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Tourist Map of Antioquia

Antioquia is a phenomenal place where you can enjoy an extraordinary vacation. It is one of the most internationally recognized departments of the Colombian country. Its geographical location allows it to offer visitors a great variety in its landscapes. So, when visiting Antioquia you have the opportunity not only to enjoy the mountainous landscape, but you can also enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. Its beaches are one of the main attractions of this place, making it a potential tourist of the South American country. In Antioquia you can find a great diversity of restaurants, hotels, parks, night bars and other great areas for recreation. In Mapa Turístico de Antioquia you have the opportunity to learn about them and move to this tourist paradise through the letters and images. In this way, you can discover in a very simple way all the potential that the place has, and the wonders that each one of its corners can offer.

Tourist Map of Antioquia

Antioquia is one of the best known departments of Colombia, not only because it has great importance in the administration at the national level, but it represents one of the most famous tourist places in the country. A place favored by its geographical location, thus manages to offer hundreds of tourist sites in different areas of its territory. In addition, you can also visit the historical center of Antioquia, the city of Medellin, which is the capital of this department. Once there you can enjoy all the history that the place provides through museums, old libraries, and constructions that reflect past times. Antioquia is the perfect place to escape and enjoy a vacation between two landscapes where you can relax: the mountains and the beach. This is one of the best things that the tourist map of the city offers you.

One of the greatest virtues that Antioquia has, and what enhances its tourist potential, is its favored water geography. It has a great variety of reservoirs, rivers, spas, beaches, waterfalls and waterfalls, which in turn have been used to develop tourism in Antioquia; thus creating hundreds of clubs, recreational centers, hotels and water parks to enjoy and appreciate the surrounding landscape. Likewise, through all this, they have managed to develop activities that are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, such as sport fishing. Mapa turístico offers you all the tourist information you need to visit and enjoy this place in the best possible way. With the street map of the city you can discover all those very famous local spots and get into the life of this corner of the world. You can also get a map of hotels in the city that you can reach. Visit and get to know this wonderful South American paradise.

Antioquia Tourist Guide

The tourist guide of Antioquia that we offer allows you to know those places that for no reason you can not visit in Antioquia, as well as the perfect route to reach them without getting lost. A wonderful place where you can get to know the place, without worrying about getting lost in the streets or going to uninteresting places. Everything you need to visit the best places we recommend you can be found right here. There are hundreds of things you can enjoy in Antioquia, as well as many others. And from that perspective the best destinations we recommend are chosen; one moment you can be enjoying a well-known bar at night and the next you can be in the antique museum. You can visit the picturesque village in the mountains or enjoy the waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean. You can decide between all the options you have. And the best part is that when it comes to moving around Antioquia you have many options: you can use a taxi or rent a car. However, if you want to save money you can use a tourist bus in which they offer packages for several people, in which you can provide your personalized route.

What to visit in Antioquia


It is the capital and best known city of the department of Antioquia. Also known as “city of eternal spring” reference to its climate, picturesque houses and traditional flower fair. The city of Medellin not only represents the administrative center of Antioquia, but also the historical center of the department. So when visiting this place you can enjoy the old buildings that are there, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica, the Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture, and the Neoclassical Church of La Candelaria. These are the most renowned ancient institutions in the city of Medellín and you cannot miss them. If you want to enjoy something more modern in addition to the historical center, which represents the evolution of the city, you can go to the España Library. And if you want to have some fun at night you can go out and enjoy the best bars and clubs. You can even enjoy yourself in any of the hotels we offer.


Guatapé is located in the Peñol-Guatapé Reservoir, east of Medellín and is an Andean resort, well known for its picturesque houses. Not only is it a wonderful place to enjoy the scenery and climate, but you can also have fun with the water sports it offers. This area specializes in being an artificial water sports center, so boredom is not something you will find in Guatapé. You can visit this place at any time of the year and enjoy all the activities it has to offer. Its tropical climate and beautiful landscapes make it a unique place to relax and retreat from the stress of the city. Throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season, there are festivals, concerts, dances, sports events, exhibitions and other activities.


It is a small town located in the northeast of Colombia, well known for its picturesque houses of bright colors, its floral landscape and its characteristic Andean sweets. In its main square which is located in the Libertador Park, you can find the main tourist activities of the area and enjoy the culture and tradition of the small town. There you can visit the Neogothic Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, from which you can get a panoramic view of the whole place. Within this style of activities, to know the culture and history of the place, you can find several emblematic places besides the Basilica, like museums and old libraries. You can also enjoy the cable car that will take you to the peak of the Cerro Cristo Rey, so you can enjoy the view and take pictures of the landscape and the sculpture of the peak. So this place has to be without any doubt in your touristic route through Antioquia.


