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Tourist Map of Mendoza

In the west of Argentina, on the eastern plain of the Andes Mountains, with an area of 57 km2, is one of the most important cities of the Southern Cone. We are talking about the cosmopolitan city of Mendoza, the international wine capital, a city that in 2005 was chosen as the most digital city in Latin America at the VI Ibero-American Meeting of Digital Cities. You can reach this incredible city either by plane through Francisco Gabrielli International Airport, or by land following the route of the national road #40 and #7, which communicate Mendoza with the whole country, although it is also possible to reach this wonderful place from Chile since it is its western border with the neighboring country. We have at your disposal the tourist map of Mendoza city so that you do not miss any of the surprises that await you in this place and make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Tourist Map of Mendoza

The architecture of Mendoza is rich and varied, presenting an interesting combination of old and modern buildings. In the beginning the buildings in the city were characterized by being low, with a maximum of 8 floors high, but with the arrival of the modern era the buildings started to be higher and higher, being the Sheraton Mendoza Hotel the highest building in the city with 20 floors and 75 meters high. In the map of hotels in Mendoza City you will find the best places to stay in this city that will give you a VIP attention and will make you feel at home. We also have at your disposal the tourist map and a list of places to visit in Mendoza, so that you do not miss anything during your visit.

In this amazing city you will find an important artistic and cultural movement where theatres, museums, art galleries and handicraft samples enrich the daily offer. The tourist guide of Mendoza will offer you a wide variety of places where you can enjoy the bohemian life of this city. Always active with a great variety of places to relax and dance, theatres, cinemas and casinos that remain open until late at night. The map of Mendoza offers the location of many places that will help you choose the best option to have fun and enjoy this beautiful city. It is in this place where individuals or agencies meet to go on excursions to the main tourist attractions of the province such as the wine roads and the natural reserves with thermal waters and mountain areas. In 1987 it was named the 8th World Capital of Wine, so if you want to enjoy the best wine drinks in the world you can not miss coming to this beautiful place.

Tourist Map of Mendoza

Here we will give you a tourist route to visit the city of Mendoza and thus discover all the wonders that this place hides, where you will find what to see in Mendoza, where to eat, where to buy and where to stay to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible. We will also give you a taste of what can be done in the historic center of Mendoza whether you travel alone, as a couple or as a family. We recommend that you start your tour in the city’s squares and parks, which have beautiful green areas surrounded by large trees. As you walk along the streets of the city, you will find a large number of ditches that distinguish it from the rest of the cities in the country, which serve as large artificial drinking fountains to quench the thirst of the trees, due to the arid and semi-desert climate of Mendoza, which is why rainfall is scarce.

What to visit in Mendoza

Independence Square

An incredible walk full of big trees and long natural stone seats are extended along Patricias Mendocinas street, this urban space is located in the center of the city, with an extension of 1600 mts2 and a dancing water fountain considered cultural heritage of Mendoza, the square is home to many craftsmen who sell their products on weekends, likewise is very common the presentation of street shows in the center of the square which makes it very visited by tourists and locals. In the center of the square there is a structure of neon lights composed by the shield of the city and that at night illuminates the square.

O’Higgings Park

The park with green areas and children’s games is the ideal place for the little ones to spend a fun afternoon on swings, slides and climbing structures. Likewise, the park has a 70mts2 track designed so that both adults and children can ride their bikes with crossings, traffic lights and traffic signs included. Even for music lovers, the park has drums and xylophones so that they can play percussion, as well as a Braille tateti for blind people. It is also common to see swings with harnesses, ramps and platforms that allow people in wheelchairs to use and enjoy the facilities of this park. A place that provides relaxation and fun for free in the city medocina.

San Martín Passage

The first high building in 1926, this passage allows the visitor to enjoy the architectural beauty of the city, with colorful French windows representing unrepeatable figures of great beauty, made in coal ovens. The 7-floor passage is intended for commerce and offices, a quiet and cozy place of great beauty in the afternoon when the last rays of the sun bathe its stained glass windows and unleash a show of colors inside the building, an ideal place to buy souvenirs and gifts during your trip. Located on San Martín Avenue, this place starts its journey at 9 in the morning until 8 at night.

