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Montevideo Tourist Map

Montevideo tourist map is pleased to present the capital of Uruguay, which represents the most valued tourist destination and frequented by tourists from around the world. A trip to the epicenter of Uruguayan commerce and economy is complemented by an endless number of activities at every moment of the year, all the time. A city with three centuries of life are enhanced so that you can get to know its historical centers, where memories, traditions, architecture, flavors and smells await you, together with the modernity that characterizes this city in constant growth. Art and culture are the ingredients for this city to position itself as one of the most important in America. From its streets, through its theatrical centers to its vast network of museums, different artistic tendencies have been able to project and attract the attention of visitors. Don’t forget to enjoy its beaches and architecture.

Montevideo Tourist Map

The Uruguayan capital is a territory of good music and poetry, which, like other artistic expressions, give it eternal youth. Its atmosphere is very vibrant, no matter if it is winter, summer or autumn, Montevideo is always active with the urban activity, from very early to late at night. Its most relevant tourist sites are its squares, which are by quantity, its architectural works, even its green areas. All this is framed within an area of 200 square kilometers. It may seem crazy, but this limited area is home to more than 1,300,000 inhabitants. Now we understand why the city has had to manage so that its people do not spend their day to day monotonously. All this has meant reaching the beta category as among global cities, ranking 7th among the most important cities of the American continent.

Within the city, a lot of possibilities for enjoyment opens up like a flower petal. The city’s tourist office can provide information necessary to guide the novice into its countless streets and avenues; well, here they refer to ramblas, which are as varied as they are beautiful. Montevideo’s historic center is a portal between our present and that past that relates the beginnings of the city. In the same way, this area enjoys a rich cultural display, where you can enjoy autochthonous art scenes such as candombe, tango and milonga. The tradition of mate is an experience that you must share with its people, and listen to all about its herbs, stories and anecdotes. Give yourself the opportunity to taste its local gastronomy, with the Uruguayan chivito together with a good wine.

Uruguay Tourist Guide

If the idea of coming convinces you, then it is important that you pay attention to our tourist guide Montevideo, where we will give you a virtual tour of the iconic sites of this wonderful city. We will highlight the history, and why you should visit them. Keep in mind the routes we recommend so that in one or two days you can successfully go for a pleasant walk around its most emblematic sites. Uruguay, as an advanced city, has tourist packages for excellent tours, and this includes tours made by tourist bus, ideal to enjoy with the whole family. The invitation is to approach this article where each story of your mandatory visits will leave you more and more convinced that this is your next destination to make. Montevideo also has green areas and beaches, so we invite you to discover everything that hides inside and outside.

Route tourist places of Montevideo

What to see in Montevideo

Main Square

Considered as one of the places of greater affluence of tourists of the city of Montevideo. The main square is located in the historical district of the city, at the foot of the Sarandí pedestrian street. It is a place full of emotions and beautiful views due to its colonial elements. It is a very attractive place to take a pleasant walk, take pictures or taste a snack in its surroundings. It has a beautiful white marble fountain in its center; the Italian Juan Ferrari was responsible for this creation. This fountain evokes and commemorates the inauguration of drinking water in the city. There are regular antique fairs and gifts for visitors, as well as various artistic activities. In it, right in front of the square you can also find the seat of the town hall and the cathedral.

Centenary Stadium

Whether or not you are a lover of the King’s sport, you cannot leave aside the idea of visiting this imposing and majestic Centennial Stadium. It is located in the Parque Batlle district and has the capacity to accommodate more than 60,000 people. This place represents an icon of Uruguayan identity. It was built especially for the first World Cup in 1930. In its facilities is located the museum of the soccer and a spectacular tourist viewpoint, from where you can have a panoramic view of the city of Montevideo. There are also guided tours where you can learn a little about Uruguayan football history and its history in the World Cups. It is definitely a place full of history, sports passion and charrúa feeling; worth visiting with the family.


Definitely this wonderful place offers us an excellent combination of attractive places, all in one. Walking around Pocitos is like surrounding a blossoming paradise in a developing urban environment. It consists of an extensive urbanism loaded with modernity, high buildings, commercial zones and nothing less than 2 kilometres of approximate coastline. Here you can take walks while contemplating the sunset, camp or take a refreshing bath on its coasts. The tranquility and picturesque nature of this area invites you to enjoy nature and the extraordinary sunsets. Enjoy good company and take spectacular photos. There are also football, rugby and handball championships, among other disciplines. At the same time this place could not fail to offer a large number of gastronomic options, shops, supermarkets, hotels. A very complete place and definitely an obligatory stop.

