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Tourist Map of Viña del Mar

One of the most pleasant and welcome destinations since the beginning of the year, with its beaches, its gardens, its recreational centers, such as casinos, museums, theaters, restaurants and plazas, is the only beautiful and splendid one in Viña del Mar. A place with several options to offer new views, different from the sea of its visitors. This city is quite picturesque not only for its gardens but also for its modern and historical architecture, with incredible views of the coastal mountain range, with a perfect crystalline sky and a clear blue sky; all this resulting in the perfect and ideal combination for tourists.

Stay with us for a while, and discover one of the top destinations in the Latin American region, with exuberant activities and experiences to live and share; why we present our Tourist Map of Viña del Mar and invite you to get to know and plan your next vacation in Chile with us.

Tourist Map of Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar, also known as the Garden City for its green areas, is a city or town in the sector or Metropolitan Area of Valparaiso, Chile. This city is considered a tourist zone due to its high exposure of visitors, as well as its modern infrastructure to international tourism, its wide hotel offer and its beauties. Architectural and historical centers that call the attention of various tourists, conquering their hearts and year after year. are inhabitants of other parts of Chile or are foreigners.

In the city you can choose, different centers of recreation to visit, and varied points of meeting where to take a picture, means the promise of your return to this spectacular destination. Among the main ones is the Flower Clock, being a starting point for the experience that awaits you; there is the Quinta Vergara Park where you can also find the natural attraction with the Artequín Museum, the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater and the Quinta Vergara Palace, being these three very important places in this city, especially the amphitheater which is where the night of the International Song Festival and the International Film Festival of Viña del Mar are held both during the month of February. You can find historical places like Palacio Vergara, Palacio Carrasco,

Tourist Guide of Viña del Mar

If you like what we mentioned above about Viña de Mar, and you want to know about what points you can visit once and unforgettable of the city, its gardens full of life and magnificence, its entertainment centers, its shops, its cuisine, and of course its locals, who lovingly welcome you and prepare to make you fall in love with this destination.

We invite you to consider the following data, and to verify if you have your passport ready to begin this adventure, accompanied of course by our tourist guide. I can assure you that you will be thrilled with Viña del Mar.

What to visit in Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar Flower Clock

The Flower Clock of Viña de Mar turns out to be an enigmatic starting point for your adventures in this city, since this point is famous for its splendor, precision, and fully operational hand clock, brought by Switzerland in 1962 and decorated by the majestic flora of the area, this is a celebration of the night in the city as one of the venues of the World Cup of Football that year. The clock is located at the foot of Cerro Castillo, in front of the Caleta Abarca resort in the city of Viña del Mar. Although, time has been by the care of the water, maintenance and cleaning of its green areas, beaches, spaces and other areas, ensuring that every visitor, tourist or local inhabitant,

A curious tip about the Flowers of Viña de Mar clock, that is, an urban legend, if you take a picture of the clock, it is most likely very soon in the future, it is visiting Viña de Mar again, and whether it is real or not, you did too just in case.

Reñaca Beach in Viña del Mar

A place to enjoy, relax and unwind near the center of Viña del Mal, at Reñaca Beach, an incredible villa that allows you to enjoy its hotel, gastronomic, commercial and tourist infrastructure at all times, especially during the summer since the weather lends itself to maximum fun and the sea by day or by night, this beach can definitely be your ideal.

Reñaca Beach has a 1.3 kilometer coastline, next to Viña del Mar, in the sector of Valparaiso itself, you can find areas of activities for the practice of shelter from intrepid visitors, and an excellent night area for visitors seeking a festive and glamorous atmosphere, where music and light shows create ecstasy among tourists, the latter during the New Year’s Eve party, every December 31, where the welcome to the year was a fireworks display.

Concón Dunes of Viña de Mar

A natural sanctuary that cannot be missed during your visit to Viña del Mar is the famous Dunes of Concón, whose official name is Campo Dunar de la Punta de Concón. This area, composed of dunes, is located on the coastal edge of the Valparaiso sector and has a smaller bush vegetation, and a fauna mostly of sea birds like Playeritos, Humboldt Penguins and Sea Lions. This destination turns out to be a relaxation and meeting point for friends and family, and for those who want some extreme fun, they can practice sandboarding.

