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Orlando Tourist Map

I’m sure Orlando was part of your childhood wish list. And since it’s never too late to satisfy those desires to visit magical worlds, with the characters that always accompanied you in the best stage of your life, this Orlando tourist map will help you with the information that will take you to the City of Parks. We can’t wait to tell you about its most popular places. As you will see in this article, the sites will make you think about the time you will need. Forget those quick rides if you find yourself touring the state of Florida. Orlando is reserved for the right time, for a vacation with an almost infinite amount of fun from the moment you set foot in the city. We can say with all propriety “fasten your seatbelts”, that you have a lot of places that will make you wake up the inner child that you have inside.

Orlando Tourist Map

It is the heart of Orange County and is one of the most important cities in the state of Florida. Despite being a relatively small city, in terms of territory and population it represents one of the most impressive tourist destinations in the United States. Orlando’s climate is humid and warm at the same time, so it’s best to keep moving and what you came for, in search of the best entertainment. You’ve probably had this in mind for some time now. You can get around in a car, but because it has a lot of traffic you can choose public transportation that works great. Anyway, the idea is that you take advantage of the commercial and gastronomic places as you go between places of interest. There are plenty of restaurants, pubs, cafes, museums and green areas that you can use as a micro-stop.

Orlando is tailor-made for lovers of attractions, characters and scenery. Here the word boredom doesn’t apply, and if you have children don’t stop making them experience an adventure that will mark their lives. These recreation centers have twenty of the most advanced technology to recreate the best vacation. Disney Orlando is the capital of the world and it is so big that some of its attractions must be mentioned separately, such as Magic Kingdom, which impresses even the most skeptical people with extreme attractions, continuous parades and fireworks shows at the end of the day. Contact with nature is a fact with the wonderful Sea World and its friendly marine species. You can have the same experience in Gatorland. If you are looking for something different you can explore the curiosities and extravagances of Ripley’s.

Orlando Tourist Guide

Theme parks, whether mechanical or natural, are interspersed with geography and each site struggles to make a mark. That’s how things work here, so much so that they make sure you don’t lack anything, whether it’s food, shopping, beautiful evenings for all ages, and something that caught our eye, competitively priced accommodations. This Orlando travel guide will put all your options on the table, in terms of accommodation, the historic and commercial center of the city, as well as a comprehensive and filtered collection of places to visit. And because not everything is a world of attraction, the embellished city gives you a pleasant environment that you can enjoy if you follow our detailed routes. It’s time to start exploring this magical tourist destination, join us.

What to see in Orlando

Universal Orlando Studios

Let’s say that traveling to Orlando is a dilemma, because we plan to enjoy the attractions whose franchise is big entertainment industries. We would say that you better give it a space for both, and above all focus your attention on the first theme park inspired by the movie industry. Everything we know on the other side of the screen we will see and experience in our own flesh thanks to a complex system of attractions that will take you to production stages like The Simpsons, Terminator, Jurasic Park, Harry Potter, Transformers, Minions and part of you to tell. Definitely each theme deserves a separate mention but with so much to tell we will concentrate on advising that it is better to have at least a couple of days, because here the fun has no end. The best 3D simulators, the scale models of your characters, favorite scenarios and amusement machines are waiting for you.

Walt Disney World

Disney characters perform in front of the Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida USA

Words would not be enough to describe how exuberant and exciting this amusement park is; it is undoubtedly the most famous on the planet. A decade after Walt Disney’s death in the 1970s, the first of the amusement complexes that would form a theme park empire was built. The main ones you should take into account are: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Holywood Studios Animal Kingdom, Epcot, plus 2 water parks, go-kart track, golf courses as well as countless gourmet stalls, shops and small game stations. Here the fun never sleeps, you will have to plan with a map of the site since you will want to see everything, besides having more than one day for it. Their accommodations are inexpensive compared to the rest of Orlando, so it would be a good excuse to choose a refuge and give yourself time to get to know all of their parks.


The direct contact with marine species and the blue as protagonist are the elements that define this place of attractions; the favorite place of both grown-ups and children. Seeing them give magnificent shows, touching them until they get that good vibe they emit are the sensations we always want in our vacations. So Orlando gives you the opportunity at Sea World to experience that and much more. Virtual reality roller coasters will make us believe that we are in front of a mythical monster called the Kraken; you will get your hair up thanks to this experience, just like the Mako shark. In addition, the seabed is always the medium through which we can learn about nature and Sea World brings us all its elements in a realistic environment, just like Antarctica, the Arctic, among many attractions to discover.