It is a small city in Antioquia, within the city of Medellin. Despite being small, has great relevance because it is the international airport of Medellin and is of great importance to the cultural level of the department. If you want to discover the vitality, stories and life that Antioquia has, you have to pass through this small town that has several old buildings, open to the public, where you can learn about the history and culture of this side of the Colombian country. Another great attraction that you can find in Rionegro is the Parque Recreativo Comfama Rionegro, a family place that has a swimming pool, interactive zoo, attractions, children’s games and even restaurants to enjoy the local food. You can visit Rionegro all year round without any problem. However, the best time to visit is during the Christmas season (November/December), when there are rock festivals and parades.


It’s one of the coastal cities of Antioquia. This place is well known for its Caribbean beaches and if exclusive attention in the beach fun. If you’re looking to enjoy the peace and quiet, away from all the problems of the city, you can’t miss Necoclí. There you can enjoy the sea breeze, the natural scenery and all the fun of the sea. In this place you can enjoy a coastal meal worthy of admiration, in the premises that surround the beach. A simple holiday destination, to enjoy the simplicity of nature. You can visit the 14 volcanoes it has, dance at the beach parties and do different activities. Necoclí is not a place to get bored, with all its tourist sites you will have fun and forget about the stress of the city. Don’t forget to visit Necoclí! An amazing place on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

The Retreat

It’s one of the best known cities in Antioquia for its high quality tourist services. Its style could be characterized more in a rural sense. Located in a valley of the department of Antioquia, this city has an old style by the shape of their houses and some buildings that adorn it, residues of old colonizations. There you will be able to enjoy the climate and the different activities that this city offers. Once here you can visit the Ecological Park Los Salados or the Salto Del Tequendamita, here you can appreciate the natural landscape and the walks that they offer through the mountains and the channels. You can enjoy the waterfalls and the trips through their paths. It is a different adventure that everyone who visits Antioquia should enjoy.

San Rafael

One of the great benefits of visiting Antioquia is that there is a great diversity of landscapes. You can decide whether to spend the day at the beach or enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. You can even spend the day in the beautiful rivers that run through the mountains of the area. If you decide that the latter is the best option for you, San Rafael is the right place for it. Here you can enjoy the best activities in the river. There are tourist excursions through the mountains, to enjoy the best rivers and waterfalls of the place. Even if you want to have a better experience you can stay at the Hotel Manantiales del Campo, to have a better connection with nature. In this place you can enjoy all the wonders that Antioquia has to offer.


Arboletes is another city in Antioquia where you can enjoy the beaches of the Colombian coast. There is a lot of fun that you can find in this place, especially in the aquatic style. There are hundreds of activities offered by the locals to enjoy the beach in the best possible way. But, if you want more fun than just the beach, you can visit the volcanoes of crazy and take a relaxing “bath”. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset and the view of the starry sky. In the evening you can enjoy the parish festivities or take a walk through the streets and enjoy with the little ones the house of the parks that you can find in any square of the city. Arboletes is a magnificent area for walking because, in addition to all the attractions it has, it is a very economical one, so all the activities you do here will be affordable.


This is the perfect place to enjoy walks around the city. Its streets and activities characteristic of an Andean community, will make you enjoy in a unique and special way this city. You can see the emblematic constructions of the place and the landscape that its mountains offer you. Its streets and houses have an ancient style that transports you to another era. It is a special place to enjoy with the family, even at night, in which the atmosphere is completely family and recreational. If you are going to travel with the little ones of the house, one of the destinations you cannot miss is Amagá.


In the historical center of this city you can enjoy and relive the history of this region of the country. The main activities you can do in this city are hiking through its mountains, or visit the squares that have hundreds of activities for visitors and locals. There you can also enjoy the sale of local products and learn a little more about the culture of the place. You can appreciate the panoramic view of the whole city from the hills, and you can even make a trip to the rivers that are there. A place with a temperate climate that will make you feel at home, no matter where you come from.

Antioquia Hotel Map

Antioquia has a large number of hotels around it from which you can choose the best. In the Tourist Map of Antioquia you can detail all the hotels that stand out throughout the area. You can choose the one that gives you the most ease when moving around Antioquia. But, if you want to enjoy the nature that Antioquia has to offer, you can choose the Piedras Blancas Hotel and Ecological Park. There you can enjoy nature at its best. It is one of the best rated hotels and has a great quality in its services. Not to mention that it has a great selection of activities around it.

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