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Sicily Tourist Map

Sicily is one of those cities that will make you feel as if some part of you remembers a previous experience. Every corner is provided with history, myths and experiences of ancient Greece. This Mediterranean island concentrates the bulk of historical vestiges of several cultures, the ones with the highest density in terms of UNESCO world heritage. The weight of each culture, and the links they maintain, whether Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Moorish or even Spanish, represent the image of what today is in world tourism, one of the most visited and missed by lovers of archaeology. Sicily Tourist Map takes you to this wonderful corner, a real jewel waiting to be discovered in each of its scenarios, in every corner of the landscape, and its unique cuisine. Live all the joy of its people, along with a varied offer of festivals and spectacular beaches.

Sicily Tourist Map

This island represents one of the most important Italian regions, representing in size and population density the most relevant of the country and the whole Mediterranean Sea. This land of grace takes the top prize in cultural and heritage heritage. It has always been linked to the appearance of man in each of his ages, from prehistory through ancient settlements, to the important events of the Middle Ages and the modern age having its peak of popularity in the eighteenth century where the wealthy youth of Europe used to spend their days, almost a transition to maturity. Its area extends over more than 25 thousand square kilometers, housing some 5 million people, a population that is primarily concentrated in its main cities, such as Palermo and Catania. Its merely Mediterranean climate and group of small islands makes it very tempting for international tourism.

The favorite itinerary of globetrotters and fans of the Mediterranean climate includes its set of monuments, being among the most popular, the Valley of the Temples which denotes the most prosperous period of Greek settlements. Continuing with the tour it is crucial to make a cultural zigzag exploring the Turkish legacy such as the Scala deiTurchi, or a visit to the historical centre of Cefalù, where you have plenty of activities to do, including serene and warm beaches. The places to visit in Sicily are an inexhaustible source, so you can take a leap into its beautiful landscapes like the one offered by Mount Etna, a sleeping giant that gives signs of wanting to wake up. The Sicilian tourist office provides you with the ideal repertoire for every season of the year, as well as the modalities of travel to reach the island successfully.

Sicily Tourist Guide

There are many tourist sites to visit, the problem here is where to start, and even how to organize within such wealth lends itself to being discovered. Each stop is an independent paradise that deserves a special mention. Sicily tour guide will be in charge of guiding you through the routes, and the most impressive places. This selection contains everything you need to know to see, to stay and even to put your plans aside and give yourself body and soul to this box of surprises. Here we make it clear and interactive, and with all the details. A couple of days are not enough to make the most of everything it has to offer. Who can deny that you like this island to spend a long time.

What to see in Sicily

Valley of the Temples

The golden age of ancient Greece shines in Agriento, a small town in the southern wing of this region. And at the top of its hills is The Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to the scribes of the time, there were about twenty temples, but only 10 banners of this vast wealth have been found. From there, it became known as “the city crowned by temples”. Located in a privileged geography that once served navigators as a strategic point. Visiting them is an experience that transcends pleasure, to observe in the valley its descent towards the sea, while you allow yourself to be enveloped by its impressive landscape; its 1,400 hectares are debated between the marvelous sea and the history of an immaculate empire. Take advantage of the local guides so as not to miss any detail.

Mount Etna

Etna is a trip you should not miss. Since the beginning of the ascent, the landscape is dazzling and you can enjoy the picturesque villages along the way. The first part of the tour can be done by car or cable car. In winter it is a great destination for skiing enthusiasts. The second part is when the guided tour begins, which is done by all-terrain tourist bus. This is the most active volcano in Europe, so you should be careful at all times. If you follow the indications of the park staff to the letter, you will enjoy this marvel without any inconvenience and you will even be allowed to get close to one or another crater. Not many times you have the opportunity to step on such amazing places.

Scala dei Turchi

The Turkish Staircase owes its name to the fact that in past times, there were Turkish settlements in the region. At first the visit to this paradise looks a little complicated, starting with the scarcity of places to stay. The long walks along its seemingly endless narrow paths, the descending stairs, make the surprise that awaits you well deserved. When you arrive what you have to do is contemplate that spectacle in front of the sea, where the sun, the breeze, the colours, the smell of the Mediterranean touches your soul. All that landscape energizes you, you will forget everything. It is time to connect with that which you once dreamed of and which will come back to you. The splendid landscapes will not abandon you anywhere along the way. But all that beauty is increasing, at every step, recharging you with the strength you need to live it to the fullest and enjoy it with your companions. This experience is priceless.

