we bring you the Entre Ríos tourist map, so that you do not lose track of this splendid place, with a great number of bridges and a river tunnel, this place offers the tourist an incredible variety of landscapes that will make this place your favorite destination.

Tourist Map of Entre Ríos

The great attractions of this place are in Colon, considered the capital of tourism for being a recipient of visitors throughout the year, due to its wonderful landscapes, Entre Rios has 5 beaches on the Uruguay River, which in its entirety have 14 km of sand, this being the largest beach in the region, the Entre Rios tourist map will help you locate the main areas of this land Argentina that hides many attractions and places you can not miss. The beaches of Entre Ríos as well as its spas lie on the shores of the cities constituting magnificent islands in this region, where its fine sand, warm waters and reigning serenity are its main attraction making this an irresistible place for those who want a perfect option to relax, rest and enjoy themselves.

Approximately 15% of its territory is made up of islands and lowlands, surrounded by streams and rivers. In the Entre Ríos tourist map you will find the location of the main beaches of this place, as well as the main places to visit in the area and learn more about its culture, history and people. The capital of Entre Ríos is the city of Paraná, a beautiful town with a great number of buildings and places that can easily be enjoyed in a walking tour around the city, which shows an exquisite architecture and clean and well-kept streets that make this place worth visiting.

Tourist Guide of Entre Ríos

This wonderful province has much to offer, as it is the fourth busiest destination in the nation. We have no doubt that when visiting Entre Ríos, boredom will not enter you, since through this tourist guide we will show you every tourist site you can visit during your stay in this beautiful province. The main tourist activities that you will find in Entre Ríos have a lot of contact with nature, since we are talking about the famous thermal complexes, adventure tourism, carnivals and sport fishing. Stay with us and discover everything Entre Ríos has to offer.

What to visit in Entre Ríos

Thermal Baths of Federación

In 1994, the first thermal perforation in the Argentine Mesopotamia was carried out, resulting in this splendid place with crystal-clear and abundant waters, which make up a complex of drinking water coming from 1,268 meters deep, belonging to the so-called Guaraní Aquifer, the same one that feeds the hot springs in Uruguay and Brazil. In this charming place, 450,000 liters of water flow per hour, at a constant temperature of 42° Celsius. The hot spring park is located inside the urban plant of the city, a few blocks away from the commercial center and on the shores of Lake Salto Grande. In addition to being displayed as an oasis of relaxation, it includes a green lung that attracts over 2,000 people a day. Its various spaces, designed for the enjoyment and comfort of its visitors, make this the ideal place to release the stress of the city’s daily life.

El Palmar National Park

This park has a wide range of offers for the tourist who comes thirsty to enjoy, beaches, trekking, bird watching, horseback riding and dreamlike sunsets are just some of the proposals presented by this place. A wonderful landscape covered with palm trees on the banks of the Uruguay River, a magnificent place that receives more and more tourists. There are two beaches in the park which are enabled for visitors to enjoy. They are natural beaches where people bring their own umbrellas and chairs to enjoy the sunshine and the pleasant waters this place offers.

Pre Delta National Park

It is located in Diamante, a province of Entre Rios, which has an area of 2,608 hectares belonging to the eco-region Delta and Islands of the Paraná. Visitors to this place can enjoy a relaxing walk along the trails and make use of the picnic and camping areas. At present, 185 species of fish are registered in this place, which can be observed by visitors to the place, which is the protected area with the largest number of species in Argentina.

San José Palace

The place where the first constitutional president of Argentina and governor of the province of Entre Ríos, General Justo José de Urquiza, lived. A beautiful building that mixes the Italian style with the Argentinean Creole derived from the colonial period, a place with gardens of unique beauty, and exhibition rooms that show luxurious furniture from the colonial era of the region and can be visited by tourists and locals for a cost of $ 20 and has guided tours usually from 10 am to 4 pm and last one hour.