Orlando is a city that never tires of impressing us. This time we’re going to enter the bizarre and amazing world of Ripley’s; a collector who has been able to accumulate strange objects from almost 200 countries he has visited. The most interesting part of the tour is that the strange. Apart from stimulating us with the strangeness that makes up nature and the action of man, it leaves us learning about cultures, ingenuity, the whims of nature and natural accidents. If you go with your family to Florida, this is an excellent option to give them an unparalleled experience. They are sure to leave their jaws on the ground as they appreciate the collections distributed in 16 rooms. You will be able to see authentic reduced human heads, a Rolls Royce made of matches, fragments of the Berlin wall, miniatures, taxidermy of Siamese animals and much more. You think you have seen it all, come and check it out.

Epcot Center

The world of Disney never ceases to impress with its concept of multiple theme parks. It is necessary to dedicate words to its most emblematic concepts of attractions. Otherwise, it would be a sin to leave you in doubt by not deepening what your trip to Orlando has in store for you. Epcot is part of the Disney world complex and was the second to open its doors. Its theme is aimed at understanding and entertaining through elements of general culture and science that places the user at the technological advances and diverse applications for surfing the unknown world. The complex is made up of 35 different types of entertainment. It also has a variety of restaurants, with exquisite American dishes as well as international. Adventures are offered in environments such as Frozen Ever After, Mission: Space, Test Track which are unalterable attractions in the list.


This tourist spot links the exhibition of wildlife hovering around the crocodile as a central species in the region. Because not everything is Disney, wildlife in swamps has much to offer people of all ages with guaranteed safety. Venture out on a tour of the wide swamps in an aerial tour; see an area filled with these creatures that reign over the entire width of Florida’s swamps. For those who are more adventurous, Rookie Wrestling offers the possibility of coming into contact with this species in order to bring them down in a hand-to-hand combat, of course with professional help. But perhaps one of the most intense attractions is to visit the Gator night sanctuary. Narrow wooden paths separate visitors from the bites of wild crocodiles, but as we said, safety is guaranteed here.

Island of Adventure

We don’t know if this life is the first or the last, besides the fact that its time is relatively short. From there, we get attached to make our existence worthwhile by giving ourselves moments full of motion and adrenaline. Universal Orlando Resort offers us this park to satisfy that thirst for adventure. Incredible mechanical devices inside get involved in the themes of our favorite fictional characters. And beyond that, the surroundings will be new to our understanding, something that our sense of adventure likes, the unknown. The Marvel cast is present in their roller coasters, rooms, and gadgets that will turn you upside down. Just like your cartoon characters in an environment full of slides and water. The site has a special space for all the Harry Potter theme and the fantastic Hogwarts school, and finally the Lost World and Jurassic Park will complete your repertoire.

Downtown Orlando

It’s not all amusement parks. Orlando has the best places for leisure. Let’s take a break from downtown: Downtown Orlando. And it’s extremely easy to locate from any theme park. This place has the best restaurants where you can taste local, national and international haute cuisine. Experience it in creative environments like Soco Restaurant or The Rusty Spoon. For the more demanding there are luxury environments such as Dove Cote Brasseire. The international cuisine is very varied and the typical Mexican and European dishes are concentrated in the area. As if that wasn’t enough, the nightlife is supported by dance clubs for a night of passion and rhythm. Their bars serve the most exotic cocktails, and you can complement them with their smoke rooms where you can taste a good montecristo.

Wekiva River

For a change, take a walk on the calm waters of the Wekiva River. North of Orlando, Florida, this 15-mile-long river is home to a vast array of aquatic species. Thanks to them we can go for a paddle or even swim. The view becomes more acute when we make contact with beautiful birds, reptiles, turtles, deer while we take the walk. Rowing through this channel is an experience that reinforces that love for nature and wildlife. Its forests, swamps are the best landscapes in which exotic species of bears, or manatees become the protagonists and you the viewer. Tours are organized from the city of Orlando in which you can take a few hours’ walk. It includes a varied menu and a picnic stop where you can merge with the quietness of the woods.

Orlando Hotel Map

The good news is that finding hotels is not a problem. Even the amusement parks themselves offer accommodation packages. Generally, tourism to these types of places is related to their offers for logistic and mobilization reasons. But if you are thinking of staying in a different place, whether it’s for budget or any other reason, our Orlando hotel map shows you all the hotels in the city so that you can evaluate their availability, quality and price. Make sure you find the one that fits you best by accessing this interactive map. Loews Sapphire Falls Resort gives you a tropical experience in the heart of Universal Studios Park. Its restaurants, bars and game centers are themed with fun so the fun never ends. It offers a shuttle service through the park’s facilities.

Video of Orlando’s most impressive locations