Alameda Avenue

Composed of 7 blocks shaded by hundreds of trees, the Paseo Alameda represents a historical space that visitors can enjoy. It was designed by General San Martín and offers multiple options such as cafes, bars, theme restaurants and the public library, a place, without a doubt, where the gastronomy, music, singing and poetry of the city coexist. One of the greatest attractions of this tour can be enjoyed on Sundays, from September to April, at the Balcón de Tango where visitors can take free lessons and practice them with live music in a great milonga.

The Jesuit Ruins of San Francisco

In the west corner of the Pedro del Castillo square is the old building built by the Jesuits in 1716 and 1731. The place was declared National Historical Monument in 1941 and represents the only visible sign of the old city of Mendoza. The building was built with stone, lime and baked brick, which after the earthquake of 1861 was reduced only to large pillars and some walls, which were the only survivors of that phenomenon, turned into ruins is what we can enjoy today of that magnificent construction. This area is visited by more than 35,000 tourists a year and is the only architectural reference that remains from the colonial era.

Theater Julio Quintanilla

Since its foundation, it has become one of the main halls in Mendoza City, being used for a great number of artistic proposals with musical, theatrical, puppet and dance shows of all genres. In addition, since 1997, it is the venue of the Festival of Theatre Premieres, the Cristobal Arnold Municipal Comedy, the Provincial Theatre Festival and the International Theatre Festival at the Foot of the Aconcagua. With a capacity for 190 people and a stage of 8 mts2 and equipped with lights and sound system suitable for the type of life that takes place in this space. Although this theater gives life to the main artistic productions of Mendoza, it is also used for the presentation of many international productions, which makes it the most important theater of the city.

Municipal Microcinema

9 de Julio Street is a space dedicated to the diffusion of local, national and international audiovisual productions, a space with a varied program for the recreation and enjoyment of locals and visitors, it offers cycles of alternative cinema such as the Mendoza Film Series, Cuban cinema, Basque cinema, Latin American cinema, fiction cinema, animé, alternative cinema for young people, as well as samples of independent cinema, this space is also sometimes used for theatre, musicals or dance shows, which offers an attractive cultural variety for visitors to Mendoza City.

The Municipal Aquarium

Located in ituzaingó corner Buenos Aires, is the only one of the province of municipal public management, which operates on a non-profit basis. It was inaugurated in 1945 and contains fresh and salt water species in an exhibition of local and exotic species. A great deal of fish, reptiles, yacarés and a sea turtle over 100 years old, which has lived in this space for 15 years and is the most visited one in the area, come to life in this place. The large walkways have windows that allow you to visualize the great variety of sea life that inhabits this aquarium, while the ceiling projects lights in the form of fish that make this a wonderful experience full of marine life that makes the visitor feel immersed in the marine world.

Casino of Mendoza

On San Martín Avenue is the Casino Mendoza, which has a bar, a restaurant of international quality, a stage for shows and all the activities typical of a casino in the best style of Las Vegas. In this place you can enjoy the nightlife of Mendoza, with affordable prices. This casino also has a dance floor where you can have a drink, dance and enjoy until dawn. Founded in 1924, the Casino Mendoza has its own museum, which houses unpublished pieces that narrate the history of this place, among which you can see a photographic exhibition of the first years of the casino, the first slot machines, old cards and a roulette manufactured in 1867 of French origin that worked in the casino during its first 60 years and that today represents a relic.

Hotel Map of Mendoza City

Before packing your bags and starting your trip to this fascinating city, you will have to choose the best place to stay, in order to guarantee that your visit to these lands will be rewarding. Here is a map of hotels that will allow you to select the one that best suits your pocket and your needs. Whether you want to be close to the historic center of the city where you’ll find the Sheraton Mendoza, a luxury hotel that offers all the comforts just a few meters from downtown, with spa, pool, gym, casino and all the amenities offered by a 5-star hotel; even if you’re looking for a simpler option like the Hostal Chimbas, a simple, family-style inn that will make you feel like another Mendoza. It is important to note that most hotels accept pets so there is no excuse for leaving that furry family member at home during your next vacation.

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