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Tourist Map of Valparaiso

Located in the central zone of Chile is the historical, administrative and university center and the main urban nucleus of the Metropolitan Area of Valparaiso, the second most populated area of Chile, after the capital city of Santiago. The tourist map of Valparaiso reflects the main historical and interesting places that you should include in your travel agenda when you come to visit this great city, home of the National Congress, the command of the Chilean Navy, also in this beautiful region we will find the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, so this bohemian and picturesque city will fascinate you.

Tourist Map of Valparaiso

Valparaiso is one of the main ports in Chile and one of the most important in the South Pacific. Thanks to its geographical location, the city of Valparaíso is presented in the form of a large natural amphitheatre, located in the bay of Valparaíso and surrounded by hills, in which most of the population of this place lives. Due to its great architectural richness that dates mainly from the end of the 19th century, in 2003 the historical center of Valparaíso was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The distribution of Valparaíso surrounded by the hills that invade the coast makes it possible to have a panoramic view of great beauty of the sea in the area.

With colorful streets and a great number of viewpoints that intermingle the view of the port and the city, Valparaíso is the perfect destination for the traveler who is looking for a city that provokes walking through its streets, offering a unique experience with houses painted with attractive graffiti and small details that make this a place full of life and personality. In addition, Valparaíso is a place of fun and enjoyment for the traveler. With a great amount of stairs that have a particular charm, a city full of art with streets that provoke you to go inside and take pictures of great value.

Tourist Guide of Valparaiso

If you want to know more about this place, read on and you will discover the main places to visit in Valparaíso, its historical centre and a map of the city to print out that will help you on your journey through this place. We have also created a hotel map for you so that you can find the best place to rest during your holiday in this place.

What to visit in Valparaiso

Natural History Museum of Valparaiso

Founded in 1878 by Eduardo de la Barra, it was the Liceo de Hombres de Valparaíso. After passing through several facilities in 1988, it was installed in its headquarters at the Palacio Lyon, a one storey Renaissance style building, which offers a spectacular view with large windows and ornamental columns on its façade. With high ceilings and a classic design, the place offers its visitors a very varied exhibition of archaeological, anthropological and ethnographic collections, as well as history and natural sciences. The place offers a variety of services for the enjoyment of visitors, such as audio-guides, guided tours, educational material and a series of courses and workshops that nourish and give life to this space of the history of Valparaiso, undoubtedly a place to know and enjoy.

Queen Victoria Elevator

The coast of Valparaíso is surrounded by a chain of 45 hills surrounding the bay, which constitute one of the main attractions of the city, since it is in these hills that a great part of the architectural construction of the area is found, adapted with steep stairs and narrow streets. It is there, where the Reina Victoria Elevator, located in the Cerro Alegre, is one of the 16 elevators that exist in the city. Built in 1902, it was declared a historical monument in 1998, and it represents an attraction for tourists who come to visit this city. To reach the station from the Valparaíso map, visitors must take the Aníbal Pinto Square route, a few meters away from Elías Avenue, where they may board this nice elevator with a capacity for 10 people. It has small windows and the shortest ride but the steepest slope among the elevators in the area. Upon reaching the top it is possible to enjoy the view it offers of the bay of Valparaiso in contrast with the picturesque streets of the popular areas of the area. Once at the top it is possible to take a walk through the colorful streets and enjoy the attractions that Valparaiso offers to its visitors.

Prat Pier

It is the best place on the city map, where you can see the work of the port, as well as serve as a starting point for boats that make tourist tours of the bay. As you walk around the port, you will find many restaurants and handicraft fairs that fill the place with life. There is also a replica of the Santiaguillo caravel, in which the navigator Juan de Saavedra traveled from El Callao carrying provisions to the conqueror Diego de Almagro. As you walk along the pier and chat with the locals, you can enjoy a great deal of stories and anecdotes surrounding this curious place where hundreds of seagulls wait anxiously for the fishing boats to dock loaded with succulent seafood.

