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Thailand Tourist Map

Experience exotic tourism in a tour of this Asian corner. Thailand Tourist Map takes you to this corner, which has become a real tourist power at world level, managing to equalize with the tourism of Spain. What better justification than an influx of tourists, above the figure of 30 million. Thailand is full of exotic and attractive places, besides that it is a safe country, the perfect mixture for a dream tourism. Many people often travel to Thailand in groups, honeymoon, or just a vacation getaway with the family. One of the characteristics that make this destination a good choice is that it has it all, Beaches, Nature, commerce and lots of culture. To all this we add that is one of the countries where tourism has a low cost, considering the relationship of this with its excellent hotel infrastructure.

Thailand Tourist Map

The Kingdom of Thailand is part of the group of Asian countries. It is among the most populous countries in the world, housing about 65 million people within just over 513 thousand square kilometers. It is important to know about its culture given its original and mixed integration of several Asian countries. Buddhism is the predominant religion in the country. This culture has allowed to generate in its society a hospitable conscience and cordial treatment at all times. Its sunny and warm climate unfolds between November and February. Consider an escape at this time of the year due to its excellent weather conditions. Also consider its wide calendar of festivities that take place in this period of time.

There is plenty to visit, see and enjoy. This country has exuberant beaches, a true set of paradises, popular among tourist destinations worldwide. They even become stages of exotic and very funny night events, as well as festivals. And we can not fail to mention the wide range of hiking activities and adventure sports in these areas. The offer in natural landscapes does not end there, since Thailand enjoys numerous national parks, with incredible ecosystems distributed in extensive areas. This destination has various accommodation options for all types of tourists. Hotels are in good quantity and types, distributed throughout the territory. Here you will have no inconveniences to compare. In our map of hotels you can find those that suit you and yours. Their most important cities are the strong point of their tourism, especially because of the development they have achieved.


It is its capital, is located in the heart of the country, and its center concentrates a bulk of 9 million people, coupled with 12 million in the periphery. It has a robust urban transport system. Its city, populated and cosmopolitan and westernised, is full of modern buildings, interspersed with temples and important palaces, as well as places for fun and leisure. Here life is very lively, and proof of this can be found in the markets. Its streets are full of merchants of all kinds of souvenirs, and also an exotic offer in street food. It is the gateway to international tourism, and this is due to its international airport. It is located on the banks of the Chao Praya river, throughout history it has been modified to obtain a complex network of canals in the best style of Venice.

Chiang Mai

Merely cultural city, located north of Bangkok. So tempting is it for the curious who wish to live the experience of riding elephants, to go for a ride in their natural areas. Chiang Mai is the most striking naturalistic offer in the country. It is a place to get lost in the adventure of trekking and safari. Its historic center concentrates the legendary palace complex of the kingdom of Lanna. Along its mountains you will know beautiful villages, since there ancestral tribes live there with a cultural level in perfect state of conservation. Among the attractions to visit within the city are the Opium Museum, Wat Phasak Temple, and Wat Chedi. There is also a point where Thailand’s borders with Laos and Myanmar meet, whose name is the Golden Triangle. All this can be programmed through our tourist guide Chiang Mai.

Phi Phi

Phi Phi is a set of four small islands whose main island is Koh Phi Phi Don in which concentrates the greatest amount of services of access and lodging. It is well known for the filming of the Beach, which was starred by Leonardo Di Caprio. Today it receives thousands of tourists at all times of the year. Its other islands are Koh phi Phi Leh, Koh Pai or Bamboo Island and Koh Yung or Mosquito Island.  These form the most popular archipelago of Asian tourism, characterized by its crystal clear waters and diving activities. You can take some diving classes in this place. Come and enjoy the wonderful view offered by both the fauna and the marine flora of the reef. Eating in Phi Phi is not a problem, as there are an infinity of gastronomic places. Thai food and seafood are the main prize.

Koh Samui

Pioneer in the insular tourism, it has been developing its attraction based on its paradisiacal beaches, maximum expression of a tourist catalogue without filters. In this island is among the three most important tourist locations in the country. It is the perfect excuse to go south of the country and know beaches like Bo Phut, Mae Nam or Fisherman Vilage which are the take off of the bustling areas for those who prefer serenity and sharing with the family, for those looking for a little more action is the beach of Choeng Mon to order. When you come to Thailand, you’ll want to see the Big Buddhas. In this island the most important of the country are found in temples like Wat Phra Yai and Wat Plai Naem. Don’t forget to visit Wat Khuranam temple, where you will see the famous monk Luang Pordaeng mummified.