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Tourist map of Cozumel

This beautiful island is located to the east of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea, it is the third largest and second most populated island in the American country. Cozumel is a flat island formed from limestone rock from the reefs, which makes it one of the main diving sites in the world, and that is because its reefs are better than those we see in fairy tales. In addition, it has many beaches perfect for snorkeling or just relaxing, and if we talk about photos for souvenirs, it is surrounded by rocks, which will give your photo a wonderful passage. So that you do not miss what this incredible island offers you, we leave a tourist map of Cozumel in which we present you the main attractions of this wonderful place of the Riviera Maya, its beaches, cenotes, lagoons, long plains, underground rivers, and many more attractions.

Tourist map of Cozumel

Its name in Mayan means land of the swallows and has long been a focus of attraction for pre-Hispanic peoples. In the Chilam Balam we can read: “When the multitude of the children of the Earth multiplied, it was the Cuzamil center, the flower of the earth A flower that continues to bear beautiful fruit. The map of the city of Cozumel will provide the visitor with the possibility of easily locating the main sites of interest and places to visit in the city, where natural beauties that have made it a favorite of thousands of tourists are contained.

We could give you a lot of reasons to visit Cozumel, but the truth is that its beautiful landscapes, its warm beaches and its historical testimonies make Cozumel a place you will want to visit. That’s why we present a complete tourist guide that will make your trip an unforgettable experience, with the main places to visit and all the tourist information you want to make you feel you’ve known Cozumel all your life.

Cozumel Tourist Guide

The cheapest way to get to Cozumel is by ferry, from Playa del Carmen in Cancun, where there is a ferry terminal that takes tourists to this island paradise, the trip takes about 45 minutes and offers the adventure of sailing across the sea so you can enjoy the view and fresh air with the smell of the sea, something important is that once in Playa del Carmen the ferry tickets can be cancelled just before the departure of the boat, although some people prefer to book them in advance.

The high season in Cozumel goes from December to April, although throughout the year there are cruises that visit the island, although the best season to visit Cozumel is during carnival, because of the showy beaches and the celebration of the festivities, in the carnival seasons there are parades, dances and great events that have distinguished the carnival of the place as the Great Party of the Caribbean. It’s also important to keep in mind that during the summer season from July to November, is the rainy season in Cozumel so it is not recommended to visit these lands during those dates because it will be difficult to enjoy its beaches and natural attractions. This guide offers you the main options to make your trip a different world experience.

What to visit in Cozumel

The San Gervasio Archaeological Zone

This is the largest archaeological zone in Cozumel, it should be taken into account that before entering this zone you must pay a tax of 82 pesos, charged by the community for the maintenance of the areas, not all archaeological zones in Cozumel are open to the public. It is said that in this place they worshipped the Mayan goddess of fertility Ix Chel, in this place you can see the remains of stone buildings that were used in the time of the viceroyalty. A beautiful zone that generates great tranquility in who visits it, the structures are to great distance one of the others and are composed by constructions of great size.

Chankanaab National Park

An open air park with a variety of activities on the beach, where you can swim with dolphins or go scuba diving. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to be in great shape, but you do have to know how to swim. Chankanaab National Park has a pleasant atmosphere and perfect facilities for both exploring and relaxing. The park is a haven for families with young children and amateur divers looking to grow their experience. With the entrance fee you get access to the beach, and it is recommended that you make your trip to this place as early as possible so that you can enjoy a day of attractive activities.

Ecopark or Punta Sur

If wildlife and contact with nature are your passion then a trip to Celerain Lighthouse should be on your list of places you don’t want to miss. Well, over 1,000 hectares of land are home to local species, including fish, exotic birds, crocodiles and many more. You’ll also find El Caracol, one of the Mayan ruins that can be visited on the beautiful island of Cozumel, where you’ll find a maritime museum. While you’re there, you can enjoy the waters of Cozumel’s Laguna de Colombia, a refreshing and renewing experience.