Las Docas Beach

Located in Valparaiso near Laguna Verde Bay, this beautiful beach forms a small bay with an intense blue sea, protected by a medium height cliff. With winding roads surrounded by pine trees, this bay offers travelers cabins and camping areas where it will be possible to enjoy a day at the beach, sun and sand. To visit the place it is necessary to arrive at the Green Lagoon to make a route of 30 minutes approximately, a trip that without place to be worth the trouble makes, because not in vain this beach is one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

The Cathedral of Valparaíso

This great church of Catholic worship is the seat of the Diocese of Valparaiso and under the consecration of the Virgin of Carmen. It is located in the El Almendral neighborhood, in a Gothic style building, built in the early 19th century on land donated by Juana Ross Edwards, a great Chilean philanthropist who made great contributions to the city of Valparaíso.  Located in front of the Victoria Square, this building plays the role of a landmark between the administrative and commercial center of the city. In the subsoil of the cathedral lies a crypt that preserves the remains of the Buenos Aires Bishops, which gives the place a mystical air.

San José de Valparaíso Castle

A fortification that constituted the most important construction in the defense of the city of Valparaíso, built in 1692 with the objective of protecting the port from the attacks of European corsairs. The place was completely destroyed during the earthquake of 1822, leaving only the ruins, and on whose land was built the colonial style house that was sold to the Scottish watchmaker Joan Mouat, near what is believed to have been the military square of the San José Castle. Today the house can be visited, it exhibits pieces related to the naval history of the country and is home to the Lord Cochrane Sea Museum, declared a historical monument in 1963.

The Emerald Fort

Although this place is known as the Emerald Fort, its correct name is Emerald Battery. It is a fortification located in Duprat Point, designed and later built by Colonel José Francisco Gana in the late nineteenth century, with the idea of strengthening the defense of Valparaíso before the imminent outbreak of the War of the Pacific. Nowadays, the side guns are almost completely preserved and it was declared Historical Monument in 1936 due to the meaning it represents for the history of the Chilean people.

Plaza del Descanso

A very beautiful square full of history, located halfway up the hill on the way to La Sebastiana, is one of the many places that does not go unnoticed in the port, a picturesque place that in spite of being a small square cannot be overlooked when visiting the region, with an amphitheater shape and attractive mosaics that decorate the place. It is a meeting place for the bohemian life of Valparaíso and a presentation center for musicians and jugglers that offer an attractive show for the enjoyment of the visitor. A square where you can find a connection with yourself and live a relaxing experience that you will not forget.

La Sebastiana House Museum

This is a museum dedicated to the life and work of its former owner, the famous and renowned poet Pablo Neruda, the house currently managed by the Neruda Foundation, can show us a living example of the tastes and experiences of its former owner, the house located in Ferrari 692, Valparaiso; offers guided tours with an audio-guide system available in Spanish, French, German, English and Portuguese. The house can only be visited by appointment, attending to visitors on a first come first served basis, without a doubt a tourist destination not to be missed.

Valparaiso Hotel Map

Don’t think about it anymore and get into the adventure of living an incomparable experience in this magical place full of life, with wonderful people, relaxing views and dreamlike accommodations that will make your vacation in Valparaiso an unparalleled experience. The hotel map of Valparaiso offers you a wide range of hotels and inns so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and your pocket, starting with the hotel Boutique 17, a fascinating place with spacious rooms with large windows that offer a privileged view of the bay, a place that was born from the need to offer the traveler a first class service, mixing the modern and elegant style of the hotel with the rustic and picturesque style of the city, making this an exquisite option for the traveler who seeks the best attention. If you wish, you can choose the Costa Manantial hostel, a cozy place with a colonial style that will make you feel at home, so that you can live Valparaiso. The hotel is located in the heart of the El Almendral neighbourhood and is in a heritage house that is over 100 years old, a place that will undoubtedly transport you back in time, with unforgettable panoramic views and excellent service that make this an ideal place. We couldn’t leave out in our search the Gran Hotel Gervasoni, a wonderful place with a unique style that is presented as a unique proposal, with an exclusive and intimate atmosphere, in a large building with a classic design and a welcoming atmosphere that will make you want to leave once you arrive in Valparaiso.

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