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Tourist Map of Medellín

Medellín is a wonderful achievement to enjoy a different kind of vacation, full of knowledge, fun, and peace, thanks to all those landscapes that make up this city and give it the potential to create all the attractive centers it has. Medellin is a Colombian city located in the east of the country, in the department of Antioquia. It is also known as “the city of eternal spring”, thanks to its mountainous landscape and the traditional flower fair that takes place there. And as if that were not enough, it is the administrative center of Antioquia. The diversity of landscapes you’ll find here is unique. A hybrid between city and nature. It is not surprising then that it is one of the best known and most touristy cities in Colombia. In Mapa Turístico you have the opportunity to know all those places and reference points, perfect to make your trip a great experience. Even better, you can know the most outstanding hotels, the best routes to travel in the city and a list of places you can’t miss.

Tourist Map of Medellín

Medellín was designated in 1826 as the capital of Antioquia. Little by little the city became one of the most prominent cities in the country, clearly because of its economic participation; first with gold exports and then with industrialization. Little by little its growth became remarkable. It is necessary to emphasize then, that this city from its beginnings has obtained its economic potential from the industry, which still is present at the present time. However, it has not lost its essence along the way, as the city still has its natural charisma that attracts any nature fanatic. And this is what attracts any visitor, in the tourist plane of the city you are going to find activities that have relation with the nature, like others away from her. As it is a city that has many visitors, you can get tourist information at every corner.

Medellín Tourist Guide

There are many places to visit in the city of Medellin. Also, there are many options that we leave you to visit, learn with the city and have fun. In Medellín you will have the opportunity to enjoy both technological and very updated learning activities, you will also have the opportunity to visit the historical center of Medellín and learn about its birth and evolution. Here you will also find a map of the city’s hotels so that you can choose the best hotels in the city for your stay. There are many tourist sites you can visit in Medellín, and you will surely love each one of them. To make your trip through all the options, you can choose from the tourist bus options offered in the city and decide according to your convenience. You can’t miss visiting this industrialized paradise.

What to see in Medellin

Arvi Park

This is an Ecotourism Park located in the northeast of Medellín and is one of the best attractions you can find in this city. There you will not only have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscapes it offers, but you can also travel by cable car to the top of the mountain to enjoy a magnificent view. You can find fun in each of its hectares, you can even go to the river in one of them. There are many things you can do here, it is the perfect place to enjoy the harmony of nature and mountain activities, and at the same time enjoy the flora and fauna of the place. There are many packages offered by the tourist guides to show you every aspect of the park. On the other hand, this Ecotourism Park not only gives you fun, here you can also find a hotel where you can rest.

Explora Park

Explora Park is an interactive museum that promotes and teaches technological advances in Medellín to both children and adults. In this place you will find a children’s room, where the youngest members of the family can learn about science and technology in a fun way together with the guides of the place, who will be in charge of making this a great experience. The fun is not lost on the adults, since they can walk around the whole museum and learn about the different technological advances and exhibitions. They can even watch a movie in the 3D projection room. But if you visit this interactive park, you can’t miss the freshwater aquarium they have there. It’s the largest in all of Latin America and recreates two ecosystems: tropical wetlands and coral reefs. The price to visit this interactive museum is around 27000 Colombian pesos.

Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden

It is a 13.2 hectare park, perfect to spend a day with the family and discover something different in the city of Medellin. It is not surprising that in this city, which is located in a valley, its main attraction is nature. But you can’t miss it, it’s a wonderful experience and the botanical garden is no exception. If you have children, this is one of the best places to visit, there they can run in large spaces, play in the playgrounds distributed along it, and even learn about the flora and fauna of the place. In addition, it is a place that beyond its natural beauty, is adorned with the best architectural sculptures, which give way to each of the areas of the place. If you are a fan of butterflies and insects, or simply want to learn something new, within this same botanical garden you can visit the butterfly house. On the other hand, in this place you can also find restaurants if you have already made your lunch hour, and once you have finished, you can continue walking around the place.