Viña del Mar Municipal Casino

We know that not everyone is a fan of casinos and games of chance, while the municipal casino in Viña del Mar is definitely much more than it seems. This casino, whose official name is Casino Enjoy Viña del Mar, belongs to the city municipality and was inaugurated in 1930. In 2000, it was declared Historical and Architectural Heritage of the city. This casino also has a 4-star hotel where you can stay, restaurants where you can taste the local and international gastronomy, and stores where you can stroll and make a souvenir of this tourist spot, whether among friends or family, and whether your intention is to try your luck or not with poker, cards, bingo or chips.

Viña del Mar Museum of Art

The Museo de Artequín de Viña del Mar is an educational art museum that implements an interactive and playful methodology whose main objective is to raise awareness among young people, teenagers and children about the history of art through various educational activities, workshops and guides. Currently the museum has more than 200 representative works of various artists representing the history of universal art, works or sculptures representative of the art of the twentieth century, as well as paintings by national and Latin American artists.Whether you can’t travel with children or not, this is a very interesting option to get acquainted with national, regional and universal art. There are also interesting, socio-cultural topics of great importance, such as gender equality, cultural differences, stereotypes, etc. that through workshops, audiovisual and interactive exhibitions, simplify the information and make it understandable for all kinds of visitors. Also the methodology with which it can be seen so magnificent, is curious and entertaining even for adults, who are involved in all kinds of activities.

Quinta Vergara Park in Viña del Mar

If you have seen the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar or you have seen the program on the international channel or on the internet, then we tell you that this music festival was held last year in the Quinta Vergara Park in the commune of Viña del Mar. This park is home to one of the most beautiful and extensive gardens in the city, being this a place of natural beauty, relaxing, romantic, family, ideal to share especially. the Quinta Vergara Palace, the Artequin Museum, and the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater.

Rioja Palace, Museum of Art, History and Architecture

It is established, as an important icon, within the most visited and enriched museums of Decorative Arts of the nation, by having the collection of Empire style pieces and its great personality of Louis XV style furniture. It remains with the same design in the decoration of the time, as a National Monument in the range of the Historical Monument of 1985 and Building of Historical and or Architectural value in 2000. At present the Museum of Decorative Arts – Rioja Palace, forms for important, of the architectural and historical Patrimony of the locality, thanks to its complete motorized rehabilitation, carried out by the municipality of Viña Del Mar, we invite you to know this tourist attraction of the Garden City, and to admire its beauty without equal.

Avenida Liberta, Important Tourist Road Artery of Viña Del Mar

It starts at Arlegui Street, which borders the northern part of the Marga Marga estuary, and extends for much more than twenty blocks in the same direction. It is one of the main arteries used in the city Garden, within this path are crossed, a whole line of streets “north” in which are presented, beautiful houses, surrounded by parks for family relaxation and enjoyment, restaurants and shopping centers, everything related to trade, also if you come in summer, you can enjoy fabulous craft fairs. We assure you that a walk along Libertad Avenue, gives you a real sense of the festive and contagious meaning of Viña del Mar.

Viña de Mar Hotel Map

Get to this point, expect to have conquered a little your heart, with such wonderful ideas of centers and points to visit in the incredible city of Viña del Mar, you know the city with big spaces to clear your mind, recreate, have fun and live adventures, either alone or accompanied. Of course, before you pack your bags, you should plan one last detail, and that’s about your accommodation. Regarding this, I recommend you to stay near one of these tourist spots, since this way you will be alone in splendid steps that will be waiting for you.

We recommend as an option, the Sheraton Miramar Hotel & Convention Center, located at Avenida Marina N 15 in Viña del Mar, with a 5-star range, this accommodation offers swimming pool, buffet, spa and gym. It is located 110.0 km from the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (SCL) and is surrounded by several shopping centers, nightclubs, restaurants, as well as attractive places for tourists.

Tourist Video of the most impressive places in Viña del Mar