Old City

Belongs to the historic center of the city of Montevideo. The architecture present in each of its corners shows us a variety of colonial and baroque style buildings. Many of them, once used for residential purposes, have been occupied to install offices and commercial premises; nowadays considered as the financial center of the country. This area is characterized by offering its passers-by art galleries, museums, restaurants, discotheques, bars, artisans’ stalls, cultural centers and as an excellent recreational alternative the Solis theater. It is definitely a place in something super attractive. A stroll through its streets will allow you to know the history of Montevideo until you reach the pedestrian Sarandí where at a certain point you will find an immense wall with a door in the center. This site is a monument that represents the end of the old city and the beginning of the modern city.

Port Market

This famous popular market dates back to 1868. Initially it was built to unload and supply the vessels that refueled and unloaded in the port of Montevideo. Today it is considered a national historical monument. It shows us a clearly European architectural structure. Due to its aesthetics and atmosphere, it is a place where painting, music, handicrafts and numerous restaurants converge. All of this makes this very populated and visited place an ideal destination to taste and get to know the culture, as well as the exquisite flavors of this wonderful country. In this place you can enjoy the best roasts of beef, achuras and pamplonas, sausages, black puddings, among other gastronomic varieties. Dare to visit it in its daily half day; in addition its location turns it into an option of very easy access as for transport and easy to find in the well-known old city, near the port.

Museum of the Gaucho and the Currency

This spectacular monument is located on Avenida 18 de Julio, at the intersection with Julio Herrera. It was built thanks to the French architect Alfred Massüe. This palace, which at one time had residential character and later was acquired by the republic bank, to become what today is known as the Museum of the Gaucho and the Currency.  Permanently throughout the year, the place receives numerous visits from tourists and schoolchildren, as well as from experts and important collectors. Here you will be able to know from the first tests of coins and materials used in the minting of the first pieces, also to see the collections of old bills. The second floor of the building shows the history, culture and way of life of the “gaucho”. The gaucho is the representation of the country man of the Uruguayan culture.

The Prado

This place is ideal to take the whole afternoon to enjoy its beautiful gardens. This neighborhood has its origin in the nineteenth century, its aesthetics is the product of ties to aristocratic families dedicated to livestock. In its paths full of green vestiges of that colonial epoch are conserved. There are approximately 106 hectares that make up the park so let’s say it is the favorite area to take a break thanks to the atmosphere that emanates from it. Its most memorable places are the Botanical Garden, 19 de Abril Street, and the Juana de Ibarbourou rose garden. In addition, this complex has a beautiful museum that houses works by the Uruguayan Juan Manuel Blanes; its schedule is from Tuesday to Sunday. The method of transportation used is the bus, whose stops can be located from Ciudad Vieja, Pocitos or the center of the city.

The Rambla

And of course we could not close a tour of its main tourist sites without mentioning the famous Rambla de Montevideo. It is an almost 22-kilometer-long boardwalk where strolls become tempting, especially in the spring. Proof of this is the enormous influx of sportsmen and women who come to tour and enjoy beautiful sunsets. If you ask a city dweller about the ideal place to visit, he will mention the promenade as the first option. Depending on the time of year, the ocean, as well as the sky, obtain impressive colors, worthy of being photographed. If you lived in Montevideo, you would surely leave all your problems buried in this site, with its views. Its mood and atmosphere change in the same way, depending on the neighborhood in which you are, as well as the section to visit.

Map of hotels in Montevideo

Map of hotels in Montevideo shows you all the lodging options in an interactive way; a great variety of hotels are at sight for a comparison as for the location, the type of service and the most suitable price.  As always in our publications we make recommendations. In this opportunity we projected the NH Montevideo Columbia Hotel. Located near several cultural and downtown sites such as museums and theaters. Its view towards the Rio de la Plata is a plus that you should enjoy after a day visiting the city. There are elegant rooms with air conditioning, mini bar and satellite TV. It also offers buffet breakfasts with an extensive and varied menu. If you want a little relaxation you can make use of its sauna.

Video of the most impressive tourist places in Montevideo