Museum of Antioquia

This museum is located in the Plaza Botero in Medellin. It is one of the main museums in the country, in fact it is the second museum founded in Colombia. It has collections that have great international relevance. If you like art, you can’t stop going to this place once you visit medellín. In this place you can enjoy a very varied art, from pre-Columbian art to contemporary art. But, without a doubt, in this place you will find art through which you can learn about Colombian history. So if you want to know a little more about the culture of this place, it is indispensable that you take a look at the Museum of Antioquia.

Medellin Metropolitan Cathedral

The culture and history is something that is very present in the city of Medellin. So its best places to visit go in this direction. The Metropolitan Cathedral is a magical and imposing place that you are sure to fall in love with. Construction began in 1890 and it was inaugurated in 1931, 41 years later. In this place you can find around 40 paintings and 15 sculptures. An art and architecture fanatic should not miss a visit to this place. The best thing about it is that it is open to the public and you don’t have to pay a single peso to enter. It is a place full of history where you can enjoy with your family. But, if the little ones in the house get bored, no problem, because the cathedral is located in Bolivar Park. In this place the little ones can run and play. When you leave the cathedral you can take a walk around this square and enjoy the local sweets.

Santa Fe Zoo

This is the perfect place to visit in Medellin if you are an animal lover. There you will be able to find around 1300 species, from all over the world. Many of the species found here are in danger of extinction, so the place also works as a natural reserve and wildlife preservation. The best thing is that not only will you be able to see hundreds of animals, but the variety of trees is significant, at least 500 types. You will be able to learn a lot about the flora and fauna found in the place, since the trip is not just for seeing, the workers and guides offer visitors a complete guide of the place, teaching about the species found there and how to preserve them. There is not much you will have to pay to visit this place, and your entrance tickets can be bought online.

The House of Pedro Escobar

We’ve all heard of Colombian drug lord Pedro Pablo Escobar, but how much do we really know about him? In Medellin you will find the opportunity to learn about his history, from the best of sources, and visit the home where he lived. Without a doubt it is one of the best attractions you can find in this crazy city. The place has guides, who will take you to every corner of the house and at the same time tell you the history and anecdotes of the Colombian Capo. There is even a guide who imitates Pedro Escobar, making this trip even more fun. The entrance fee to this venue is 90,000 Colombian pesos, which would be about 26 euros. But it’s definitely worth it. You can’t say you went to Medellin if you didn’t visit Pedro Escobar’s house, so go and have fun.

EPM Water Museum

This is one of the many museums in Medellin, but it is no less special. In fact, it is one of the most outstanding and different. In this museum you will not see contemporary art, nor pre-Columbian art, nor great artistic sculptures. In this museum everything is directed to know the vital resource of water, everything in the museum can be touched. It seeks through recreational activities to raise awareness about the preservation of water. It also shows and explores everything related to it. It is an incredible place where children and adults can enjoy. Its service hours are from 10:30am to 5:00pm, and the entrance fee is very affordable.

John Paul II Water Park

To spend a different day this is the right place. Unlike the previous tourist sites, here you will have fun going down slides and swimming in the pool. This is an excellent place to go in Medellín if you don’t have a lot of money, because the entrance fee is very affordable. You can even bring your own food, but if you prefer, the place has a food area that you will surely love. It’s a great place to enjoy a family trip.

Park of Wishes

This park is located within an interactive complex of other parks, so you can go through them without walking too much, like the Botanical Garden and Explora Park. It is located within the university complex of the University of Antioquia. This park seeks to show the relationship of the world and the universe, so you can find a planetary hall there. It also has 8 different attractions, among which is a replica of the Muisca observatory, voices at a distance, and a sundial, among other activities. And at the end of the afternoon you can enjoy the film that is projected in the park. The attention in the place is excellent and the entrance is very economic.

Medellín Hotel Map

In Medellín there is a wide variety of hotels from which you can choose. The map of hotels in Medellín can make your job easier. This Colombian city is full of luxury hotels, which offer the best services to visitors. There are different classifications among the hotels, you can get from 5 star to 3 star hotels. However, the latter are still of high quality and offer the best services from the staff, and room size. The Ibis Medellín is a very central hotel, from which you can reach the best tourist sites. It has a swimming pool, large rooms, room service, WiFi, and many other benefits.

Video of the best places to visit in Medellín