The Cozumel Museum

Not everything in Cozumel is beach and paradise in the best Hollywood style, Cozumel is also a place full of history, rich in culture that can be seen in the center of the city where the Museum of the Island is located, a former luxury hotel that today lends its facilities to give life to what is known as the Cozumel Museum, with exhibitions that show the ecosystems of the island along with local development and conservation issues. The museum houses many Spanish and Mayan artifacts that hold pieces of history worth admiring, in contrast to its 20th century cultural development exhibits.

The Sky

Cozumel is a dream destination in which you can go to heaven without leaving the earth, and is that in this beautiful place there is a beach that has this name and you can get there by taking a boat from anywhere on the island where residents offer the trip for an affordable cost, this beach of crystal clear waters allows you to enjoy at the bottom of the sea a large number of starfish that contrast with a deep blue water and dark contrast with the rest of the sea, its shallow waters offer a visual spectacle that will conquer you.

Palancar Reef

If in your travel plans is to practice diving and snorkeling then the reef is the ideal place for you, with warm and crystalline waters this place is the favorite of those who like to practice underwater activities, with calm and crystalline waters in this place you can enjoy the life under the sea, with corals of great beauty and small fish that inhabit the area, the reef is undoubtedly the ideal place to experience marine life. The fish used to the presence of man allow tourists who practice diving or snorkeling to get very close to them. Its shallow waters let visitors observe and enjoy the sand on the bottom of the sea where a great deal of starfish rest.

Pearl Farm

Another original and fun experience you will want to live in Cozumel, the Pearl Farm is a place where the animals that produce these wonderful beads are bred. In the Pearl Farm of Cozumel an original and charming place that offers a great variety of pearl oysters that take 5 years to grow and form the precious mother-of-pearl spheres. The farm is reached from the coast by taking a boat or motorboat that will take you to the place, once there the visitor can enjoy the beautiful pieces that are submerged in the sea protected in underwater baskets to control the development of the beautiful shiny beads.

The Viewpoint

A place from which you can admire the incredible landscape that the island offers, this viewpoint is made up of a natural rocky boardwalk that offers a platform from which you can enjoy the sea and take some incredible photos to remember, from this place you can also appreciate wonderful sunsets in which the multiple colors of the sky merge with the greatness of the sea, a sea that at sunset hides the sun on its horizon leaving the viewer with a pleasant feeling of peace and tranquility, ideal scenario to meditate and relax, or simply sit and enjoy.

Passion Island

If you have not yet fallen in love with the island of Cozumel, this place will make you want to stay, a unique place after nature, Passion Island is part of the protected area of Cozumel and has a splendid beach about one kilometer long, with spectacular white sand and surrounded by transparent turquoise waters, this place received the Mayan couples who were married, who made a pilgrimage to the island to pay tribute to Ix Chel, goddess of love and fertility. Now it is travelers from all over the world who come to get married in this beautiful place, celebrating unforgettable beauty ceremonies. They say that couples who get married on Passion Island live a passionate existence and lasting unions.

Cozumel Hotel Map

When you visit Cozumel, the ideal thing to do is to stay in a hotel near the beaches, since they represent the main attraction of the area. That is why we bring you the map of hotels in Cozumel, where you will find the best options when it comes to lodging. The hotel Allegro Cozumel is an option for the traveler who is looking for a place with great comfort, in the south zone near Palancar, is this hotel with an area of 5 pools, spa, gym, bar and restaurant in the hotel, this wonderful hotel has comfortable rooms designed so that the guest feels renewed, not in vain won a classification of 4 stars; if you’re looking for a 5-star option, the Occidental Cozumel Hotel is your destination, a place inspired by a Mexican hacienda that offers the possibility of enjoying the beauties of the Palancar reef on the island, in addition to having an impressive pool, spa, gym, bar and restaurant, a place to make you dream. If you don’t know where to go, don’t think twice and head for Cozumel, a little piece of heaven in Mexico.

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