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Tourist Map of Sardinia

In the heart of the Mediterranean is the island of Sardinia; full of beautiful beaches, coves and a complete shade of blue that blinds. Feel the adventure by accessing by sea or air this reserve of culture and untamed nature. A large part of this island has hardly had any regular contact with man, so it is a good opportunity to walk around this robust and wild environment where, in addition to enjoying spas, you can get in touch with its rich fauna and old plants. Here life has been respected by the passage of man and in this tourist map of Sardinia we are going to show you what is necessary to cover a good repertoire within so many places that have to be discovered. There are for diverse naturalist tastes, mountain, sea or desert, and the ancient culture reflected in its ancient constructions is not wasted. You will have enough to draw and choose from.

Tourist Map of Sardinia

Sardinia forms an entire region of Italy, framed by an enormous island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea of 24 thousand square kilometers. It is politically divided into provinces with a population of approximately one and a half million inhabitants. Its geological composition of ancient date separates it from islands like Sicily or Italy itself from the mainland, due to its rocky formation of high hardness. Its landscapes are distributed in high rocky formations being most of this relief the figure that defines the island. It has extensive rivers and a lake that provides water as well as some reservoirs created by man. This island rich in natural resources is in optimal state of conservation and its coasts of varied reliefs and forms give evidence of it. It is a region with fresh mistral winds that gives the visitor a pleasant environment.

The traces of civilization go back to prehistoric times, where monuments of the time and subsequent ages still remain and have become authentic attractions worthy of an open-air museum. Medieval architecture is also present with the Gothic of Algiers, a city ready to welcome you to its beaches and charm. In this same way Cagliari is another cumulus of historical structures to be visited. Venture into the archipelago of the seven sisters that make up the Maddalena National Park, the ideal place for lovers of the seabed. Stintino is a town that keeps one of the most beautiful beaches, La Pelosa, and next to it some buildings from the sixteenth century. Palau is another point where water activities are the main course of coastal life. We are sure you will love this combination of architecture and marine atmosphere.

Tourist guide of Sardinia

The island is open all year round, we mean that any time is ideal to visit, here life has a constant flow. It is an advantage to venture into an environment of exuberant beauty and little knowledge by the average tourist. So every relevant point is almost smelling new, that’s why in this Sardinian tourist guide we have the selected routes with the best places we recommend to visit. Find out the most relevant data and what you need to stay in this region. We help you on this route that we designed to distribute your repertoire balancing the natural paradises. The beaches with those charming cities will combine history with fun and stimulation to your senses. All this without overlooking those monuments that tell us about the remote past of the island.  Give yourself a space to read here the reasons to visit Sardinia.

What to see in Sardinia


One of the favorite spots for tourists, it has been the protagonist of relevant events in the past, leaving its experience in historical constructions, apart from the exuberant beaches it has. It is a city to be broken down in detail but we are sure that in one day you can give yourself the freedom to tour the city, where the historic center or Barrio Castello takes the attention, there forts, museums and churches draw the panorama of the medieval quarter. The Poetto beach and the Molentargius-Saline park are the main naturalistic offers, where the colours of the environment together with the fauna will leave you speechless. If you like hiking and have a trophy view of Cagliari, Mount Urpinu is the ideal place. The Barrio Marina and the Bastion of Saint Remy mix the maritime landscape with the interesting history of the city. There are many places to visit in Cagliari.


Near and within Olbia you should consider the many options. Generally, trekking sets the tone, since the scenic surroundings provide the necessary conditions to explore its beauty. Porto Istana has a set of emerald blue beaches to choose from, ideal if you are going with your partner and want to get away. Porto Rotondo is perhaps more elite. If you plan to have a great time, don’t forget to stroll around the neighborhood of this town that is very popular with tourists. Tavolara is a place that can be reached by boat, as it is an islet with an important coral area, a real spectacle when seen with a snorkel. Monte Pinu and the Valley of the Moon, combines the walk in the coastal relief. Feel the Mediterranean wind brushing your face and stumble upon archaeological sites due to erosion.


It’s a tourist center located in the north of the island. It’s one of the exotic options for having a carved coast with a bay of clear waters. The fort of this city is the life that develops in the island. And it is that the night life, the port mixes with a beautiful color lavender and olive tree. The most popular beaches are in Punta Sardegna and to top off the seascape Porto Faro offers a more northern atmosphere. This town is famous for its festive and colourful activity, especially during the carnivals, the festivities of San Jorge and Santa Maria delle Grazie. For adventure, explore Cabo d’Orso or visit the tombs of the giants of Li Mizzani. This village is famous for its superb style and represents the main departure point to the Maddalena archipelago.