Taormina Theatre

After passing the Porta of Messina, on Mount Taurus is this Hellenistic wonder dating back to 300 years BC. It was almost entirely rebuilt during the time of Roman rule. In the purest Greco-Roman style, the mythical Theatre, located at the top of Taormina. It was the scene of many gladiator fights. It had a capacity for about 5000 spectators. It still keeps some of the Corinthian walls placed behind the stage. Every year cultural representations are illuminated, mostly during summer seasons. Its privileged location between the sky and the Mediterranean Sea was used in antiquity for surveillance, especially to monitor entrances and exits to the city. Today, it offers visitors one of the best preserved theaters in history and a view capable of leaving anyone speechless.


It is a small fishing village on the coast with an ancestral culture. Cefalú wakes up during the summer to offer, great luxuries, like being able to admire from any window one of the best sunsets. It has stories and landscapes with a very particular charm, where both its quiet beaches, as its narrow streets, its small squares, its cathedral, its historic center, its Greco-Roman tower, its ancient fortress, make it a destination quite in demand. Even though its atmosphere is crowded with tourists, it is not known how it manages to keep each traveller in a state of relaxation and tranquillity. All this in view of “La Rocca” a rock formation that you can climb and that makes Cefalù have even more landscapes to give away, because it is one of those destinations that if you take a look at it in 360 degrees, there is a point of interest on any of its sides. Visit it and get to know its stories.

The Alcántara Gorges

A small eruption north of Etna formed a canyon with basalt walls, through which the water flows; this is the origin of the Gorges of Alcantara. This natural monument is an ode to biodiversity; ideal for environmentalists and nature lovers. Its route allows the transit by the agrosenderos, where its vegetation can be appreciated. The aromas and colors of its crops will make you want to go. In its 400 meters long and 5 meters wide you will find the spectacle that provides the reflection of light on its black walls. This particular brightness catches tourists and non-tourists alike. As you descend into the gorges and go along them in the opposite direction to the river current, you will find an artificial pool where you can take a comforting dip and continue your adventure.


This medieval town-planning located on the top of Monte Giuliano is practically the most beautiful view in Sicily. In fact, it offers unbeatable panoramic views, as it is 751 metres above sea level. Zigzagging its network of cobbled streets, you can find this magical corner full of charm, which not everyone can reach. The history of the place is another element that calls to be discovered. When visiting its temples, its historical centre and its eminent castle, you will be dazzled by its beauty in which it seems that myths are mixed with reality. Together with the Sicilian customs, this small jewel allows you to evoke the Middle Ages, either during the tasting of a cappuccino in any of its cafes or simply enjoying its clean air. Let yourself be carried away by the countless attractions that this small but interesting town has to offer. A museum under the sky.

Monastero dei Benedittino

This old monastery was created in the 16th century. It is an emblem of Catania and its white stone facade contrasts perfectly with the city. This destination is full of stories to tell. Once you get to know it, the memories of every corner will be indelible, just as they have been for the residents. It is the third largest in the whole of the old continent, and its cultural reference is so significant that it has been converted into a university, that is to say, that these historical places with their respective traces that remain in their corners and in their wonderful architecture, preserve a vibrant and full of life air. It has precious works of art associated with Benedict’s biography. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the different levels that this monastery offers.


Called the Eagle’s Nest, for its location at the top of the mountain. It is very close to Taormina, or rather, it is practically on top of Taormina. For this reason the views obtained from there are sublime, so much so that it covers points that are much further away such as Sant Alessio Siculo or Guardini Naxos. It is ideal for those travellers who are looking for quiet activities. Its landscape invites you to take walks around midday, to have picnics. This town that hangs from the clouds also has room for history like much of Sicily. There is a medieval castle here that you will not want to miss. Its advantageous location allows for a view of the entire bay that will fill your eyes with its beauty. Another point where you can continue to appreciate its beauty while enjoying a good coffee, is its small and beautiful square.

Sicily Hotel Map

As long as you can tour the island and get to know each city, you will be able to know about the accommodation possibilities in each one, so that you can choose where you want to spend your nights. Each corner guarantees you an atmosphere full of beauty and light; the volcano, the beach and others offer you beautiful Mediterranean views, ideal for the culmination of a day of strolls, and refreshing sunrises. Map of hotels in Sicily selects all of them and highlights the conditions of each one so that you can choose. We recommend Hotel della Valle, which is in the heart of Agrigento. It is a spa hotel, with extremely spacious bedrooms and excellent services worthy of its 4 stars. From its balconies you will have beautiful Mediterranean sunsets, as well as gardens and open-air gastronomic areas.

Video of the most impressive tourist sites in Sicily