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Tourist Map of Portugal

This is a country that is practically a stage album. The urban rhythm of its capital and main cities faithfully respect its traditions. Saudade, fado and the beautiful Portuguese language give it an authentic expression of its identity. Portugal also offers you beautiful natural landscapes, paradisiacal beaches that give a window of their villages and docks to the sea, with the most pleasant temperature to travel. Along with it, gastronomy, shopping and golf are the ingredients that this tourist map of Portugal mixes to encourage you towards this box of surprises. Although on public holidays the richness of its culture is experienced to the fullest, everyday life will always give you the traditional touch you are looking for. We prepare the most popular sites to take into account, because we know that you like to have first hand information about this majestic garden that rubs against the sea.

Tourist Maps of Portugal

Portugal is known for having multiple landscapes. It is curious that this tourist destination of varied contrasts is framed within an extension of 92 thousand square kilometers. There are indications that this region served as a port for Gaul, hence the presumed origin of its name. All its history, art and culture were framed by those civilizations that transited the Iberian Peninsula. This land, a mixture rich in influences, includes almost 3 millennia of turbulent events until becoming part of the current European community. Let’s take into account that this country has a very high human development; the standards of quality of life have allowed it to build a society that protects its culture and traditions. For Spain it is easy to enter, either through Castilla-Leon or Galicia, in addition to the thousand and one landscapes are so close together.

Portugal has an immense coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Provided with innumerable beaches, its majority of incomparable beauty and that in epochs its prolonged summers has a high affluence of tourists. Due to its climate, sand and the colour of its waters, this attraction steals the hearts of passers-by, not to mention its gastronomy. Its main cities are well known worldwide for having a vast urban beauty preserved over time especially by those that are scattered on the banks of the Douro River as is Oporto, also famous for its wine routes. On the other hand Aveiro as epicenter of Portugal in terms of picturesque places that can be seen through walks moliceiros. Of course Lisbon, as the capital, is a magnificent place for walks between alleys and historic neighborhoods that safeguard the charm of Portugal.


Besides beautiful, it is very friendly and has a magnetism that attracts European tourism, natural from Asia and America. The height of its modern culture makes it a very appetizing city. If we add the traditionalist ingredient that derives from different merged influences, we realize that the historic center of Baixa, or the Alto neighborhood is a must-see point for our journey. It is a destination for a good holiday during any season. Its pleasant temperature will allow you to contemplate the Portuguese modus vivendi from corner to corner; it is simply a tourist city to spend a few days in. It is considered one of the best cities to visit worldwide according to Lonely Planet. In addition to the city serves as a base for undertaking visits to its main cities, as well as spas nearby.


Aveiro is ideal for strolling through its canals in the best Venetian style, but with that unique touch given by the modernism of its buildings. It has an abundant history of riches and complex periods; undoubtedly one of the most interesting things it has to offer visitors today. This city has access from Oporto, it’s usually a getaway on that city’s route, but being there for sure will leave you wanting to stay. It is a city with a fantastic rhythm in nightlife, spaces to admire, as well as to taste can not be overlooked. One of the most exciting things you will experience in Aveiro are the excursions on Moliceiros. Come and admire its artnoveau architecture, or go for some ovos moles. Beauty, tradition and emotions in one place.


Oporto is another interesting city, beyond a complement of the capital as far as itinerary is concerned. It is full of monuments, so relax and take more than a day to tour them. A good place to start is downtown Oporto, where the Avenida de Los Aliados serves as a gateway to important modernist facades. The typical gastronomy awaits you with open arms in the Ribeira area. The terraces are the picturesque scenery of the Duero River, and the restaurants that are owned by passers-by. A subterranean history is hidden in its catacombs and is possible on a visit to the Church of San Francisco. If you come for good wine then their Porto wineries will not disappoint you. You should have time to take large quantities of impressions with you.


Sintra has what the two sides call it; we mean that one part of its attractiveness is located at the foot of its hill covering a large part of the historic center of the city, the other is concentrated at the top of it; they are two areas that complement each other and have much to offer in particular. Inside Sintra we can enjoy its alleys, the souvenirs that we can acquire in its shops and the manual work of its artists; walks that can be taken advantage of both in high and low seasons. It does not remain any more to recommend a stroll by its surroundings where towns like Cabo de Roca, Cascais or Colares; beaches, cliffs and casinos are within reach of a short distance by public transport; route realizable in a tour and that can last a day, that could well last so little for some, therefore it has to offer.