Maddalena Archipelago

How lucky the inhabitants of the island and its archipelago are to have this paradise every day. The group of islands have peculiar characteristics in their beaches. The varied fauna lives peacefully in this area protected from motor boats and the exploitation of its natural resources. Some of the species that live there are unique in the world. In ancient times the archipelago was highly valued as an important enclave for maritime traffic between Sardinia and Corsica. You can access the town of this group of islands that once had important fishing activity. Today it is dedicated to the work of elements extracted with respect for nature and the finishes are worthy of admiration. Its beaches are to be enjoyed for their temperature and the colour of the waters, as well as the small coves that are sheltered in some of its islands.

Petrified Forest of Martis

This place is a rare formation scenario unique in the world. These are plant fossils that belonged to a forest that dates back to the Miocene; we are talking about twenty million years. If we understand the process of petrification, we can say that they are halfway to becoming coal. Meanwhile we will enjoy the petrified cylindrical shapes of the trunks. Some of them with added minerals that give a strange touch to our sight. Although not so mentioned in the trips of the rest, we recommend a visit to this place. This play of shapes and colors causes a shock in traditional tourism and it is an excellent opportunity to capture this rare landscape with the camera. Besides, the excursion is usually somewhat relaxed, as there is little influx of visitors. It’s just you and fossils from millions of years ago.

Gonone Cove

You will have in this site adventure, history, fun and curiosities. Appreciating and acquiring its craftsmanship is a sign of visiting this magical place. Its historical center is very peculiar; its houses are made of rock of volcanic origin. As a visual spectacle, we recommend that you walk around the area and visit the workshops that work with ceramics, looms and silverware, maintaining traditional techniques. Its museum preserves vestiges of Roman and Punic cultures that settled in the region. It comprises a vast region to be visited with the willingness to need a whole day or more. Don’t get caught up in the charm of its local events in honour of Santa Catalina. There are beautiful coves nearby such as Cartoe, Osalla, Luna and Ziu Martine. Close to this area you can take a group trip to the Blue Marino caves where an eroded scenery will leave you speechless.


It is a town of Sardinian-Catalan origin located in the northwest of Sardinia. In the Mediterranean, historical centers stand out next to exuberant beaches that have turned to their tourist localities of extreme importance; Alghero is between that select group of cities, so much so that the tourism of this town has become its main economic potential. The historical centre dates back to the 11th century and is made up of numerous alleys and towers that are easily accessible. You can even take some time out to sample the rich and varied local cuisine and commerce. This suggestion is practically the favourite activity in Alghero. Its streets are perfectly coordinated with the culinary and craft routes. Churches, towers and museums complement the charm of the town centre; it is worth having a street map at hand.

Ispinigoli Grotto

It is a treasure trove of geology and a feast of forms that unsettle scholars. Mother Nature makes her own with the beauty of these caves; stalactites and stalagmites rub shoulders with others of great proportions in caves of continental Europe. The interior environment, curiously enough, enjoys an optimum temperature and was exploited by ancestors in the face of unfavourable climatic conditions for themselves and their flocks. These caves can be perfectly visited with tourist guides and thanks to the appropriate lighting for the site. Among the formations that can be seen, a huge petrified column of about 38 meters stands out; in other caves of the same type, they can only be seen at greater depths. Another important sighting is the Abyss of the Virgins. With 12 kilometers inwards, it ends in streams and connects with other still unknown cavities.

Emerald Coast

It is one of the most famous coastal regions in all of Italy. Its characteristic turquoise blue touches the greenery that gives it its name. Its beaches are scattered along a long coastline of about 55 kilometers, along with an impeccable sand of whitish pastel shades. Along its beaches are distributed the cities of Porto Cervo, Olbia Romazzino among others of tourist importance. This oasis is an escape point for international celebrities; they are commonly seen in photos whose paradisiacal background comes from these beaches. In the month of September various events such as the Regatta of Sardinia or the Italian film festival are held in Costa Smeralda. It is a good opportunity to attend and to take advantage of the climate that still favors, together with the low affluence of tourists.

Map of hotels in Sardinia

When planning your trip to Sardinia, take into account the type of adventure you want to have. Settling in a unique place or choosing several parts requires prior consideration of time and distances that are suitable not only for you, but also for you or your companions. The island is wide and rich in options, and according to what you need an interaction with our map of hotels in Sardinia will put you close to the most accessible accommodation to your needs. La Locanda del Conte Mameli is a hotel in Olbia. A very popular access point for international tourism, without leaving aside the beauty that can be enjoyed in the corners of this city. The rooms have various interesting designs and are located in a historic building. Its rooms have the ample services of a 4-star hotel.

Video of the most impressive places in Sardinia