Unzué Park

Located on the banks of the Gualeguaychú River, which separates the park from the city, it is accessed by crossing the old La Balsa Bridge. With 120 hectares covered by beautiful vegetation, a characteristic aroma and great freshness, this place is ideal to get away from the hustle and bustle and the fast pace of the city. With dense landscapes and showy vegetation, this place also offers its visitors spaces aimed at specific sports such as the Equestrian Club, the Velodrome, the Kartódrome and the Carpinchos Club. In the small sector of the park is the Spa Los Sauces that has the distinctive touch that brings its leafy willows, in the sector you will find the Complex Camping La Delfina where you can enjoy a picnic where the protagonist will be nature, finally in the sector to the left of the park are 3 hectares of vegetation with incredible landscapes through which it is possible to enjoy a relaxing walk.

San Carlos Park

This wonderful park is a municipal natural reserve, located five minutes from downtown with almost virgin forests and mountains and an incredible view of the Uruguay River where the wonderful stone islands of Salto Chico are located. With 70 hectares of extension this park constitutes a great vegetal lung that exhibits great natural beauties. Inside the park there is a castle of the same name, San Carlos, a building of great beauty built in 1888 and around which are kept many mysteries and fables, in the gardens of the castle we can see a large statue of The Little Prince, in honor of the author of the wonderful children’s book who was a lover of this magical place and during his stay in this place wrote his novel The Little Princesses of Argentina.

The Thermal Water Park

Located in an extensive area, this park contains a great deal of attractions, being the wave pool, with an extension of 1,700 mts2 that imitates the movement of the sea and offers the visitor the possibility of enjoying the hot springs in a different way, it has a wave generator system that has nine different programs. In the water park you can also enjoy a fun ride on a rim through a Slow River, with a section of jumps and waterfalls, there is also a set of high slides, a circular pool for children so that the fun has no limit, it is also possible to simply take a walk through the pedestrian trails of the place to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that this place offers.

Quiroz Park

One of the greatest attractions of the city of Colon in the Province of Entre Rios, has ravines with pedestrian paths that cross the caves of the Virgins of Itatí and Lourdes. It offers a multicolored landscape that contrasts with the coastal sands and the bright colors of the tents that travelers set up in the camping areas. In the tour through these places we will find statues that were brought to this place from Buenos Aires among which we can highlight the one of Cervantes carved in marble, Victor Hugo, the Venus de Milo, Winged Lions of Greek mythology, among others. In the green areas of this park there are playgrounds and sports fields for the practice of rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and others so that in this park the possibilities of fun are almost endless.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary – Paraná

The construction of the church took place in 1829 and 53 years later it was demolished to give place to a new building that was inaugurated in 1886, a building with great symmetry of Renaissance style that has 6 columns, a dome of 54 meters of height and the Christ Redeemer that constitutes a replica of the one that is in the city of Mendoza in the limit with Chile. This church was declared National Historic Monument in 1942, in its interior is shown a delicate architectural beauty of slender marble columns, and large windows representing all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, two of its bells come from the Jesuit churches of the Missions, and of course the most precious jewel of the Cathedral, is the image of Our Lady of the Rosary, patron and founder of the city in 1731, with a throne on the high altar. At the back of the Cathedral was the old cemetery of Paraná which was later moved to the current location.

Aventura Mill

A park with incredible facilities designed for the fun of the whole family, in which it is not necessary to pay entrance to have access, the payment that is made is only to be able to make use of the circuits of games, counts on aerial park with zip line of 300 mts, palestra of 10 mts of pure adrenaline, air bridges of 250 mts with different difficulties, free fall of 10 mts of adventure, rappel, arborism, wall of climbs, soccer and volleyball courts, restaurants and rest areas.

Hotel Map in Entre Ríos

In the province of Entre Rios there are many places where you could stay and the decision will depend on the travel route you have chosen to stay in the nearest place, we leave you a map of hotels in Entre Rios with complete information of the main hotels that will give you a five-star experience as is the Howard Johnson Plaza Resort & Casino Mayorazgo, located in the state capital with all amenities this hotel will be the ideal place for your rest in addition to having a large pool with access to the hotel bar where you can have a drink without leaving the water. In Colon you will find the Tajamar Apart-Spa Complex, a place designed for lovers of tranquility, an ideal space for rest and enjoyment in perfect harmony with nature in this wonderful place.

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