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Tourist Map of Neuquén

This is one of the most desired provinces to know, the most complete information about it in our Tourist Map, making a tour from its best mountains to its best beaches and hotels, where we also have an incredible service and attention, emphasizing its beautiful nature where it stands out, thanks to its sketch and beautiful color of the mountains and volcanoes, and for fun, offers the best place for the activity of Skier in the famous and famous that can know this and many more activities you will find here in these tourist sites that for nothing in the world you can miss.

Tourist Map of Neuquén

On September 12, 1904 the city of Neuquén was officially founded, the first people who had this region, is one of 23 provinces in the Republic of Argentina and again the self-governing states that complete the country, is located northwest of the Patagonian region, has a population of 550.334 inhabitants, presents two well differentiated landscapes to the west, the Andean portion and to the east, the area of plateaus and valleys, in other places where the natural lakes like the national park Laguna Blanca and in others, during the second half of the XX century have been transformed into great artificial lakes of fresh water, stories of the cases of the Barreales basin transformed into the reservoir Cerros Colorados and the basin of El Chocón reservoir Ezequiel Ramos Mexia being this the historical center of Neuquén.

The physical environment of the province presents, a staggering, causing that most of the water courses follow the same course, it has several important peaks as Domuyo Volcano, its climate is continental type, with the temperate temperature, the valleys of the main rivers offer very fertile zone dedicated to the cultivation, Neuquén has several hydrographic basins that contribute with an important amount of rivers and lakes, although most of the surface of the province is arid, this is one of the richest regions of the country, The economy is based on the exploitation of hydrocarbons. The important sector is fruit growing, with production of apples, pears, peaches, plums, sarsaparilla and cherries, especially in the area of the High Valley, in the same valley is producing fine white wine, one of the fastest growing activities in recent years in tourism, especially in the mountain area and both in summer and winter.

Tourist Guide of Neuquén

This is the best location to visit in the province of San Martín de los Andes and La Angostura. This is the ideal location for your vacation. Traful Lake and Lacar Lake, both characterized by their crystalline waters and numerous trees surrounding them. If you are a lover of excursions, Batea Mahuida Volcano is the right place to do it. The municipal museum has the best collections, and to practice the sport of skiing with family or friends, the best place is undoubtedly Chapelco.

What to visit in Neuquén

San Martín de los Andes

It is one of the most important and visited tourist places in the region, its altitude over the sea is 640 In the summer the adventure sports are the most fun, you can practice canoeing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking enjoy, canopy and rappel among others. And if your greatest passion is fishing, here you can do it, this area of Neuquén has a climate in which you already have the 4 seasons. So it is great to visit, according to your favorite time of the year.

Villa la Angostura

It is located at a distance of 780 meters above sea level, has a microclimate, because the shelter is located within the province of Neuquén, is surrounded by forests, lakes and mountains. It has an average temperature of 8 ° C, has no specific climate and presents, hot days with clear skies, as well as may present cold and wet drizzly days, its economy is based on the tourism industry, The manufacture of construction is closely linked to the real estate and tourism, and depends on the economic activities that the latter have. During the winter and summer seasons, there is more activity with tourism, many people who visit us to enjoy this wonderful adventure, after spending the whole season everything becomes normal, in addition to its natural beauty is characterized by its architecture with an alpine style, its cuisine is one of the most exquisite of the town that is based on a base of trout and the company of a sauce of mushrooms, is faster, it plays great sports, is its winter days as the; skiing and other sports under the snow, and on its sunny days all kinds of sports from football that is widely practiced in the streets of this community to fishing, in the month of February takes place in this region a festival of the gardens dedicated to promote the beautification that this has,

Lake Traful

This is one of the best places in the region, has an area of 76 kilometers, to get there is a guard house to have information about this lake, in the same way here you can do sports today with your family, its landscapes are one of the best known in the region that has varieties of trees that provide shade to the place, this lake is famous for its traful lookout point, which offers an amazing view to enjoy its valleys and nature, in the coastal area of this lake there is a place called Villa Montaña, a place that has gasoline services, camping sites and hotels, this is one of the best places to visit in the province.

Lacar Lake

The lake has an elongated shape, of glacial origin from the Pacific side of Argentina, it is located in a very deep valley, it is about 25 kilometers long, and has a depth of 277 meters, it is not allowed to use jet skis, water skiing and wakeboarding. Sailing is allowed on the lake and is one of the activities that is mostly performed. Another way of touring the lake is with kayaks, one of the activities that our visitors are most looking for. This lake is characterized by the great daily visit that has people from all over looking for a new adventure, it has food and beverage sales services, chairs and umbrellas around it.

Batea Mahuida Volcano

In the middle of this volcano there is a lagoon, in winter there is snow and it is ideal for this skiing, there is no danger in the place, that is why people from this province decided to mount a ski academy and have fun, the best place to go for a walk and do different types of activities, besides having a colorful tree that this presents, its lagoon is completely available for you, you can bathe and make a white tour without any problem.

Carmen Funes Municipal Museum

It was inaugurated on November 1, 1984, together with a group of trained and efficient people, it carries out a class about culture and briefly explains each of the collections that it can have, besides having its rooms in constant updating, it is characterized by showing its systematic collections, biogeography and environmental paleo, of the various scales of dinosaurs that have been found throughout time, the pieces of the largest herbivorous dinosaur in the world are displayed. Another area of interest in this place is the history of local oil exploitation.


Its main feature is the beauty that it has, which is located in a forest of years ago, from the points of this, may be other places and landscapes such as Lanin National Park, the great volcano Lanin, and Lake Lacar, you can enjoy all kinds of sports here, from sledding to give a tour of rackets, the climate of this town is completely winter and no stop coming you take a memory of an incredible adventure.

El Chocón Dam

El Chocón is one of the five dams on the Limay River, which forms Lake Ezequiel Ramos Mexía. Besides, in Villa El Chocón there is a viewpoint where you can observe the fastastic lake, a place to camp for the day, it also has a paleontological museum, the area is recognized, the findings of the remains of dinosaurs, perhaps at present, not the sea of great impact by its size, but for a long time, had the first place as the main hydroelectric work of the nation, until it was built the Yaciretá. And it is still today, together with the Arroyito, Pichi Picún Leufú, Piedra del Águila and Alicurá dams, that generate 25% of the electrical energy consumed in the whole country. There are accesses to the lake, where you can fish and spend the day.

Map of Hotels in Neuquén

This map of hotels in the city of Neuquén is very diverse, one of its best hotels is the Comahue, located on Avenida Argentina 377 four stars, has a pleasant service; free wifi, breakfast buffet, parking, outdoor pool, laundry and dry cleaning, and rooms for people with reduced mobility, rooms with capacity for you, besides having waiters who are responsible for cleaning and habit of the bedroom, enjoy recreation in the lower part of the hotel as; Walk this and many more we have here, being you the guest.

Tourist video of the most impressive places in Neuquén